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Estensione del fileAutore/ProduttoreDescrizione del file
Estensione $03Microsoft CorporationMS-DOS Pipe Format
Estensione 0N/ALinux Shared Library Link Format
Estensione 143Various Linux developersLinux
Estensione 1PAMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows
Estensione 286Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Virtual Device Driver
Estensione 2FSPuppy LinuxPuppy Linux Snapshot Format
Estensione 2GRMicrosoft CorporationWindows VGA Graphic Drivers
Estensione 32SMicrosoft CorporationWin32s
Estensione 3FSPuppy LinuxPuppy Linux Save State Format
Estensione 3~6N/AWindows 3.xx System
Estensione 500NetBSD Foundation, Inc.Linux
Estensione 73UTexas InstrumentsTI-73 Explorer Operating System Format
Estensione 8XUTexas InstrumentsTexas Instruments TI-83 Plus Operating System Format
Estensione AADN/AFreeBSD
Estensione ACCESSOracle CorporationJava Access Control
Estensione ACCTIBMIBM AIX System
Estensione ADMN/AAdministrator Policy Template Format
Estensione ADMLMicrosoftMicrosoft Administrative Language-specific XML Template Format
Estensione ADMXMicrosoftMicrosoft Administrative XML Template Format
Estensione ADVN/AAudio Driver Format
Estensione ANIMicrosoftAnimated Cursor
Estensione ANNN/AMicrosoft Windows Help Annotation Format
Estensione AOSARCHOSArchos Signed Encrypted Data Format
Estensione APDISKApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Related
Estensione APPLEDOUBLEApple, Inc.Apple AppleDouble Resource
Estensione APPLE_PARTITION_MAPApple, Inc.Apple Partition Scheme
Estensione AQLN/AAOL DLL
Estensione ASECGoogleGoogle Android Encrypted Application Package Format
Estensione ATAHDPuppy LinuxPuppy Linux ATA Hard Drive Flag Format
Estensione AUGN/ARed Hat Linux Shellvars
Estensione AUTOMATICDESTINATIONS-MSMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows 7 Jump List Format
Estensione BASHRCThe GNU ProjectBash Shell Startup Script Configuration Format
Estensione BASH_HISTORYThe GNU ProjectBash History Format
Estensione BASH_PROFILEThe GNU ProjectBash Interactive Login Shell Format
Estensione BBFWApple, Inc.ITunes Firmware
Estensione BCDMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Boot Configuration Format
Estensione BION/AOS/2 BIOS Format
Estensione BK2MicrosoftWindows Indexing Service Data Format
Estensione BLFMicrosoftCLFS Base Log Format
Estensione BMKMicrosoftHelp Bookmarks
Estensione BNRNintendo Co., Ltd.Nintento Wii Homebrew
Estensione BOMAppleApple Mac OS X Bill Of Materials Format
Estensione BOOTEFISIGNATUREApple, Inc.Bootefisignature Mac OS X System
Estensione BRIDGESUPPORTApple, Inc.Bridgesupport Mac OS X File Extension
Estensione BSDIFFRed Hat, Inc.Cygwin
Estensione BUDMicrosoftBinary Printer Description Format
Estensione C32SyslinuxSyslinux COM32 Module
Estensione CABMicrosoftWindows Cabinet Compressed Archive
Estensione CBMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Clean Boot
Estensione CDMPMicrosoftWCS CDMP
Estensione CGKIVT CorporationBlueSoleil
Estensione CGZN/ALinux Drivers Archive Format
Estensione CHSMicrosoftWindows Chinese Noise-Word List Format
Estensione CIMicrosoftWindows Content Indexer Catalog Format
Estensione CLBMicrosoftCom+ Catalog Format
Estensione CMGN/ACramfs ROM File System Package
Estensione CNTMicrosoftHelp Contents Format
Estensione COMPONENTSApple, Inc.Mac OS X System
Estensione CONFIGPROFILEAppleApple Configuration Profile
Estensione CPIMicrosoftCodepage Information Format
Estensione CPLMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Control Panel Format
Estensione CPQCompaqCompaq OEM Disc Configuration Format
Estensione CRASHAppleApple Mac OS X Console Report Format
Estensione CRMLOGMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows CRM Log
Estensione CRPMicro-Star InternationalMSI SecureDoc Encrypted
Estensione CTFSYSN/AOS X Mach Kernel System
Estensione CURN/AWindows Cursor Format
Estensione DAT_TUREG_OLDMicrosoft CorporationWindows Registry
