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Estensione del fileAutore/ProduttoreDescrizione del file
Estensione VAccelleraVerilog Source Code Format
Estensione V03Axialis SoftwareAxialis Thumbnail Cache
Estensione V11ON/AACDSee Offline Media
Estensione V11PN/AACDSee Photo Disc
Estensione V11PFN/AACDSee Private Folder
Estensione V12Ingenuity WorksAll The Right Type Database Format
Estensione V16Rainer GoebelBrainVoyager QX High-resolution 3D Anatomical
Estensione V2Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Live Messenger Data
Estensione V2CWellSight Systems Inc.WellSight Systems HASP SRM License Information
Estensione V2DArchway Systems, Inc.VersaCAD
Estensione V2ISymantecNorton Ghost Disk Drive Image Format
Estensione V2MFarbrauschV2 Synthesizer Audio Format
Estensione V30Intuit Inc.QuickBooks V 3.0 Backup
Estensione V3DRealmwareViaCAD 3D Drawing Format
Estensione V3MVector Art 3D, Inc.Vector Art 3D Machinist Format
Estensione V3OSixteen Tons EntertainmentEmergency 3D Model Format
Estensione V3SC-Motion, Inc.Visual3D Pipeline
Estensione V3VVector Art 3D, Inc.Vector Art 3D Model
Estensione V4EMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Script Host
Estensione V4SMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Script Host
Estensione V64N/ANintendo 64 Emulation ROM Image Format
Estensione V8N/ACovox 8-bit Audio
Estensione VABN/ASony Playstation/PS2 Bank
Estensione VACN/AOc2.316s Cakit Format
Estensione VAFMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Common Tools Analyzer Server Project Item
Estensione VAGSonySony Playstation/PS2 Compressed Sound Format
Estensione VAIDTWSoftwarePhotoDub Album Voice And Image
Estensione VALdataBased IntelligenceDBASE Values List Object Format
Estensione VALAThe GNOME ProjectVala Programming Language Source Code
Estensione VAMMicrosoft CorporationMS Visual Studio Common Tools Vanalyzer Project Item
Estensione VAPDialogicAnnotated Speech Format
Estensione VAPORCDN/ANorum Vapor CD
Estensione VARN/AVariable Data
Estensione VAULTBohemian CodingFontcase Vault Format
Estensione VBMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual Basic Script Format
Estensione VBAMicrosoft CorporationVisual Basic VBA Module
Estensione VBBVirtualBoss, IncVirtualBoss Backup
Estensione VBCTailwag SoftwareVisual Business Cards
Estensione VBDMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Basic ActiveX Document Format
Estensione VBDPROJN/AVisual Basic .NET Device Project
Estensione VBEN/AVisual Basic Encoded Script Format
Estensione VBGN/AMicrosoft Visual Basic Compatible Project Group Format
Estensione VBHTMLMicrosoftASP.NET Razor Web Page
Estensione VBIIntelliCAD Technology ConsortiumIntelliCAD VBA Script
Estensione VBKVital Source TechnologiesVitalSource Bookshelf VitalBook Format EBook
Estensione VBLMicrosoft CorporationVisual Basic User Control Licensing
Estensione VBMVeeam SoftwareVeeam Backup Metadata Format
Estensione VBNSymantec CorporationSymantec AntiVirus Quarantined
Estensione VBOMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Access Package Deployment References
Estensione VBOXOracleVirtualBox Settings Format
Estensione VBOX-EXTPACKOracleVirtualBox Extension Format
Estensione VBOX-PREVOracleVirtualBox Settings Backup
Estensione VBPMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Basic Project Format
Estensione VBPF1Knowledge MattersVirtual Business - Personal Finance Data Format
Estensione VBPROJMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual Basic Project Format
Estensione VBRGIMPGIMP Parametric Brush Format
Estensione VBSMicrosoftVisual Basic Script Format
Estensione VBSCRIPTN/AVisual Basic Script
Estensione VBTPC ToolsSpyware Doctor Temporary Scan Format
