Altri file

Estensione del fileAutore/ProduttoreDescrizione del file
Estensione !BTBitTorrentIncomplete BitTorrent Download Format
Estensione !CNewera Software Technology Inc.Graphics Converter Pro Format
Estensione !QBqBittorrentQBittorrent Incomplete Download Format
Estensione !UTBitTorrentUTorrent Incomplete Download Format
Estensione #$#Corel CorporationULead Photoimpact Temporary Format
Estensione $Microsoft CorporationVisual Basic Symbol Format
Estensione $$AIBMOS/2 Format
Estensione $?N/ATR-DOS ZX Spectrum File In HOBETA Format
Estensione $BVladimir KladovTR-DOS Basic File Format
Estensione $DVladimir KladovTR-DOS Data File Format
Estensione $D$IBMOS/2 Planner Data Format
Estensione $DXCA TechnologiesCA Visual Objects Backup Index Format
Estensione $EDMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft C++ Editor Temporary Format
Estensione $LNMicro Focus International plcBorland C++ TLink Response Format
Estensione $RRSteinberg Media Technologies GmbHSteinberg Cubase Compressed Format
Estensione $VMMicrosoft CorporationWindows 3.x Virtual Manager Temporary Format
Estensione (D)Symantec CorporationPcAnywhere Temporary Format
Estensione *Apple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Certificate Assistant Format
Estensione ---Microsoft CorporationTemporary Format
Estensione 000MicrosoftMicrosoft Windows CE Installation Data Format
Estensione 001SplitJoinGenerally Split Archive Or Backup File (001-??? File Sequence)
Estensione 003N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal Format
Estensione 004N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal Format
Estensione 005N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal Format
Estensione 006N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal Format
Estensione 007N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal Format
Estensione 009N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal Format
Estensione 00ABentley Systems, IncorporatedBentley GEOPAK Resource Format
Estensione 00BBentley Systems, IncorporatedBentley GEOPAK Resource Format
Estensione 00CIntuit Canada LimitedProFile 2000 Autosave Format
Estensione 00DBentley Systems, IncorporatedBentley GEOPAK Resource Format
Estensione 00EBentley Systems, IncorporatedBentley GEOPAK Resource
Estensione 00FBentley Systems, IncorporatedBentley GEOPAK Resource
Estensione 00_bhv Publishing GmbHWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 010N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 011N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 012N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 013N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 014N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 015N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 016N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 017N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 018N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 021N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 022N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 025N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 026N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 027N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 028N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 029N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 031N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 033N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 034N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 035N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 036N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 037N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 038N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 039N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 040N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 041N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 043N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 045N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 046N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 047N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 048N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 050N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 051N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 052N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 053N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 054N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 055N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 056N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 057N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 058N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 059N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 05_N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 060N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 061N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 062N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 063N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 064N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 065N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 066N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 067N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 068N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 069N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 06IIntuit Inc.ProSeries Tax
Estensione 06_N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 070N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 071N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 072N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 073N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 074N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 076N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 077N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 078N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 079N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 07GIntuit Inc.ProSeries Tax
Estensione 07IIntuit Inc.ProSeries Tax
Estensione 080N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 083N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 084N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 089N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 08IIntuit Inc.QuickBooks Return Tax
Estensione 098N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 099N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 09IIntuit Inc.ProSeries Tax
Estensione 09TBHOK IT ConsultingStudioTax 2009 Income Tax
Estensione 0NVRed Hat, Inc.Cygwin Terminfo
Estensione 0RVRed Hat, Inc.Cygwin Terminfo
Estensione 1N/AUnix Unformatted Manual Page
Estensione 10IBMIBM Voice Type Languages Scripts Data
Estensione 101Nuance Communications, Inc.Omnipage Ocr
Estensione 102Nuance Communications, Inc.Omnipage Ocr
Estensione 103Nuance Communications, Inc.Omnipage OCR
Estensione 104Nuance Communications, Inc.Omnipage OCR
Estensione 105bhv Publishing GmbHWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 106bhv Publishing GmbHWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 107N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 108Nuance Communications, Inc.Omnipage Ocr
Estensione 109N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 10NVRed Hat, Inc.Cygwin Terminfo
Estensione 10RVRed Hat, Inc.Cygwin Terminfo
Estensione 110Nuance Communications, Inc.OmniPage OCR
Estensione 111N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 112N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 114N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 115N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 116N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 117N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 118N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 119N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 12IBMIBM Voice Type Languages Scripts Data
Estensione 120N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 121N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 122N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 124N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 125N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 126N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 127N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 128Nuance Communications, Inc.Omnipage OCR
Estensione 129N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 12AMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows
Estensione 12MIBMLotus Smartmaster
Estensione 13IBMIBM Voice Type Languages Scripts Data
Estensione 130N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 131N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 132N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 133N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 134N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 135N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 136N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 137N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 138N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 139N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 13TIntuit Canada LimitedIntuit Profile Premier
Estensione 14IBMIBM Voice Type Languages Scripts Data
Estensione 140N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 141N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 142N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 143N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 144N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 145N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 146N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 147N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 148N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 149N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 15IBMIBM Voice Type Languages Scripts Data
Estensione 150N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 151N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 152N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 153N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 154N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 155N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 156N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 157N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 158N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 159N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 16IBMIBM VoiceType Languages Scripts Data
Estensione 160Nuance Communications, Inc.Omnipage Ocr
Estensione 161N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 162N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 163N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 164N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 165N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 166N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 167N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 168N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 169N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 17IBMIBM Voice Type Languages Scripts Data
Estensione 170N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 171N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 172N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 173N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 174N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 176N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 178N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 179N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 18IBMIBM Voice Type Languages Scripts Data