Estensione DDZN/AAdaptec Unix Driver
Estensione DESKLINKN/ADesktop Shortcut
Estensione DESKTHEMEPACKMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows 8 Theme Pack Format
Estensione DEVN/AWindows Device Driver Format
Estensione DEVICEMANIFEST-MSMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Device Metadata
Estensione DFUAppleApple IOS Firmware Update Format
Estensione DIAGCABMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Troubleshooting CAB Format
Estensione DIAGCFGMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Troubleshooting Configuration Format
Estensione DIAGPKGMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Troubleshooting Package Format
Estensione DIMAXMassoth ElectronicsDiMAX Firmware Format
Estensione DITMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows 2000 Active Directory Schema Format
Estensione DLLMicrosoftDynamic Link Library Format
Estensione DLXMicrosoftRenamed DLL Format
Estensione DMPMicrosoftMemory Dump, Screen Dump, Junk Files
Estensione DO7Microsoft CorporationDOS 7
Estensione DOHBerkeley SoftworksGeoworks GEOS Dependency Information
Estensione DOSMicrosoft CorporationWIN95/ DOS 7 System
Estensione DRPMThe Fedora ProjectDelta RPM Format
Estensione DRVN/AMicrosoft Windows Device Driver
Estensione DSRCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Driver
Estensione DSSN/ADCC Active Designer Screensaver Format
Estensione DVDN/ADOS Device Driver
Estensione DYCXeroxXerox Printer Driver Configuration Format
Estensione EBDMicrosoftWindows EBD System Format
Estensione EDJEnlightenment.orgEnlightenment DR 17 Background And Theme Format
Estensione EFIUEFI ForumExtensible Firmware Interface Firmware Format
Estensione EFIRESAppleEFI Image Format
Estensione ELFUnix System LaboratoriesELF Executable Format
Estensione EMERALDCompiz FusionEmerald Theme Format
Estensione EQUIVIBMIBM AIX System File.
Estensione ESNMicrosoft CorporationWindows XP System32
Estensione ETLMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Trace Log Format
Estensione EVTMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows 2000 And XP Event Log Format
Estensione EVTXMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Event Log Format
Estensione EXT2Various Linux developersLinux Second Extended System
Estensione FFAMicrosoftFind Fast Indexer Status Format
Estensione FFLMicrosoftFind Fast Indexer Document List Format
Estensione FFOMicrosoftFind Fast Indexer Document Properties Cache Format
Estensione FFXMicrosoftFind Fast Indexer Index Format
Estensione FOLDERMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Explorer Folder
Estensione FOTAGoogleFirmware Over-the-Air Format
Estensione FPBFAppleMac OS X Finder Burnable Backup Archive
Estensione FSEVENTSDApple, Inc.MAC OS X
Estensione FSTABN/AFile System Table
Estensione FTGN/AMicrosoft Windows Help Format
Estensione FTSN/AWindows Help Index Format
Estensione FWLCursorArts CompanyFileWrangler EXE Library
Estensione GMMPMicrosoftWCS GMMP Gamut Mapping Profile
Estensione GRLMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Update Status Format
Estensione GROUPMicrosoftWindows Mail Group Format
Estensione GRPMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Program Group Format
Estensione GZPJoshua HabermanGazelle System Page
Estensione H1CMicrosoft CorporationWindows Vista File Related To Assistance Platform (AP) Help
Estensione H1FMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Assistance Platform Client Help
Estensione H1KMicrosoft CorporationKeyword Index - Microsoft Windows Assistance Platform Client Help Related
Estensione H1SMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Assistance Platform Client Help Format
Estensione H1TMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Assistance Platform Client Help Related
Estensione H1VMicrosoft CorporationTask Metadata - Microsoft Windows Assistance Platform Client Help Related
Estensione HDMPMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Heap Dump Format
Estensione HELPAppleUnix Help Format