Estensione VBTLOGVBTheoryVBTheory Calculator
Estensione VBWMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual Basic Workspace Format
Estensione VBXMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Basic Extension Format
Estensione VBX6SETTINGSIntegoVirusBarrier X6 Settings Format
Estensione VBZN/AVisual Basic Project Template Format
Estensione VCVergeVisiCalc Spreadsheet Format
Estensione VC1MicrosoftVC-1 Video Format
Estensione VC15Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual C 1.5 Make
Estensione VC2Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual C
Estensione VC3MAZ Sound ToolsVSampler Soundbank Format
Estensione VC4H+HVirtual CD Track Description Format
Estensione VC5Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual C Make
Estensione VC6H+H SoftwareVisual C++ Make Format
Estensione VC7N/AMicrosoft Visual C Makefile
Estensione VC8H+H SoftwareVirtual CD 8 Disc Image
Estensione VCALApple, Inc.Apple ICal Document
Estensione VCARDApple, Inc.VCard
Estensione VCBVMware, Inc.VMware Consolidated Backup
Estensione VCCG7 Productivity Systems, Inc.VersaCheck
Estensione VCDH+HVirtualDrive CD Image Format
Estensione VCEVisual CertExamVisual CertExam Suite Exam Format
Estensione VCFN/AVCard Format
Estensione VCGMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove VCard Contact
Estensione VCHWholly Genes, Inc.Master Genealogist Genealogy Chart
Estensione VCIsoftelecVPHybridCAD Native Drawing Format
Estensione VCISOPathea LLCPathea Planet Explorers ISO
Estensione VCLIPFuture Corporation LtdVinylMaster Clipart
Estensione VCMLithJoeGrand Theft Auto Vice City Mod Manager Format
Estensione VCNVacon PlcNCDrive Vacon NX System Software
Estensione VCOH+H SoftwareVirtual CD Collection Format
Estensione VCPMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ Project Format
Estensione VCPFSonic SolutionsVideoConvert Project Format
Estensione VCPREFSymantecSymantec Shared Format
Estensione VCPROJMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ Project Format
Estensione VCPROPSMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio 2008 Property Sheet
Estensione VCRATI TechnologiesATI Personal Video Recorder Video Format
Estensione VCRDMicrosoftWindows Vault Credentials Format
Estensione VCSN/AVCalendar Format
Estensione VCTN/AVisual FoxPro Class Library Format
Estensione VCVViewCave InternationalViewCave Video Format
Estensione VCWMicrosoftEMbedded Visual C++ Workspace Format
Estensione VCWIN32Microsoft CorporationVisual C Make
Estensione VCXN/AFoxPro Visual Class Library Format
Estensione VCXPROJMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ Project Format
Estensione VCZSchott Systeme GmbHPictures By PC Drawing
Estensione VDN/APwrDev Visual Designer Project
Estensione VDAN/ATruevision Targa Bitmap Image
Estensione VDATCarina SoftwareSkyGazer Data
Estensione VDATASquid ToothVaulty Hide Picture Image Format
Estensione VDBSymantecNorton AntiVirus Update Format
Estensione Inc.VistaDB Database
Estensione VDCClark LabsIDRISI Vector Documentation Format
Estensione VDCLVDRAWVectorDraw Compressed Drawing
Estensione VDDPROJMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Deployment Project
Estensione VDFVirtualDubVirtualDub Filter Plug-in Format
Estensione VDIOracleVirtualBox Disk Image Format
Estensione VDICLastBit Corp.Password Recovery Dictionary
Estensione VDJAtomix ProductionsVirtualDJ Audio Sample Format
Estensione VDJSENDAtomix ProductionsVirtualDJ Send Format
Estensione VDKGravity Interactive Inc.Ragnarok 2 Game
Estensione VDMVDMVDM Specification Format
Estensione VDMLVDRAWVectorDraw Drawing
Estensione VDON/AVDOLive Script Video Image
Estensione VDOCN/ASuperior SQL Builder Project