Estensione 180N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 181N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 182N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 183N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 184N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 185N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 186N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 187N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 188N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 189N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 190N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 191N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 192N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 193N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 194N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 195N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 196N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 197N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 198N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 199N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 1MRed Hat, Inc.Cygwin Main
Estensione 1PAIntuit Inc.QuickBooks Form
Estensione 1TIBMFortran
Estensione 2IBMIBM Embedded ViaVoice Voice Type Languages Scripts Data
Estensione 20N/ALinux
Estensione 200N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 202N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 203N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 204N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 205N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 206N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 207N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 208N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 209N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 210Star Finanz GmbHStarMoney Bpd Hbcioffl 280
Estensione 211N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 214N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 215N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 216N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 217N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 218N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 219N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 22Ubisoft Entertainment S.A.Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 Game Music
Estensione 220N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 221N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 222N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 223N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 224N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 225N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 226N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 227N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 228N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 229N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 230N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 231N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 233N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 234N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 235N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 236N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 237N/AWinfunktion Mathematic V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 238N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 239N/AWinfunktion Mathematik V8.0 Julia Fractal
Estensione 25NVRed Hat, Inc.Cygwin Terminfo
Estensione 25RVRed Hat, Inc.Cygwin Terminfo
Estensione 2CThe FreeBSD FoundationFreeBSD
Estensione 2DKIBMOS/2 Saved SKF Format
Estensione 2DLGraphisoftArchiCAD 2D Lines Data
Estensione 3IBMIBM Embedded ViaVoice Voice Type Languages Scripts Data
Estensione 320PsiScream Tracker 32
Estensione 323N/AH.323 Internet Telephony Format
Estensione 340Dionex CorporationChromelion Demo Data Format
Estensione 3DCRacerMateRacerMate 3D Course Format
Estensione 3HGlobal Publishing Solutions Ltd, UK3B2 Tag Header
Estensione 3INMicrosoft CorporationMSN Setup Information
Estensione 3PM8Apple, Inc.Apple MAC OS X
Estensione 3TFSAP AGCrystal Reports
Estensione 3THMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft 3D Movie Maker Thumbnail Data
Estensione 3XRed Hat, Inc.Cygwin Main
Estensione 4IBMIBM Embedded ViaVoice Voice Type Languages Scripts Data
Estensione 42MFour Js Development Tools, Inc.Genero Report Writer BDL Functions
Estensione 47N/AFreeBSD
Estensione 4DRN/A4th Dimension Data Resource
Estensione 4DS4D, Inc.4th Dimension Database Windows Data Segment
Estensione 4DX4D, Inc.4th Dimension Plugin
Estensione 4FI4D, Inc.4th Dimension Insider Format
Estensione 4SWJP software4DOS Swap
Estensione 5N/AFreeBSD
Estensione 500Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Tally
Estensione 5AN/ALinux
Estensione 5DMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Works
Estensione 5VWInfoVista5Views Packet Capture
Estensione 5XBLine 6, Inc.POD HD500X Bundle
Estensione 6IBMIBM Embedded ViaVoice Voice Type Languages Scripts Data
Estensione 67CFlexera Software, Inc.FLEXnet Manager
Estensione 7IBMIBM Embedded ViaVoice Voice Type Languages Scripts Data
Estensione 7INIAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Extensions Manager
Estensione 8IBMIBM Embedded ViaVoice Voice Type Languages Scripts Data
Estensione 822Parametric Technology CorporationPro/Engineer WildFire
Estensione 83PTexas InstrumentsTI-83 Calculator Program
Estensione 850Microsoft CorporationVisual Foxpro 98
Estensione 852Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual FoxPro
Estensione 866Microsoft CorporationVisual Foxpro 98
Estensione 89UTexas Instruments Inc.Texas Instruments TI-89 OS Upgrade
Estensione 8B?ImpressumPhotoline Extension
Estensione 8BAN/AAdobe PhotoShop Extension
Estensione 8BAMAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop For Mac Plugin
Estensione 8BBRAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop Brushes
Estensione 8BCN/AAdobe Photoshop 5.0 Sdk Plugins Format
Estensione 8BCOAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop For Mac Color Table
Estensione 8BCTAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop For Mac Palette
Estensione 8BDTAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop For Mac Duotone
Estensione 8BEN/AAdobe PhotoDeluxe Extension
Estensione 8BEMAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop Path
Estensione 8BFAdobe SystemsAdobe Plug-in Filter Format
Estensione 8BFKAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop For Mac Commands And Plugins
Estensione 8BFMAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop For Mac Filter
Estensione 8BIN/AAdobe Photoshop Plugins Formats Format
Estensione 8BI8Adobe SystemsAdobe PhotoShop Plugin Format
Estensione 8BLAdobe SystemsAdobe PhotoShop Plugin Format
Estensione 8BPAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PhotoShop Import
Estensione 8BPIAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop Extension
Estensione 8BSAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Selection Extension
Estensione 8BXN/APhotoDeluxe Extension
Estensione 8BXMAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop For Mac Extension
Estensione 8BYN/APhotoDeluxe Extension
Estensione 8BYMN/AAdobe Photoshop
Estensione 8LIAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Scripting Plugin
Estensione 8LYAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop Plugin
Estensione 8TYAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop
Estensione 8XCN/ATexas Instruments TI-82-Plus Complex
Estensione 8XPTexas InstrumentsTI-83 Plus Calculator Program
Estensione 9IBMIBM Embedded ViaVoice Voice Type Languages Scripts Data
Estensione 917Trend Micro Inc.Trend Antivirus Format
Estensione 92DN/ATexas Instruments TI-92
Estensione ?RSCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Support
Estensione @@1StreamingStar Technology Inc.HiDownload Temporary
Estensione @@2StreamingStar Technology Inc.HiDownload Temporary
Estensione A$VQuark, Inc.QuarkXpress Automatically Saved Project
Estensione A21BSS AudioSoundweb Firmware
Estensione A2AIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Vocabels
Estensione A31Adobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Authorware Library
Estensione A3PCarnegie Mellon UniversityAlice 3 Project
Estensione A41Adobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Authorware Library
Estensione A4RN/AAdobe Authorware Package Course
Estensione A51Adobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Authorware Library
Estensione A5DN/AAdobe Authorware Model
Estensione A5MN/AAdobe Authorware Unpackaged
Estensione A5PN/AAdobe Authorware Package Without Runtime
Estensione A5RPTAlpha Software, Inc.Alpha Five Project Report
Estensione A6DN/AAdobe Authorware Model
Estensione A6LN/AAdobe Authorware Library
Estensione A6MN/AAdobe Authorware Unpackaged
Estensione A6RN/AAdobe Authorware Packaged File Without Runtime
Estensione A6WN/AAdobe Authorware Unpackaged
Estensione A7DAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Authorware Model
Estensione A7LN/AAdobe Authorware Library
Estensione A7MN/AAdobe Authorware Unpackaged
Estensione A7WN/AAdobe Authorware Unpackaged
Estensione AAASybase Inc.Sybase SQLAnywhere Temporary
Estensione, Inc.Audible Download Plugin
Estensione AAPUltraTech GroupLexNavigator Information Update
Estensione AAPKGInvensys plcArchestrA IDE Package
Estensione AASAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Authorware Shocked Packet
Estensione AATEsriArcInfo Line Data
Estensione AATRENDInvensys Systems, Inc.ActiveFactory Trend
Estensione AAUIAdobe SystemsAdobe Acrobat UI Settings Format
Estensione AAWDEFLavasoftAd-Aware Definitions Format
Estensione AB4ENIAC ComputingAB4 Accounting & Business Data
Estensione AB6AndersonBell CorpABStat Data
Estensione AB8AndersonBell CorpABStat Data
Estensione ABAAvant ForceAvant Browser Add-on Format
Estensione ABCDGApple, Inc.Apple AddessBook
Estensione ABCDPApple, Inc.Address Book Card Data
Estensione ABDN/AText Adventure Authoring System
Estensione ABEN/AApplication Boundaries Enforcer
Estensione ABIAbiSourceAbiWord Extension
Estensione ABLBOC Information Technologies Consulting AGADONIS Application Business Library
Estensione ABNAlpha Software, Inc.Alpha Five
Estensione ABRAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Brush Format
Estensione ABTAdvanced Business Technology CorporationThe Arbiter Game Schedule
Estensione ABUThe Sage Group plcACT! E-mail Address Book
Estensione AC$AutodeskAutoCAD Undo Info Format
Estensione AC0National Instruments CorporationSPICE AC/frequence Domain Output
Estensione AC1National Instruments CorporationSPICE AC/frequence Domain Output
Estensione AC2National Instruments CorporationSPICE AC/frequency Domain Output
Estensione AC4National Instruments CorporationSPICE AC/frequence Domain Output
Estensione AC7National Instruments CorporationSPICE AC/frequence Domain Output
Estensione AC8National Instruments CorporationSPICE AC/frequence Domain Output
Estensione AC9National Instruments CorporationSPICE AC/frequence Domain Output
Estensione ACA2FontLab Ltd.Fontographer
Estensione ACBAOLAOL Cab Launcher Format
Estensione ACCDAMicrosoftMicrosoft Access 2007/2010 Add-in Format
Estensione ACCDUMicrosoftMicrosoft Access 2007/2010 Database Wizard Format
Estensione ACCESSORMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Accessor
Estensione ACGDJohns Hopkins UniversityACG System Predictive Model
Estensione ACGLJohns Hopkins UniversityACG System Licence
Estensione ACHRockwell Automation, Inc.RSLogix 5 Project
Estensione ACIACIACI Development Appraisal
Estensione ACKN/ASwifty
Estensione ACLMicrosoftMicrosoft Office Automatic Correction List
Estensione ACLOCKAmazing-Clock.comAmazing Clock
Estensione ACMDZecos SoftwareApache Commander Project
Estensione ACQGT TechnologiesAcqURL Bookmark Manager
Estensione ACROPLUGINAdobe SystemsAdobe Acrobat Plug-in Format
Estensione ACRSAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Authorware
Estensione ACSMicrosoftMicrosoft Agent Character Structured Storage Format
Estensione ACSMAdobe SystemsAdobe Content Server Message Format
Estensione ACT!The Sage Group plcAct!