Estensione HHCN/AHTML Help Table Of Contents Format
Estensione HHKN/AMicrosoft HTML Help Index Format
Estensione HIVMicrosoftWindows NT Registry Hive
Estensione HLPMicrosoftHelp Format
Estensione HPCMicrosoft CorporationSystem Dynamic Library
Estensione HPFSIBMOS/2 High Performance File System
Estensione HPJMicrosoftMicrosoft Win Help Project Format
Estensione HSHMicrosoftWindows Catalog Search Index Format
Estensione HTTMicrosoftMicrosoft HyperText Template Format
Estensione HTWMicrosoft CorporationWindows
Estensione HVMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Mobile Hive
Estensione HXIMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Help Compiled Storage
Estensione IA64Hewlett-Packard CompanyHP-UX
Estensione ICLMicrosoftIcon Library Format
Estensione ICNSAppleApple Icon Graphic Format
Estensione ICON/AIcon Format
Estensione IDENTIFIERMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Zone Identifier
Estensione IDXN/AIndex Format
Estensione IDX_DLLMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office IDX_DLL
Estensione IFWPCS SystemtechnikINTUS Firmware Format
Estensione IMEMicrosoftGlobal Input Method Editor
Estensione IMG3AppleApple IOS Img3 Encrypted Or Signed Container Format
Estensione INAMicrosoft CorporationMS-DOS
Estensione INF_LOCMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Installation Format
Estensione INSMicrosoftMicrosoft IIS Internet Communications Settings Format
Estensione INSTALL_BACKUPAVG Technologies (Grisoft)AVG Shell Extension Module
Estensione INTERNETCONNECTAppleApple Mac OS X System Preferences Internet Connect Document Format
Estensione IONN/ADescription Format
Estensione IOPLISTAppleApple Mac OS X Ioplist Format
Estensione IPODRockboxRockbox Executable Application
Estensione IRIX6Silicon Graphics, Inc.Irix 6
Estensione ISWPApple, Inc.Apple ITunes IOS Firmware Update
Estensione ITEMDATA-MSMicrosoftWindows 8 Start Screen Item Data Format
Estensione ITSMicrosoftInternet Document Format
Estensione IUSShanghai InfoTM MicroelectronicsInfoTMIC Android Update Format
Estensione JFSN/ALinux/Unix Journaling System
Estensione JLBN/APAC Mate BX Keyboard Driver
Estensione JOBMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Task Scheduler Task Object Format
Estensione JOURNAL_INFO_BLOCKApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS Xsystem
Estensione JPNMicrosoftWindows Japanese Noise-Word List Format
Estensione K48Apple, Inc.Apple IOS Kernel Cache
Estensione KBDN/AKeyboard Script File Layout
Estensione KEXTN/AApple Mac OS X Kernel Extension Format
Estensione KEYN/ALicence Or Encrypted Security Format
Estensione KMDN/AClicker Module Output
Estensione KON/ALinux Kernel Module Format
Estensione KORMicrosoftKorean Localization Language Format
Estensione KSN/AKickstart Format
Estensione KSSKDE e.VKDE Screen Saver
Estensione LEApple, Inc.Le Mac OS X
Estensione LFSSamsungSamsung Test Picture Image Format
Estensione LGSMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Application Log
Estensione LIBRARY-MSMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows 7 Library Description Format
Estensione LLSMicrosoft CorporationWindows System
Estensione LNIBMUNIX Lint
Estensione LNKMicrosoftWindows Shortcut Format
Estensione LOCALIZEDApple, Inc.MAC OS X
Estensione LOCKFILEAppleMac OS X Lion Property List XML Lock Format
Estensione LOG1MicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Registry Hive Log Format
Estensione LOG2MicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Registry Hive Log 2 Format
Estensione LPDNational InstrumentsLookout Protocol Driver Format
Estensione LS_The Open GroupUnix Ls Directory
Estensione MANIFESTN/AWindows Visual Styles Format
Estensione MAPIMAILN/AWindows Send To Mail Recipient Format
Estensione MBRN/AMaster Boot Record Format
Estensione MDIMPORTERApple, Inc.Spotlight Importer Setting
Estensione MDMPMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Minidump Format
Estensione MEMParallelsParallels Virtual Machine Memory Dump Format