Estensione VDPMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Deployment Project Format
Estensione VDPLUGINAvery LeeVirtualDub Plugin
Estensione VDPROJMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ Deployment Project Format
Estensione VDRAvery LeeVirtualDub Frame Server File Format
Estensione VDTDavid SchwartzViral Document Toolkit
Estensione VDWMicrosoftMicrosoft Visio Web Drawing Format
Estensione VDXMicrosoftMicrosoft Visio Drawing XML Format
Estensione VDZSchneider Electric S.A.Schneider Vijeo Designer Project
Estensione VE2CyberLink Corp.Cyberlink PowerDVD Settings
Estensione VECOMRONCX-Designer Shape Format
Estensione VECTGeometry Center at the University of MinnesotaGeomview OOGL Objects Vect
Estensione VEEAgilent TechnologiesHP VEE Project
Estensione VEFBioWareInfinite Game Engine Visual Effects
Estensione VEGSonySonic Foundry Vegas Video Project Format
Estensione VEGASWINDOWLAYOUTSonySony Vegas Window Settings Format
Estensione VEHTerminal RealityFly! Vehicle Description
Estensione VELNEPLANNEPLAN Network Differences
Estensione VEMSonyVirtual Expander Compressed Format
Estensione VEPOnline Media TechnologiesAdvanced Visualization Studio Project Format
Estensione VEP4Online Media Technologies Ltd.AVS Video Editor Project
Estensione VERN/AVersion Description Format
Estensione VERSIONVarious Linux developersLinux Gated Daemon
Estensione VERTN/AQT Shader
Estensione VESPPCLC Visual Explorer Saved State
Estensione VETCA TechnologiesVET Antivirus System
Estensione VEWN/ANovell GroupWise E-mail View
Estensione VEXEN/AInfected Executable Format
Estensione VEXPORTERFirefly Studios Ltd.Stronghold 3 Editor
Estensione VFSonyVegas Movie Studio Project Format
Estensione VF3VaultletSoft Inc.Vaultlet Suite Encrypted
Estensione VFAFontLab Ltd.FontLab Database
Estensione VFBFontLabFont Description Format
Estensione VFCVenta AssociationVentaFax Cover Page Format
Estensione VFDMicrosoftVirtual PC Virtual Floppy Disk Image Format
Estensione VFEValve CorporationLeft 4 Dead
Estensione VFFSun MicrosystemsSun TAAC Bitmap Image Format
Estensione VFI4A GamesMetro 2033 Game
Estensione VFLEncore, Software Inc.PrintMaster Gold ClipArt
Estensione VFMCorel CorporationVentura Publisher Font Metrics
Estensione VFNFirefly Studios Ltd.Stronghold 3 Data
Estensione VFOSilicon Graphics, Inc.Silicon Graphics Onyx2 Video Format Combiner
Estensione VFPN/ATMPGEnc VFAPI Extension
Estensione VFSN/AVirtual File System Index
Estensione VFS14A GamesMetro 2033 Game
Estensione VFTCorelCorel VideoStudio Filter Format
Estensione VFWN/AVideo For Windows
Estensione VFXHash, Inc.Animation Master Volumetric Effect Extension
Estensione VFZCreative TechnologyCreative Live! Webcam Video Effects Format
Estensione VGAN/AVGA Display Driver
Estensione VGCViziGenViziGen Source Code Format
Estensione VGDN/AGeneric CADD VGA Driver
Estensione VGHDTotem EntertainmentVirtuaGirlHD Model Videoclip
Estensione VGIVista Game Explorer EditorVista Game Information
Estensione VGLVolume Graphics GmbHVGStudio Project
Estensione VGMN/AVideo Game Music Format
Estensione VGPIncendo TechnologyVectir Profile Group
Estensione VGRCorel CorporationVentura Publisher Bitmap
Estensione VGZChateau Technical CorpVideo Game Music Compressed Format
Estensione VHMicrosoft CorporationWinHelp VH
Estensione VHDMicrosoftVirtual Hard Disk Format
Estensione VHDDATTotem EntertainmentVirtuaGirl HD Model Package Data
Estensione VHDDLDTotem EntertainmentVirtuaGirl HD
Estensione VHDINFTotem EntertainmentVirtuaGirl HD Model Package Installation
Estensione VHDLAlteraQuartus II VHDL Design
Estensione VHDSHOWSTotem EntertainmentVirtuaGirl HD Video Show
Estensione VHDTRAILERSTotem EntertainmentVirtuaGirlHD Video Trailer