Estensione ADBerkeley SystemsAfter Dark Screen Saver Format
Estensione AD3EAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Dimensions Mac
Estensione AD65Adobe Systems IncorporatedPageMaker 6.5
Estensione ADADOWNLOADAdobe SystemsAdobe Download Assistant Partially Completed Download Format
Estensione ADBLOCKAlpha Software, Inc.Alpha Five Temporary
Estensione ADDMicrosoftMicrosoft Dynamics AX Developer Documentation Format
Estensione ADDONZaplotsCFS Console Add-on Format
Estensione, Inc.Audible Manager
Estensione ADIMicrosoftMicrosoft Dynamics AX Developer Documentation Index Format
Estensione ADIUMEMOTICONThe Adium TeamAdium Dock Icon
Estensione ADIUMEMOTICONSETThe Adium TeamAdium Emoticon Set
Estensione ADIUMLIBPURPLEPLUGINThe Adium TeamAdium Lib Purple Plugin
Estensione ADIUMMESSAGESTYLEThe Adium TeamAdium Message Style
Estensione ADIUMPLUGINThe Adium TeamAdium Plugin
Estensione ADIUMSERVICEICONSThe Adium TeamAdium Service Icons
Estensione ADIUMSTATUSICONSThe Adium TeamAdium Status Icon
Estensione ADLopenEHRArchetype Definition Language
Estensione ADLSopenEHRADL Workbench
Estensione ADMN/APortfolio Admin-level Access Flag Format
Estensione ADOBEBRIDGEAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Bridge
Estensione ADOBENETAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Production Studio
Estensione ADTGN/AAdvanced Data TableGram
Estensione AEFCA TechnologiesVisual Objects Application Export
Estensione AEPKEYInterCryptoAdvanced Encryption Package Key Format
Estensione AERAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Atmosphere
Estensione AFGJHI Plant Bioinformatics GroupTablet Assembly
Estensione AFLDeLormeXMap Related
Estensione AFPLOCAppleApple Mac OS X Filing Protocol Location Format
Estensione AFRN/AFreeBSD
Estensione Inc.Family Tree Backup
Estensione AGIBMLotus Agenda
Estensione AG4Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Access G4
Estensione AGDOracleAgile Advantage Format
Estensione AGD2Adobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe FreeHand 7 For Mac
Estensione AGENTForté Inc.Forte Agent And FreeAgent Data
Estensione AGFEsriAtlas GIS Native Binary Geodataset
Estensione AGMODULEAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Lightroom Module
Estensione AGTOOLKITAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop Lightroom
Estensione AGWAspen Research Group Ltd.Aspen Graphics
Estensione AGWLDistributed and Parallel Systems - University of InnsbruckAbstract Grid Workflow Language
Estensione AGXIBMRational XDE
Estensione AGX1Adobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe FreeHand For Mac Extension
Estensione AHThe FreeBSD FoundationFreeBSD
Estensione AHDMicrosoftMicrosoft Dynamics AX On-line Help Data Format
Estensione AHFAnadigmAnadigmDesigner ASCII Code
Estensione AHIMicrosoftMicrosoft Dynamics AX Online Help Index Format
Estensione AHPAutodesk, Inc.AutoCAD Help
Estensione AI65Adobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker For Mac Extension
Estensione AIFSymbianSymbian OS EPOC Application Information Format
Estensione AIHEsriAttribute Index
Estensione AIJOracle CorporationOracle After-Image Journal
Estensione AILMystik MediaAutoImager
Estensione AIMAOLAOL Instant Message Launch Format
Estensione AIPN/AAdobe Illustrator Plugin Format
Estensione AIRAPPLICATIONAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe AIR Application
Estensione AIRPORTSKnife Edge SoftwareRealFlight Airports Data
Estensione AJGAJC Systems Ltd.AJC Grep Project
Estensione AKFAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Acrobat Key
Estensione AKWAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe RoboHelp Help Project Index Designer
Estensione AL3ACORDElectronic Data Interchange
Estensione ALABirch Grove Software, Inc.ActivTrak Log Analysis
Estensione ALARMZFrancis GagnéAlarmz Alarm
Estensione ALB6Adobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker For Mac
Estensione ALBUMN/AThumbnail Cache
Estensione ALC4Adobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker For Mac Dictionary
Estensione ALCOAlco BlomURL Manager Pro
Estensione ALD2Adobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Pagemaker For Mac
Estensione ALD3Adobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker 3 For Mac
Estensione ALD4Adobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Pagemaker 4 For Mac
Estensione ALD6Adobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker 6 For Mac
Estensione ALDFStichting AldfaerAldefaer Data
Estensione ALF6Adobe Systems IncorporatedPageMaker Default
Estensione ALH5Adobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker Add-in
Estensione ALMAlpha Software, Inc.Alpha Five Database Information
Estensione ALMBN/AMac OS 8.1 Action Module Data
Estensione ALMNApple, Inc.Location Manager Module
Estensione ALPAbletonAbleton Live Pack Format
Estensione ALTMicrosoftMicrosoft Dynamics AX Temporary Format
Estensione ALT4Adobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Pagemaker For Mac
Estensione ALTHExcel SoftwareQuickHelp For Mac
Estensione ALTPExcel SoftwareQuickHelp
Estensione ALTVN/AQuickView Help
Estensione ALYThe Sage Group plcSage ACT!