Estensione METADATA_NEVER_INDEXAppleSpotlight Never Index Format
Estensione MI4NVIDIANVidia PortalPlayer Firmware Update Format
Estensione MKEXTApple, Inc.Mac OS X Mach Kernel Extension Memory Cache
Estensione MLCMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Language Interface Pack Format
Estensione MOBILECONFIGAppleApple IPhone Mobile Configuration Profile
Estensione MOJITOLime Wire LLC.Limewire Kademlia
Estensione MONITORPANELApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Display Panel Extension
Estensione MPS_Joshua JuranMPW Shell
Estensione MSCMicrosoftMicrosoft Management Console Control Format
Estensione MSDMMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows
Estensione MSPMicrosoftWindows Installer Patch Format
Estensione MSSTYLEN/AWindows XP Unsigned Style
Estensione MSSTYLESMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Resources Themes Luna Format
Estensione MUIMicrosoftMultiLanguage Windows Resource Format
Estensione MUIMANIFESTMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Multilingual User Interface
Estensione MUI_CCCD5AE0MicrosoftHid User Library
Estensione MUMMicrosoftWindows Vista Update Package Format
Estensione MYDOCSN/ASend To Format
Estensione N81Apple, Inc.Apple IOS Kernel Cache
Estensione N90Apple, Inc.Apple IOS Kernel Cache
Estensione N90APApple, Inc.IPhone Jailbreak Firmware
Estensione NB0N/AMicrosoft Device Emulator Operating System Image Format
Estensione NBHN/AHTC ROM Update Utility ROM Image Format
Estensione NETWORKCONNECTAppleApple Network Connect Document
Estensione NFOMicrosoftInformation Readme Text Format
Estensione NLSMicrosoftMicrosoft National Language Support Format
Estensione NOSN/AJDOS System
Estensione NOT_TERMINATEDApple, Inc.Mac OS X Audit Log
Estensione NOVSNovell, Inc.Novell NetWare Control Center
Estensione NTMicrosoftWindows NT Command Script Format
Estensione NTFSN/ANTFS Partition Format
Estensione NU4Symantec CorporationNorton Utilities DLL Root
Estensione OS2IBMOs2 System
Estensione OV1Microsoft CorporationOverlay
Estensione OV3Microsoft CorporationOverlay
Estensione OV4Microsoft CorporationOverlay
Estensione OV5Microsoft CorporationOverlay
Estensione P5XMicrosoft CorporationWindows System
Estensione P7BN/APKCS #7 Certificates Format
Estensione PANICN/AKernel Panic Format
Estensione PAYLOADMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Mobile
Estensione PCIMicrosoft CorporationPCI Miniport
Estensione PCKMicrosoftProgram Package Format
Estensione PDRN/AWindows Port Device Driver Format
Estensione PFXN/ACertificate Format
Estensione PIDCreativeCreative Driver Format
Estensione PK2JoymaxSilkroad Online Game Data Format
Estensione PNFN/AMicrosoft Windows Precompiled Setup Information Format
Estensione POLN/AWindows Policy Format
Estensione PPDAdobe SystemsAdobe PageMaker PostScript Printer Description Format
Estensione PR2dataBased Intelligence, Inc.DBase IV Printer Driver
Estensione PREFPANEN/AMac OS X System Preference Pane
Estensione PRFN/APreferences Or Profile Format
Estensione PRINTEREXPORTMicrosoftMicrosoft Print Migration Format
Estensione PROFILEThe GNU ProjectBash Shell Profile Format
Estensione PROVISIONPROFILEAppleIOS Provision Profile
Estensione PRTN/APrinter Driver Format
Estensione PS2MicrosoftMicrosoft Search Catalog Index Format
Estensione PWLMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Password Format
Estensione PXEVarious Linux developersLinux, Unix Network Bootable
Estensione QFILTERApple, Inc.Mac OS X ColorSync Filter
Estensione QKYN/ALinux Quirky Kernel Format
Estensione QTSApple, Inc.QuickTime System
Estensione QUICKTIMECOMPONENTSApple, Inc.Mac OS X System
Estensione QVMQQ Virtual Machine Format
Estensione RC1SamsungSamsung S5230 Firmware Format
Estensione RC2SamsungSamsung Mobile Device Firmware Format
Estensione RCOSonySony PlayStation Portable PSP Resource Format
Estensione RDZMMIX MandrivaMandrake Linux Install
Estensione REGMicrosoftWindows Registry Data Format