Estensione VHDXMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows 8 Hyper-V Virtual Hard Disk Format
Estensione VHMDCC CorporationHotMux Thermocouple Data Log
Estensione VHVValveHalf-Life 2 Lighting Format
Estensione VINational InstrumentsLabVIEW Virtual Instrument Format
Estensione VI1Kaspersky LabKaspersky Anti-Virus
Estensione VI2Kaspersky LabKaspersky Anti-Virus
Estensione VIBChemSoft Ltd.Chemsoft Export/Import MSDS Data
Estensione VICN/AVicar Graphics Format
Estensione VICARN/AVICAR Graphics
Estensione VIDN/AVideo Format
Estensione VIDEODsNETATube Catcher Video Format
Estensione VIEWN/AGOM Atos Scanner
Estensione VIEWLETN/AQarbon Viewlet
Estensione VIFN/AKhoros Visualization Bitmap Image
Estensione VIFFAccuSoft PegasusKhoros Visualization Bitmap Image
Estensione VIHN/AVideo Metadata
Estensione VIKViking TeamViking
Estensione VIMN/AVim Script Format
Estensione VIMRCN/AVim Runtime Configuration Format
Estensione VINN/AAWR Project Settings
Estensione VIPVSM GroupStitch Pattern Format
Estensione VIRSymantecVirus Infected Format
Estensione VISN/AMicrosoft Flight Simulator Visibility Image Format
Estensione VISMATN/ARhino V-Ray Material
Estensione VITN/AVITec Scanner Raster Format
Estensione VIVN/ARealNetworks VivoActive ActiveX Control Format
Estensione VIVON/ARealNetworks VivoActive Movies And Audio
Estensione VIWMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft SQL Server View Script
Estensione VIXN/AACUCOBOL-GT Index
Estensione VJBAivosto OyVisustin Job
Estensione VJSPROJMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual J# Project
Estensione VKDJVKVkontakte.DJ Playlist
Estensione VKFSUU DesignVideonizer Activation Key
Estensione VKMVICEVICE Keyboard Setting
Estensione VKPN/ASony Ericsson Firmware Patch
Estensione VLN/AVisual Labels Project
Estensione VL2Sierra Entertainment, Inc.Tribes 2 Game
Estensione VLABN/AVisionLab Studio Project Format
Estensione VLBCorel CorporationCorel Ventura Library
Estensione VLCVideoLANVLC Media Player Format
Estensione VLCLVMwareVMware Localization Format
Estensione VLDThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Variable Length Datafile
Estensione VLERiverdeep Interactive LearningVirtual Labs Electricity Circuit Format
Estensione VLGVenta AssociationVentaFax Logbook Format
Estensione VLLWest Side SystemsVirtual Light Lab Show
Estensione VLMNovell, Inc.Novell Netware Virtual Loadable Module
Estensione VLMCVideoLAN Project TeamVLMC Project
Estensione VLOGOFuture Corporation LtdVinylMaster Logo
Estensione VLPValadeoLiveSite Project
Estensione VLRChurch House PublishingVisual Liturgy Lectionary Plan
Estensione VLSAITVisual Localize Script
Estensione VLTVideoLANVLC Player Skin Format
Estensione VLWProcessingProcessing Font Format
Estensione VLXAutodeskAutoCAD AutoLISP Macro Application Format
Estensione VMApacheVelocity Template Format
Estensione VM1Panasonic CorporationPanasonic Voice
Estensione VMACVMwareVMware Configuration Format
Estensione VMAPMangos FoundationManGoS
Estensione VMBIntuit Inc.Quicken 2002 Order
Estensione VMBAVMwareVMware Configuration Format
Estensione VMBXHewlett-Packard CompanyHP TRIM Outlook Saved Message
Estensione VMCMicrosoftMicrosoft Virtual PC Settings Format
Estensione VMCXMicrosoftMicrosoft Virtual PC Virtual Machine Shell Information Format
Estensione VMDN/ACovox Raw Sample
Estensione VMDFEgis Technology Inc.MyWinLocker Encrypted Virtual Drive
Estensione VMDKVMwareVMware Virtual Disk Format
Estensione VMDK-CONVERTTMPVMWareVMware Fusion Temporary Format
Estensione VMEMEGANET CorporationVirtual Matrix Encryption
Estensione VMEMVMware, Inc.VMware Virtual Machines Paging
Estensione VMFValveValve Map Format
Estensione VMF_AUTOSAVEValveValve Hammer Editor Auto Save Format
Estensione VMGNokiaNokia Saved Text Message Format