Estensione AM3Indigo Rose CorporationAutoPlay Menu Studio Ver.3 Data
Estensione AMAYAW3CAmaya
Estensione AMDETASASCET XML Model Description
Estensione AMEThe Sage Group plcACT! E-mail System Library
Estensione AMIParametric Technology CorporationCocreate SolidDesigner Annotation
Estensione AMIPRON/AAmi Pro Table Structure
Estensione AMJMechCADAceMoney
Estensione AMLMicrosoftMicrosoft Assistance Markup Language
Estensione AMOAOL Inc.AIM AOL Instant Messenger UI Extension
Estensione AMODELKAISHA-Tec Co. LtdActiveModeler Project
Estensione AMTN/AAbbyy Finereader 5.0 Pro
Estensione AMT50N/ABERNINA V5.0 Embroidery Software Template
Estensione AMT60N/ABERNINA V6.0 Embroidery Software Template
Estensione AMXN/AAdmin Mod Plug-in Format
Estensione AMXXN/AAMX Mod X Plug-in Format
Estensione ANATN/AXNBC Network Anatomy
Estensione ANCPlanit Solutions Inc.Alphacam NC Program
Estensione ANHBirch Grove Software, Inc.ActivTrak Net View History
Estensione ANISOChemical Crystallography Laboratory, OxfordChemical Crystallography
Estensione ANNOTAdobe SystemsAdobe Digital Editions Annotations Format
Estensione ANRDeLormeDeLorme Street Atlas Route
Estensione ANTSFR GmbHCalcAnt Saved Calculation
Estensione AOGreen Parrots SoftwareActionOutline Data
Estensione AODMicrosoftMicrosoft Dynamics AX Object Data Format
Estensione AOIMicrosoftMicrosoft Dynamics AX Application Object Index Format
Estensione AOLAOLAmerica On-line Related Format
Estensione AP0Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows APW_data
Estensione AP2Promethean World plcActivInspire Resource Pack
Estensione AP3Asprova CorporationAsprova Project
Estensione APCWILDPACKETS, INC.AiroPeek Wireless Trace Capture
Estensione APCDOCAshampoo GmbH & Co. KGAshampoo Photo Commander
Estensione APDGNstudioEclipse Plugin Descriptor Format
Estensione APDETECTEDApple, Inc.Apple IPhoto
Estensione APENullsoftWinamp Plug-ins AVS Format
Estensione APERTUREEDITApple, Inc.Apple Aperture
Estensione APERTUREEXPORTApple, Inc.Apple Aperture
Estensione APFAdobe SystemsAdobe Acrobat Profile Format
Estensione APFACENAMEApple, Inc.Apple IPhoto Face Data
Estensione APGOC Systems, Inc.PowerAda Aprobe
Estensione APIAdobe SystemsAdobe Acrobat Plugin Format
Estensione APJN/AFreeBSD
Estensione APLACD SystemsACDSee Plug-in Format
Estensione APLGRapidSolution SoftwareAudials One Add-on Format
Estensione APLMODELApple, Inc.Apple ICal
Estensione APLNAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe InDesign 3rd Party Extension
Estensione APLPRapidSolution SoftwareAudials One Add-on Installation Package Format
Estensione APP-SEN/ASony Ericsson XPERIA X10
Estensione APPDATAVMware, Inc.VMware Cache
Estensione APPDOWNLOADAppleMac OS X App Store Incomplete Download Format
Estensione APPICONVMware, Inc.VMWare Cache
Estensione APPLESYNCINFOApple, Inc.IOS
Estensione APPUPErlangErlang Application Upgrade Format
Estensione APSMARTALBUMApple, Inc.Apple Aperture
Estensione APVAULTApple, Inc.Apple Aperture Vault
Estensione APWAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Authorware Packaged
Estensione AQ1RJ SoftwareAptiQuiz Test
Estensione AQARJ SoftwareAptiQuiz Result
Estensione AQPArticulate Global, Inc.Quizmaker 08 And Older Quiz
Estensione AQQAQQ Sp. z o.o.AQQ Extension
Estensione AQZN/AAmateur Radio Questionary Data
Estensione ARNDeLormeXMap Flight Plan
Estensione ARPACKAmbient DesignArtRage Package
Estensione ARPIN/AAdobe Extension
Estensione ARRElcomsoftAdvanced RAR Password Recovery Project Format
Estensione ART50BERNINA International AGBERNINA V5.0 Embroidery Software Designs
Estensione ART60BERNINA International AGBERNINA V6.0 Embroidery Software Designs
Estensione ARTFAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe FreeHand Xtra
Estensione ARTXExtensoft, Inc.Artisteer Project
Estensione ARTZAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Illustrator For Mac
Estensione ARUN/AAutorun.aru Malicious
Estensione ARXAutodeskAutoCAD Runtime Extension Format
Estensione AS$Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Word Temporary
Estensione AS2Promethean World plcACTIVstudio Resource
Estensione AS3APromethean World plcActivInspire Resource
Estensione ASCMAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Content Server Message
Estensione ASEPMilk Farm Software, ltd.Separator For Mac
Estensione ASHN/ANintendo Wii System Menu Format
Estensione ASHLANGAshampoo GmbH & Co. KGAshampoo Media Player+
Estensione ASNRising Sun Solutions, Inc.Atlantis Word Processor Sound Scheme
Estensione ASOAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Flash Cache
Estensione ASPRASPACK SOFTWAREASProtect Related
Estensione ASSN/AAdvanced SubStation Alpha Subtitle Format
Estensione ASSISTANTHewlett-Packard CompanyHP Printer Utility For Mac Assistant Plugin
Estensione AST2Fantiusen SoftwareAstrotite
Estensione AT65Adobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Pagemaker For Mac
Estensione ATBAnetAnetHelp Tools
Estensione ATDMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Systems Management Server
Estensione ATLOCApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Finder
Estensione ATMCAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Type Manager
Estensione ATOMSM.CarsonRibbons Atoms
Estensione ATVThe Sage Group plcACT!