Estensione REGTRANS-MSMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Vista And Windows 7 Registry Format
Estensione RFWFuzhou Rockchip ElectronicsRockchip Firmware Format
Estensione RGUMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Mobile Registry Entry
Estensione RIOIBMIBM AIX System
Estensione RMTN/ALinksys Router Firmware Format
Estensione RSMicrosoftWindows Rating System Format
Estensione RSQIBMIBM 4690 Operating System​
Estensione RUFSamsungSamsung DVD And Blu-ray Player Firmware Format
Estensione RWMMicrosoft CorporationWindows Imaging Resource Only
Estensione RXMicrosoft CorporationMS-DOS 7
Estensione SAVEDSEARCHAppleSpotlight Saved Search
Estensione SAVERAppleMac OS X Screen Saver
Estensione SBNCisco SystemsCisco IP Phone Firmware Format
Estensione SCAPN/AEFI Firmware Format
Estensione SCFN/AWindows Explorer Shell Command Format
Estensione SCHEMASThe GNOME ProjectGConf Schema Definition Format
Estensione SCRMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Screensaver Format
Estensione SDBMicrosoft
Estensione SEARCHCONNECTOR-MSMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Search Connector Description Format
Estensione SEARCHINDEXCACHEApple, Inc.Mac OS X Cache
Estensione SERVICEN/AMac OS X Service Application
Estensione SF0Microsoft CorporationWindows Sytem Check
Estensione SFCACHEMicrosoftReadyBoost Cache Format
Estensione SHAThe Open GroupUnix SHAR Archive
Estensione SHDMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Shadow Spooler Format
Estensione SHLBApple, Inc.Shlb Mac OS X System
Estensione SHSHAppleApple IPhone ECID SHSH Format
Estensione SO0N/AUnix Shared Library Format
Estensione SPREPORTERApple, Inc.Mac OS X System Profiler Reporter
Estensione SQMMicrosoftMicrosoft Service Quality Monitoring Format
Estensione STRN/AScreensaver Format
Estensione SUPPORTEDApple, Inc.MAC OS X
Estensione SWPN/ASwap Format
Estensione SYSMicrosoftSystem Format
Estensione TDZDroboDrobo Firmware Update Format
Estensione THAMicrosoftWindows Thai Noise-Words List Format
Estensione THEMEMicrosoftWindows Desktop Theme Format
Estensione TNRTrimble Navigation LimitedGPS Pathfinder ProXR/XRS Firmware
Estensione TRX_DLLMicrosoftWindows Startup Format
Estensione UAQMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Action Queue
Estensione UCEMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows XP System32 Format
Estensione VCNVacon PlcNCDrive Vacon NX System Software
Estensione VETCA TechnologiesVET Antivirus System
Estensione VGAN/AVGA Display Driver
Estensione VGDN/AGeneric CADD VGA Driver
Estensione VRSCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Video Resource Device Driver
Estensione VTDMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Custom Virtual Device Driver
Estensione VXDN/AMicrosoft Windows Virtual Device Driver
Estensione VX_MicrosoftCompressed Virtual Device Driver Format
Estensione WDFMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Driver Foundation Format
Estensione WDGTAppleApple Mac OS X Dashboard Widget
Estensione WEBPNPMicrosoftWeb Point And Print Format
Estensione WERMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Application Error Report
Estensione WPHN/APhoenix BIOS Format
Estensione WPXN/AAdobe Printer Description For Postscript Printing Format
Estensione WRSCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Windows Printer Driver
Estensione WSSMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Sound System
Estensione XMOAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Authorware Movie Driver
Estensione XMSMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft EXtended Memory Specification
Estensione XRM-MSMicrosoftMicrosoft Security Certificate
Estensione ZEXZOOM CorporationZOOM MRS-802 System
Estensione ZONEIDENTIFIERMicrosoftWindows Zone Identifier Format
Estensione _DLMicrosoft CorporationDynamic Link Library DLL File Form
Estensione _VTI_BINMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint

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