Estensione VMHFVMwareVMware ACE Hot Fix Format
Estensione VMHRVMwareVMware ACE Hot Fix Format
Estensione VMLMicrosoftVector Markup Language Format
Estensione VMLOGVMware, Inc.VMware Replay Recording
Estensione VMMMind Technologies AS.Visual Mind Document
Estensione VMOSiemensSiemens SL45 Mobile Phone Voice Format
Estensione VMOAPPVMware, Inc.VMware VCenter Orchestrator Application
Estensione VMODThe VASSAL TeamVassal Module
Estensione VMOPTIONSej-technologies GmbHInstall4j VM Parameters
Estensione VMPFuture Corporation LtdVinylMaster Pro
Estensione VMPLVMwareWMvare Policy Format
Estensione VMRRainer GoebelBrainVoyager QX Anatomical 3D Data Set
Estensione VMSDvmsdVMware Snapshots And Metadata Format
Estensione VMSGVMwareVMware Log Format
Estensione VMSNVMwareVMware Snapshot State Format
Estensione VMSSVMwareVMware Suspended State Format
Estensione VMTValveValve Material Type Format
Estensione VMTMVMwareVMware Team Configuration Format
Estensione VMVVirtuaNESVirtualNES Or VisualBoyAdvance Format
Estensione VMWAREVMSmith MicroVMware Fusion Virtual Machine
Estensione VMXVMwareVMware Configuration Format
Estensione VMXAVMware, Inc.VMware ACE Master Configuration
Estensione VMXFVMwareVMware Team Virtual Machine Configuration Format
Estensione VNAJVCVideo Capture Album Format
Estensione VNCN/AVNC Configuration Format
Estensione VNCLOCAppleApple Mac OS X Screen Sharing Internet Location Format
Estensione VNDVision NumericType3 Design Format
Estensione VNFVision NumericVision Numeric Font
Estensione VNIDellDell Webcam Central Application Configuration Format
Estensione VNSCNetVisual Net Server
Estensione VNTSony EricssonSony Ericsson Mobile Phone Note Format
Estensione VNUCoffeeCup Software, Inc.CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer Project
Estensione VNWEugene RoshalRenamed RAR
Estensione VO2Celestial Impact teamCelestial Impact Map
Estensione VOBN/ADVD Video Object Format
Estensione VOCCreative LabsCreative Labs Sound Format
Estensione VOCAJulius development teamJulius Vocabulary
Estensione VOIVoyetraVoyetra Voice Format
Estensione VOKhfrmobilePocketVoc Vocabulary Format
Estensione VOLN/AVideo Game Archive
Estensione VOL1EGGESTsoft Corp.Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG Compressed File Archive (part 1)
Estensione VOL10EGGESTsoft Corp.Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG Compressed File Archive (part 10)
Estensione VOL2EGGESTsoft Corp.Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG Compressed File Archive (part 2)
Estensione VOL3EGGESTsoft Corp.Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG Compressed File Archive (part 3)
Estensione VOL4EGGESTsoft Corp.Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG Compressed File Archive (part 4)
Estensione VOL5EGGESTsoft Corp.Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG Compressed File Archive (part 5)
Estensione VOL6EGGESTsoft Corp.Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG Compressed File Archive (part 6)
Estensione VOL7EGGESTsoft Corp.Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG Compressed File Archive (part 7)
Estensione VOL8EGGESTsoft Corp.Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG Compressed File Archive (part 8)
Estensione VOL9EGGESTsoft Corp.Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG Compressed File Archive (part 9)
Estensione VOLARCHIVESubRosaSoft.comCopyCatX Volume Format
Estensione VOMN/AViseme Mapping
Estensione VOPCivica InfrastructureVisual OTTHYMO Project
Estensione VOPREFSApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X VoiceOver Document
Estensione VORSun Or StarOffice Template Format
Estensione VOXDialogicADPCM Dialogic Sound Format
Estensione VOX-6KN/ADialogic 4-bit ADPCM