Estensione ATXHashAnimation Master Plugin Format
Estensione ATZN/AAtomic Time Zone Format
Estensione ATZ3VSoft Technologies Pty LtdAutomise
Estensione AUMAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Update Manager Data
Estensione AURXAndrew GrycAutoREALM Project
Estensione AUSAndrew GrycAutoREALM Symbols
Estensione AUZAbletonAbleton Authorization Format
Estensione AVASTLICAVAST SoftwareAvast! License Format
Estensione AVGRainer GoebelBrainVoyager QX Event Related Averaging
Estensione AVGDXAVG TechnologiesAVG Diagnostic Format
Estensione AVMAVG Technologies (Grisoft)AVG Incremental Persistent
Estensione AVSTAvery LeeVirtualDub Template
Estensione AVXESRIArcView Extension Plugin Format
Estensione AWCEmulexEmulex AWC Firmware Update Format
Estensione AWDASUSAward BIOS Update Format
Estensione AWFAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe WorkFlow Workgroup Plugin
Estensione AWIAudacityAudacity Wave Information
Estensione AWKWAwkwordsAwkwords Word Generator Format
Estensione AWRLavasoftAd-Aware Reference
Estensione AWSHORTCUTActiveWord Systems, Inc.ActiveWords Shortcut
Estensione AWXMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft DirectX
Estensione AXN/ADirectShow Filter Format
Estensione AX3APEX SOFTWAREApex Sketch
Estensione AXQRichardson Software, LLCEdit Rocket Ada Editor
Estensione AXWActix International LimitedAnalyzer StateForms
Estensione AZCorel CorporationWinDVD Related
Estensione AZ!VuzeVuze Partial Download Format
Estensione AZW3FN/AAmazon Kindle Metadata
Estensione AZW3RN/AAmazon Kindle Metadata
Estensione B25David PillingOvation Pro For RISC OS DDL
Estensione B4UTransparent LanguageBefore You Know It
Estensione B5MDBGMDBG Chinese-English Dictionary
Estensione B6LVSO-SoftwareBlindwrite License
Estensione BABLAutomated Media Processing SolutionsDeBabelizer
Estensione BACKN/ARMCProfile Coefficient
Estensione BAGN/AAAICWpro Autoresponder
Estensione BAK2Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft FrontPage
Estensione BAMPBlumentals Solutions SIAEasy Button & Menu Maker Project
Estensione BANAi ResearchMegaHAL Non-keyword List
Estensione BASEBINARYApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X AirPort Base Station Binary
Estensione BASEPROJHeracle BioSoftDNA Baser Sequence Aligner Project
Estensione BAVRITLABSAVG Bat! Plugin Format
Estensione BAWBrainLEDBrainLED AlfaWave Session
Estensione BB2N/AXBBS-OS/2, XGROUP, AV, ZTree Archiver Control
Estensione BBIVentyxLinkOne Data
Estensione BBLOren PatashnikTeX/BibTeX Bibliographic Reference Format
Estensione BBLMBare Bones SoftwareBBEdit Language Module
Estensione BBLXRick MeyersE-Sword Bible
Estensione BBTCyberSports, Inc.CyberSports For Basketball Team
Estensione BCBitCometBitTorrent Unfinished Download Format
Estensione BC!BitCometBittorrent Unfinished Download Format
Estensione BCBEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.Borland C++ Builder
Estensione BCHPhoenix Software InternationalDatalex Entrypoint 90 Data
Estensione BD2Intuit Inc.Lacerte Tax Tax
Estensione BDCMMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio BDC Model
Estensione BDCRMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio BDC Resource
Estensione BDCTBare Bones SoftwareBBEdit Dictionary
Estensione BDEParametric Technology CorporationPro/ENGINEER Temporary
Estensione BDGI2S FinanceBudgetExpress Data
Estensione BDIParametric Technology CorporationPro/ENGINEER Temporary
Estensione BDJOOracle CorporationJava BD-J Object Descriptor
Estensione BDOCSK.eeDigiDoc Client Container
Estensione BDRMicrosoftMicrosoft Publisher Border Format
Estensione BDSGROUPEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.BDS Project Group
Estensione BDTABBYYLingvo Dictionary
Estensione BDTDOracle CorporationJava Sun Binary DTD
Estensione BDVSoftwinBitDefender Vault
Estensione BDWSnowmint Creative Solutions LLCBudget Data
Estensione BDXSoftwinBitDefender
Estensione BEACadsoft CorporationBIM Energy Analysis
Estensione BEBClint GarrityEEC Analyzer
Estensione BEHSchool of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences, University of WashingtonCRiSP Calibration
Estensione BELHaliplex Pty Ltd.HPXView Binary Event Log Archive
Estensione BENSiSoftwareSiSoftware Sandra
Estensione BEVELNeuber SoftwareFontTwister Bevel
Estensione BEXPGP CorporationPGP Binary Extracted Public Key
Estensione BFCN/AMicrosoft Windows 95 Briefcase Document Format
Estensione BFPQuest Software, Inc.Benchmark Factory Project
Estensione BFRSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Backup Report
Estensione BGOBigOven.comBigoven Recipe Card
Estensione BGRPromixisGirder Binary Plugin
Estensione BHFSymantec CorporationPcAnywhere Host
Estensione BHPAppSmithsBHP Survey Tool Data
Estensione BIDAvontus Software CorporationBidMaker
Estensione BIN3National Instruments CorporationLabVIEW Data
Estensione BJKStatistics NetherlandsBlaise
Estensione BKDN/ABook Library Local Dos Exploit
Estensione BKGN/AUWXAFS Project Binary Format Data
Estensione BKMKYummy SoftwareYummy FTP Bookmark Format
Estensione BKRN/AReplaceEm File Set
Estensione BKYN/ABookkey Bookmark/keyword Data
Estensione BKZBaKoMa SoftBaKoMa TeX Installation Module
Estensione BLAAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Black Colour Separation
Estensione BLLExelis Visual Information SolutionsENVI Bad Lines List
Estensione BLUN/AFileMaker Pro Runtime Extension Format
Estensione BLUEBUTTONU.S. Department of Veterans AffairsVA Blue Button Text
Estensione BMBParametric Technology CorporationPro/ENGINEER Temporary
Estensione BMCN/AEmbroidery Graphic Format
Estensione BMD5EdwinSoftBookmarkingDaemon
Estensione BMIAutodesk3d Studio Max Plugin
Estensione BMKNokiaBookmark Format
Estensione BMTAlpha Software, Inc.Alpha Five Image Library
Estensione BMWN/AW32/Liji-A Virus
Estensione BNDIBMDB2 Bind Format
Estensione BNFIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Map
Estensione BNLCadence Design Systems, Inc.MicroSim PCBoard Netlist
Estensione BOFIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Tasks Enroll
Estensione BONDSM.CarsonRibbons Bonds
Estensione BOOTSKINStardockMicrosoft Windows Boot Skin
Estensione BPFabio ChellyBankPerfect Account
Estensione BP2N/AAutodesk AutoCAD Batch Plot Format
Estensione BP3N/AAutedesk AutoCAD Batch Plot Format
Estensione BPCTODAY Systems, Inc.BuildPro
Estensione BPDXAdobe SystemsAdobe Acrobat Catalog Batch PDX Format
Estensione BPIIBMIBM Voice Type Languages New User
Estensione BPJVISATON GmbH & Co. KGBoxsim Simulation