Estensione VOX-8KN/ADialogic 4-bit ADPCM
Estensione VOXALNCH SoftwareVoxal Voice Changer Project Format
Estensione VOXBGolden SoftwareVoxler Format
Estensione VPCorelVentura Publisher Publication Format
Estensione VP3On2 TechnologiesOn2 Streaming Video Format
Estensione VP6On2 TechnologiesVP6 Encoded Video Format
Estensione VP7On2 TechnologiesTrueMotion VP7 Video Format
Estensione VPAHalsoftVPchat Chat Gestures Format
Estensione VPBN/AQuantel VPB Image Format
Estensione VPCViziGenViziGen Source Code Format
Estensione VPC6MicrosoftVirtual Machine Package Format
Estensione VPC7N/AVirtual Machine Package Format
Estensione VPCACHERandy DavisVisual Pinball Rendered Table Cache
Estensione VPCBACKUPMicrosoftWindows Virtual PC Backup Format
Estensione VPDMikuMikuDanceMikuMikuDance Vocaloid Pose Data Format
Estensione VPDBQuality Software, Ltd.VIP Organizer Information Database
Estensione VPEAdobe SystemsPhotoshop Extended Vanishing Point Format
Estensione VPGNCH Software Pty LtdVideoPad Video
Estensione VPHOptikVerve LabsVirtual Pascal Help Format
Estensione VPJNCH SoftwareVideoPad Video Editor Project Format
Estensione VPKValveSteam NCF Valve Pak Archive Format
Estensione VPLvanBascoKaraoke Player Playlist
Estensione VPLUGINRobot Entertainment, IncOrcs Must Die! Plugin
Estensione VPMGarminGarmin Voice Format
Estensione VPNQbikWinGate VPN Configuration
Estensione VPOTangentCatsVASTprogrammer
Estensione VPOLMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Credential Manager Policy Format
Estensione VPPVisual ParadigmVisual Paradigm For UML Project Format
Estensione VPP_PCVolition Inc.Saints Row 2 Game
Estensione VPRAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Premiere Preset
Estensione VPRJDRD Systems, Inc.VideoReDo Project
Estensione VPSH+H SoftwareVirtual CD Copy Template
Estensione VPUAVAST Software a.s.Avast! Update Package
Estensione VPWSlickEditSlickEdit Workspace
Estensione VPXAVAST SoftwareAvast! Antivirus Format
Estensione VQAWestwood Studios (EA)Command And Conquer Game Video Files
Estensione VQCH+H SoftwareVirtual CD Quick Copy Format
Estensione VQFYamahaTwinVQ Audio Format
Estensione VQLN/ATwinVQ Audio Format
Estensione VR1GraitecAdvance Design Results
Estensione VRBVeeam SoftwareVeeam Backup Reversed Incremental Changes Format
Estensione VRCAugmentra Ltd.ViewRanger Map
Estensione VRDMicrosoftVisio Report Definition Format
Estensione VREASG GMBH & CO. KGASG Remote Desktop Settings
Estensione VRFN/AVentrilo Audio Recording Format
Estensione VRGAugmentra Ltd.ViewRanger Map
Estensione VRGE08CONTACTMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Entourage 2008 Contact
Estensione VRGE08EVENTMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Entourage 2008 Event
Estensione VRGE08GROUPMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Entourage 2008 Group
Estensione VRGE08MESSAGEMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Entourage 2008 Message
Estensione VRGE08NOTEMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Entourage 2008 Note
Estensione VRGE08TASKMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Entourage 2008 Task
Estensione VRHAugmentra Ltd.ViewRanger Map
Estensione VRJAOL Inc.Netscape Navigator
Estensione VRLN/AVRML Virtual World Format
Estensione VRMCorel CorporationCorel Quattro Pro Overlay
Estensione VRMLN/AVirtual Reality Modeling Language Format
Estensione VRON/AVideo Recordable Format
Estensione VRPIncendo TechnologyVectir Profile Template
Estensione VRPHOTOThomas MoellerVR Photo Picture Image Format
Estensione VRSCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Video Resource Device Driver
Estensione VRTN/AViscape For Netscape Navigator
Estensione VSN/AVivid Include Format