Estensione BPLN/AAutoCAD R2000 Batch Plot
Estensione BPSN/ABPS Virus Format
Estensione BPVBulletProof Business Plans, Inc.BallPark Business Valuation Valuation Scenario
Estensione BPXmanager-pro.comBusiPlan
Estensione BQFN/ABackdoor.Win32.Ciadoor.bqf Trojan
Estensione BQYBrio SoftwareBrioQuery Database Format
Estensione BRTigerLogic Corp. (Omnis Technology Corporation)Omnis Data
Estensione BR1Ghisler Software GmbHTotal Commander Cached Button Bar Icons
Estensione BR2Ghisler Software GmbHTotal Commander Cached Button Bar Icons
Estensione BRAVarious Linux developersLinux
Estensione BRAGGN/ABragg Profile
Estensione BRBDAZ 3D Inc.Bryce Object Export
Estensione BREWN/AHomebrew
Estensione BRIDAZ ProductionsBryce Plug-in Format
Estensione BRIDGECACHEAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Bridge Cache
Estensione BRIDGECACHETAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Bridge Cache
Estensione BRIDGELABELSANDRATINGSAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Bridge
Estensione BRIDGESORTAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Bridge Cabinet
Estensione BRMDAZ ProductionsBryce Plug-in Format
Estensione BRODAZ ProductionsBryce Extension
Estensione BRUN/ABrutus Restore
Estensione BRVBraveTech Inc.BraveViewer Thumbnail Cache
Estensione BRY2DAZ 3D Inc.Bryce 2
Estensione BSCSAKS-LabsBalanced Scorecard Designer
Estensione BSCTAKS-LabsBalanced Scorecard Designer Strategy
Estensione BSDFZEMAX Development CorporationZEMAX Scattering Distribution Data
Estensione BSESchool of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences, University of WashingtonCRiSP Harvest
Estensione BSIN/AMicrosoft SharePoint Server 2007 Temporary
Estensione BSMN/ABeerSmith Mash Profile
Estensione BSMXBeerSmith LLCBeerSmith
Estensione BSNAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk TR-55 Detention Basin Storage Data
Estensione BSPROJBanned Story development teamBanned Story Project
Estensione BSQN/AControl
Estensione BSTN/ABiblioTex Format
Estensione BSWMicrosoft CorporationBusiness Scorecard Manager Workspace
Estensione BSXN/APBASIC Preprocessor Output
Estensione BSYPaul RädleVTrain Learning Cardfile
Estensione BT!BitSpiritBitSpirit Incomplete Download Format
Estensione BT0PG Music Inc.Band-in-a-Box Temporary
Estensione BT1West Mountain RadioBattery Analyzer Test
Estensione BT2Lars SamsBatch Barcode Maker
Estensione BT5ERP5 CommunityERP5 Business Template
Estensione BTHJeppesen Marine, Inc.Bathy Recorder Data
Estensione BTKEYBitTorrent, Inc.BitTorrent License Key
Estensione BTLSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks Sheet Metal Bend Table
Estensione BTSTSymantec CorporationNorton SystemWorks Info
Estensione BTUDiablo Analytical, Inc.Diablo BTU Calculator
Estensione BTWSENDTOMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Bluetooth Related
Estensione BUDavid HarrisPegasus Mail Temporary
Estensione BUFN/ABuffer Format
Estensione BUGSENSEBugsense Inc.BugSense
Estensione BULThe NSR Physiome ProjectBullseye Data Format
Estensione BUNDLEAppleMac OS X Application Extension
Estensione BV1Corel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
Estensione BV2Corel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
Estensione BV3Corel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
Estensione BV4Corel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
Estensione BV5Corel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
Estensione BV6Corel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
Estensione BV7Corel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
Estensione BV8Corel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
Estensione BV9Corel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
Estensione BVCIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
Estensione BVIIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
Estensione BVXDBravura Software, LLCOptiTune Manifest
Estensione BWELionHead StudiosBlack And White 2 Environment Data
Estensione BWMStatistics NetherlandsBlaise
Estensione BXOpera Software ASAOpera
Estensione BXIStatistics NetherlandsBlaise
Estensione BXMNetMedia, Inc.BasicX-24 Basic Express Compiler Map
Estensione BXUSony CorporationPictureGear Studio
Estensione BYCadence Design Systems, Inc.PSpice
Estensione BZMEsriBusiness Map
Estensione BZZLink-Assistant.comBuzzBundle Project
Estensione C11SINTEFCARE-S InfoWorks User Defined Pollutant Detail
Estensione C1SN/APhoto Cache
Estensione C21SINTEFCARE-S InfoWorks Defined Pollutant Detail
Estensione C2KMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Project Holidays
Estensione C2UTexas InstrumentsTexas Instruments CBL 2 Format
Estensione C2WBentley Systems, IncorporatedWaterCAD
Estensione C2XN/AWinOnCD
Estensione C3D1CambridgeSoft CorporationChem3D Cartesian 1 Chemical Modeller
Estensione C3D2CambridgeSoft CorporationChem3D Cartesian 2 Chemical Modeller
Estensione C4DUPDATEMAXON Computer GmbHCinema 4D Update
Estensione CAN/ATelnet Server Initial Cache Data Format
Estensione CA2Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.Delphi Install Disk12
Estensione CA4Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.Delphi Installation
Estensione CA5Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.Delphi Installation
Estensione CABALN/AHaskell Cabal
Estensione CACN/AClock Alarm
Estensione CACHEN/AGenerally Cache Format
Estensione CACHE-2VideoLAN Project TeamVLC Media Player Font Cache
Estensione CACHE-3N/AVLC Media Player Font Cache
Estensione CACHE2Parametric Technology CorporationPro/Engineer
Estensione CAHCorel CorporationUlead Photo Explorer Thumbnail Cache
Estensione CALBCoolectCoolect Album Format
Estensione CALIBRECalibreCalibre Device Data Format
Estensione CALIBZChief Architect, Inc.Chief Architect Symbol
Estensione CALXMicrosoft CorporationCalendar Printing Assistant Template
Estensione CANFAbbot SystemsCanOpener
Estensione CARON/AAdobe Acrobat Creatorcode
Estensione CASAutodeskAutodesk AutoCAD License Format
Estensione CAT4DMAXON Computer GmbHCinema 4D Catalog
Estensione CATOMChief Architect, Inc.Chief Architect Catalogue
Estensione CB1SINTEFCARE-S InfoWorks Biochemical Oxygen Detail
Estensione CB4Actuate CorporationActuate Analytics
Estensione CBBChessBase GmbHChessBase Search Booster
Estensione CBDCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Dictionary
Estensione CBDSNicom00kComic Book DS Format
Estensione CBMN/AMicrosoft Interactive Training
Estensione CBNj2 Global Communications, Inc.PaperMaster Cabinet
Estensione CBOMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Interactive Training
Estensione CBPLUGINThe Code::Blocks TeamCode::Blocks Plugin
Estensione CBPROJEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.C++ Builder Project
Estensione CBTMicrosoftComputer Based Training
Estensione CBXIBMRational XDE
Estensione CBXMLShpakovskiCodeBox XML Library
Estensione CC1Briggs SoftworksBriggs Softworks Calendar Commander
Estensione CCCOlle PerssonBibexcel
Estensione CCEN/ACalendar Creator 2 Event
Estensione CCIPCurseCurse Client 4 Addon Download Protocol Format
Estensione CCJWordWeb SoftwareCrossword Compiler Compiled Crossword Applet
Estensione CCLTranslucent DragonCCTools Levelset
Estensione CCOApple, Inc.Apple Cocoa
Estensione CCWSLNRockwell Automation, Inc.Connected Components Workbench
Estensione CCXN/AClick & Create Extension
Estensione CDF-MSMicrosoftClickOnce Deployment Binary Manifest Format
Estensione CDFXIndexing ResearchCindex
Estensione CDJPadus, Inc.DiscJuggler CD-ROM Data
Estensione CDLComputer Systems OdessaConceptDraw PRO Library Format
Estensione CDRWApple, Inc.ClarisWorks Claris Draw
Estensione CDRXRobert Bosch GmbHBosch Crash Data Retrieval Data Format
Estensione CDSEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.Delphi TClientDataset Data
Estensione CDVSquare Box Systems Ltd.CatDV Catalog
Estensione CE0N/AWinewar Worm
Estensione CEBApabiApabi EBook Format
Estensione CELLCastep teamCASTEP Supercell Material Data
Estensione CEON/AWinewar Worm
Estensione CERTSIGNINGREQUESTApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Certificate Assistant
Estensione CETN/AHitachi Cobol
Estensione CF5DocuWare AGDocuWare
Estensione CF7Toshiba CorporationToshiba ConfigFree Profile Handling Module
Estensione CFBCleverfilesDisk Drill Recovered
Estensione CFDIN/AComprobante Fiscal Digital Por Internet
Estensione CFKN/AMicrosoft Developer Studio Diagram
Estensione CFLIMVUIMVU Product Format
Estensione CFPProgramArts Software Co., Ltd.C-Free Project
Estensione CFPRESETN/ASA Color Finesse Plugin For Adobe After Effects
Estensione CFWPerkinElmer Inc.ChemFinder Form
Estensione CFXMAGIX AGMagix Movie Edit Pro
Estensione CFXXEN/APossibly Malware
Estensione CGDN/ACricketGraph Data
Estensione CGINCUnity TechnologiesUnity Custom Shader Include
Estensione CGTGold Parsing System TeamGold Parsing System Compiled Grammar Table
Estensione CHeSignalESignal
Estensione CH10Bob BaggermanIrig 106 Original Recording
Estensione CH4NanotecWSxM
Estensione CH5Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced Simulation and Computing Initiative (ASCI)VisIt
Estensione CHAPN/AMP4 Movie Chapter
Estensione CHARMMThe CHARMM Development ProjectCHARMm Chemical Modeller Input
Estensione CHATLOGN/AAdium Chat Log
Estensione CHIMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Help Index
Estensione CHJIBMIBM SPSS Interview Cache
Estensione CHKN/AScanDisk File Fragment
Estensione CHKNIMVU, Inc.IMVU Create Mode Temporary
Estensione CHKSPLITIncredible BeeIncredible Bee Archiver Checksum
Estensione CHOHash, Inc.Animation:Master Choreography
Estensione CHQMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Help Combined Full-text Search
Estensione CHUNK001Filesplitter.orgFile Splitter Split File (part 1)
Estensione CHWMicrosoftMicrosoft Help HTML Help General Index Format
Estensione CIDOmar F. ReisNavigator Chart Image Description
Estensione CIIIntergraph CorporationCaesar II
Estensione CIKSymantec CorporationNorton CleanSweep Installation Log
Estensione CIMGeneral Electric CompanyGE CIMPLICITY HMI Screen
Estensione CIN96LMMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Cinemania
Estensione CIN96UPDMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Cinemania Format
Estensione CIOGrassland, Soil & Water Research LaboratorySWAT Master Watershed
Estensione CIRCadence Design Systems, Inc.PSpice Circuit
Estensione CIRCLogisim TeamLogisim Circuit
Estensione CISVicTech SoftwareCheckInbox
Estensione CIWN/AWeb Of Science Export
Estensione CIXIBMRational XDE
Estensione CK1SINTEFCARE-S InfoWorks Kjeldahl Nitrogen Detail
Estensione CLAha-SoftIconUtils Mouse Cursor Library Format
Estensione CL3N/AEasy CD Creator CD Layout
Estensione CLAMAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe InDesign Dictionary
Estensione CLASOracle CorporationJava Class
Estensione CLASSDIAGRAMMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Class Diagram
Estensione CLCN/AMicrosoft Schedule+ 7 Habits Mission Statement
Estensione CLDCVTN/ACD-LabelPrint Converted Data
Estensione CLEMoon Valley Software, Inc.Icon Lock-iT Locked File Indicator
Estensione CLEOCLEOGrand Theft Auto Vice City Mod Format
Estensione CLFIlium Software, Inc.ListPro
Estensione CLIHawkSoftClient Management System Customer
Estensione CLIPPINGApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Finder
Estensione CLKKN/AClicker Keyboard Format
Estensione CLKTN/AClicker Template Format
Estensione CLKWN/AClicker Word Bank Format
Estensione CLKXN/AClicker Grid Set Format
Estensione CLLCrick Software Ltd.Crick Software Clicker
Estensione CLOIBMSPSS Chart Look
Estensione CLPPRJCodeLobster SoftwareCodeLobster PHP Edition Project
Estensione CLRAdobe SystemsAdobe Flash Color Table Format
Estensione CLSN/ALaTeX Format
Estensione CLUHeikki HannikainenClusse Node
Estensione CM3LexisNexisCaseMap Data
Estensione CM4Thornsoft Development, Inc.ClipMate Data
Estensione CM5N/ALexisNexis Case Analysis
Estensione CM8LexisNexisCaseMap Case
Estensione CMBPropellerhead Software ABReason Combinator Instrument Patch
Estensione CMCBitz & Pixelz BVComic Collector Collection Data
Estensione CMDFCrystalMaker Software Ltd.CrystalMaker Data
Estensione CMDTApple, Inc.Claris Dictionary
Estensione CMIYoriyuki YamagataCamomile Interface
Estensione CMMCorelCorel Multimedia Manager Album Format
Estensione CMMCDTechSmith CorporationCamtasia Studio MenuMaker Project
Estensione CMNMicrosoft CorporationSystems Management Server (SMS) Update
Estensione CMODassault Systèmes S.A.3DVIA Virtools Behavioral Server Composition
Estensione CMRWinWare, Inc.CribMaster
Estensione CMRBKLexisNexisCaseMap ReportBook Definition
Estensione CMTCentre for Corporate CultureCulturemetrics
Estensione CMTXRick MeyersE-Sword Commentary
Estensione CMWMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office Custom Maintenance Wizard Data
Estensione CMYCorel CorporationCorelDRAW Custom
Estensione CNProcedimientos-Uno, S.L.CNwin/MLwin Account