Estensione VS1N/AVistumbler Export
Estensione VS2Corel CorporationCorel VideoStudio 2
Estensione VS3N/AVSampler
Estensione VS4AVTECHAVTECH Video Format
Estensione VSASymantec CorporationSymantec Virtual Package Editor Virtual Software Archive
Estensione VSBN/AVirtual Sampler Bank
Estensione VSCMcAfee, Inc.McAffee VirusScan Configuration
Estensione VSCHMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Credential Manager Schema Format
Estensione VSCONTENTMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Content Installer Format
Estensione VSCTMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Command Table Configuration
Estensione VSDMicrosoftMicrosoft Visio Diagram Document Format
Estensione VSDIRMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio IDE NewFileItems
Estensione VSDISCOMicrosoftDISCO Dynamic Discovery Document
Estensione VSDMMicrosoftMicrosoft Visio 2013 Macro-enabled Drawing Format
Estensione VSDXMicrosoftMicrosoft Visio 2013 Drawing Format
Estensione VSFSimPhonics, Inc.V+ VComm Signal Or Record
Estensione VSHOpenGLVertex Shader Format
Estensione VSHADERBINFirefly Studios Ltd.Stronghold 3 Shader
Estensione VSIMicrosoftVisual Studio Content Installer Format
Estensione VSIXMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Format
Estensione VSIXLANGPACKMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Localised VSIX Package
Estensione VSIXMANIFESTMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio VSIX Manifest
Estensione VSKPocketMindPocketMusic Skin
Estensione VSLMicrosoftVisio Add-on
Estensione VSMACROSMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Binary-based Macro Project
Estensione VSMDIMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Test Meta Data Format
Estensione VSMPROJMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Unicode Based Macro Project Format
Estensione VSONVIDIA CorporationNVidia Compiled Vertex Shader
Estensione VSPCorelCorel VideoStudio Pro Project Format
Estensione VSPCMicro Research Institute, Inc.3D-Album Settings
Estensione VSPFMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Performance Rules Format
Estensione VSPOLICYMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Policy Description Language
Estensione VSPOLICYDEFMicrosoft CorporationVisual Studio Policy
Estensione VSPROPSMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Project Property Sheet Format
Estensione VSPSMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Profiling Data Analysed Report Format
Estensione VSPSCCMicrosoftVisual Studio Project Source Control Format
Estensione VSPXMicrosoftVisual Studio Performance Report Data Format
Estensione VSQYAMAHAVocaloid Sequence Format
Estensione VSRMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Access Report
Estensione VSSN/AMicrosoft Visio Smartshapes Format
Estensione VSSCCMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Temporary
Estensione VSSETTINGSMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Settings Format
Estensione VSSMMicrosoftMicrosoft Visio 2013 Stencil Macro-enabled Format
Estensione VSSSCCMicrosoftVisual Studio Solution Source Control Format
Estensione VSSXMicrosoftMicrosoft Visio 2013 Stencil Format
Estensione VSTSteinbergVST Audio Plug-in Format
Estensione VST3N/ACubase Plugin
Estensione VSTDIRMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Project Type Settings
Estensione VSTEMPLATEMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Project Template
Estensione VSTMMicrosoftMicrosoft Visio 2013 Macro-enabled Template Format
Estensione VSTOMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio
Estensione VSTPRESETSteinberg Media Technologies GmbHCubase Preset
Estensione VSTXMicrosoftMicrosoft Visio 2013 Template Format
Estensione VSUMicrosoft CorporationVisio Custom User Interface
Estensione VSVMicrosoftVirtual Machines Memory Saved-state Format
Estensione VSWN/AMicrosoft Visio Workspace Format
Estensione VSWPVMware, Inc.VMware Virtual Memory
Estensione VSXMicrosoftMicrosoft Visio Stencil XML Format
Estensione VSZMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Launch Wizards Format
Estensione VTAN/AValve Face Flex
Estensione VTBLEngineered Software, Inc.PIPE-FLO Professional Valve Data Table
Estensione VTCRainer GoebelBrainVoyager QX Functional Data
Estensione VTDMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Custom Virtual Device Driver
Estensione VTFN/AValve Texture Format
Estensione VTFXCeetron ASCeetron VTFX Format
Estensione VTGSlickEditSlickEdit Workspace
Estensione VTIKitware, Inc.Visualization Toolkit Image Data
Estensione VTKKitware, Inc.Visualization Toolkit Legacy
Estensione VTLMartin BrunnerVocabulary Trainer
Estensione VTMAdobe SystemsAdobe ColdFusion Visual Tool Markup Language Query Format
Estensione VTMLAdobe SystemsAdobe ColdFusion Visual Tool Markup Language Format
Estensione VTPKitware, Inc.Visualization Toolkit Polygonal Data
Estensione VTRKitware, Inc.Visualization Toolkit Rectilinear Grid Data
Estensione VTSIntel CorporationIntel VTune Program Performance Monitor Project
Estensione VTSCRVisual Trading SystemsVisual Trading Systems
Estensione VTTCrestron Electronics, Inc.VisionTools Pro-e Project
Estensione VTUKitware, Inc.Visualization Toolkit Unstructured Points Data
Estensione VTVAdobe SystemsAdobe Validator Document Format
Estensione VTXMicrosoftMicrosoft Visio XML Template Format
Estensione VTYN/AViTALiTy Warez Release
Estensione VTZCrestron Electronics, Inc.VTPro-E Compiled Project
Estensione VUDMicrosoftMicrosoft Virtual PC Virtual Machine Undo Format
Estensione VUEE-on SoftwareVue Scene Format
Estensione VUPMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ Utility Project
Estensione VVCBioWareInfinity Game Engine Visual Spell Casting Effects
Estensione VVDKonica MinoltaMinolta 3D Scanner Element Format
Estensione VVFChristian ZigotzkyVoc Vocabulary Format
Estensione VVSAtari, Inc.Driver 3 Game Data
Estensione VVTCAST Group of Companies Inc.Vivien Template
Estensione VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV Game Map Format
Estensione VWLifetree SoftwareVolkswriter Text Format
Estensione VW3N/AVolkswriter 3 Text
Estensione VWFFurukawa Infomation Technology, Inc.CADvance Drawing Format
Estensione VWPRainer GoebelBrainVoyager QX Visualization Setting
Estensione VWRN/AIxia IxVeriWave RAW 802.11 Capture
Estensione VWSSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Standard View
Estensione VWXNemetschekVectorWorks Design Format
Estensione VXOpera Software ASAOpera
Estensione VXDN/AMicrosoft Windows Virtual Device Driver
Estensione VXEAgilent TechnologiesAgilent VEE Runtime Program
Estensione VXFMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Money
Estensione VXLElectronic Arts, Inc.Tiberian Sun Voxel Animation Format
Estensione VXMLN/AVoiceXML Source Format
Estensione VXNN/AFurcadia Particle Effect Data
Estensione VXON/ATri Stripper 3D Model
Estensione VXPIntel CorporationIntel VTune Performance Monitor Pack And Go
Estensione VXTVector Informatik GmbHTest Automation Editor XML Test Module
Estensione VX_MicrosoftCompressed Virtual Device Driver Format
Estensione VYFSamsungSamsung Digital Voice Recorder Format
Estensione VYKGEPRO spol. s r.o.MISYS
Estensione VYMVYMVYM Mind Map Format
Estensione VZDIntegration New Media, Inc.INM VizionDB
Estensione VZRPanda SecuritySinowal.vzr Malware
Estensione VZXIntegration New Media, Inc.INM VizionDB

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