Estensione CN3National Center for Biotechnology InformationCN3D
Estensione CNBDavid HarrisPegasus Mail Noticeboard Mail Stored Message
Estensione CNKMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Dynamics GP Chunk
Estensione CNOTeldas GmbHINet-Server Error Description
Estensione CNRDavid HarrisPegasus Mail Mail Message Stored In Systemwide Folder
Estensione CNXDavid HarrisPegasus Mail
Estensione COCycore System ABCult3D ActiveX Player Application
Estensione COAMedlin AccountingMedlin Payroll Software Chart
Estensione COCOlle PerssonBibexcel
Estensione CODAPLUGINPanicCoda For Mac Plugin Format
Estensione COEN/AXilinx BRAM Initialization
Estensione COKTeldas GmbHINet-Server Error Report
Estensione COLLOQUYTRANSCRIPTJavelin.ccColloquy Chat Transcript
Estensione COLORNeuber SoftwareFontTwister Color Gradient
Estensione COLORPICKERAppleApple Mac OS X Color Picker Component
Estensione COLORSRichard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghSAM Makelogo Color
Estensione COMMANDERDOCApple, Inc.Apple Qmaster
Estensione COMMONMathWorks, Inc.MATlab Install
Estensione COMPFreescale Semiconductor, Inc.CodeWarrior Compiler
Estensione COMPARISONAraxis Ltd.Merge Comparison Report
Estensione COMPLETEKJB Software developmentSendSafe Deciphered E-message
Estensione COMPON/ADAZ 3D Carrara Pro 7 Or 8 Temporary
Estensione COMPONENTN/AMac OS X System Component
Estensione COMPONENTDIAGRAMMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Component Diagram
Estensione COMPOSITIONMODELInvantive BVInvantive Composition Data Model
Estensione CONSOLEMicrosoft CorporationWidows NT Console
Estensione CONTENTPROJMicrosoft CorporationXNA Game Studio Game Content Project
Estensione CONTENTSApple, Inc.MAC OS X
Estensione CONTENTSOFCLIPBOARDMicrosoft CorporationWinXP Powertoy
Estensione CONTOURMariner SoftwareContour Screenplay Format
Estensione COOLSierra Vista SoftwareQB - Text Analyzer Vocabulary List
Estensione COORDSM.CarsonRibbons Coords
Estensione COS2Pinnacle SystemsPinnacle Studio Cache Format
Estensione COUNTERNetObjects Inc.NetObjects Fusion Components Bbscomp Message
Estensione COXN/AClick & Create Extension
Estensione CP1SINTEFCARE-S InfoWorks Phosphorus Detail
Estensione CP3MicroproseGrand Prix 3 Cockpit Shape Format
Estensione CPOCorel CorporationCorel Print House Data
Estensione CPTN/APocket Slides Presentation Format
Estensione CPT2GForceM-Tron Pro Library
Estensione CPUN/ASisoftware Sandra
Estensione CQTIDEAllianceMAIL.DAT Container Quantity Data
Estensione CR1Campbell Scientific, Inc.LoggerNet CRBasic Source
Estensione CR5Spectra PrecisionSurvey Pro Coordinate
Estensione CRASHEDAbiSourceAbiWord Crash-saved Document Format
Estensione CRCGhisler SoftwareTotal Commander CRC Format
Estensione CRDMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Cardfile Database Format
Estensione CRHProcedimientos-Uno, S.L.EN-CC Truss Geometry
Estensione CRISAP AGCrystal Reports
Estensione CRPdataBased Intelligence, Inc.Visual DBASE Custom RePort
Estensione CRS3Nuance Communications, Inc.OmniPage Lite
Estensione CRXGoogleGoogle Chrome Extension Installer File Format
Estensione CSACmacropool GmbHWeb Research Collection Optimization Temporary
Estensione CSATTRMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Attractor
Estensione CSDPROJMicrosoft CorporationC# Device Project
Estensione CSHAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Shapes Format
Estensione CSOMQUALCOMM IncorporatedEudora For Mac
Estensione CSSTOREApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Cache
Estensione CT0Tajima GroupTajima TBF Condition
Estensione CT1Microsoft CorporationSMS Proposed Site Control
Estensione CT7LexisNexisCaseMap Case Analysis Template
Estensione CT8LexisNexisCaseMap Case Template
Estensione CTBLN/AXamine NSCL
Estensione CTFAVG TechnologiesAVG Antivirus Update Control Format
Estensione CTMDPIRWTH Aachen UniversityMRMC Markov Reward Model Checker Matrix
Estensione CTOMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Binary Command Table Output
Estensione CTRRainer GoebelBrainVoyager QX Contrast
Estensione CTSYMMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Command Table Output
Estensione CU1ImpressumPhotoline 4 Curve
Estensione CU3ImpressumPhotoline Curves Clut
Estensione CU?ImpressumPhotoline Clut
Estensione CUFEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.Turbo C Utilities Form Definition
Estensione CULN/AIconForge ImageForge Cursor Library
Estensione CURSEMODCurse Inc.Curse Client Mod
Estensione CUSTQuark, Inc.QuarkXPress Mac File Type
Estensione CUTECUTPROJECTMobiVio SolutionsCute Cut Project
Estensione CVN/AMicrosoft CodeView Information Screen
Estensione CVFCPUIDCPU-Z Validation Format
Estensione CVRMicrosoftMicrosoft Office Crash Report Format
Estensione CVTACD SystemsCanvas External Tool Format
Estensione CVZLone Wolf Development, Inc.Card Vault Inventory
Estensione CW7Codeware, Inc.COMPRESS Related
Estensione CWIEFreescale Semiconductor, Inc.CodeWarrior
Estensione CWLApple, Inc.ClarisWorks Library
Estensione CWLINKFreescale Semiconductor, Inc.CodeWarrior
Estensione CWMIBMWebSphere Map Designer Express Map Definition
Estensione CWRSAP AGCrystal Reports Report
Estensione CXAANSYS Inc.ANSYS Fluent Animation Metadata
Estensione CXBCustody X ChangeCustody X Change Data
Estensione CXFGoogleGoogle Picasa Collage Format
Estensione CXLPervasive Software Inc.Business Integrator Extract Schema
Estensione CXMLMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Silverlight Server Side Data
Estensione CXQN/ASillyDl.CXQ Downloading Trojan
Estensione CXVCustody X ChangeCustody X Change Data
Estensione CYLM.CarsonRibbons Cylinder
Estensione CZN/ACzech Language Translation
Estensione CZNN/ARMCProfile Atom List
Estensione C_Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Winhelp Compressed
Estensione D02Cadence Design Systems, Inc.MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data
Estensione D03Cadence Design Systems, Inc.MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data
Estensione D05Cadence Design Systems, Inc.MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data
Estensione D07Cadence Design Systems, Inc.MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data
Estensione D08Cadence Design Systems, Inc.MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data
Estensione D10Bob BaggermanIRIG 106 Recording Directory
Estensione D11NorthStar Solutions, LLC.Macro Mania Data
Estensione D2AN/AAvisynth MPAsource Plugin Scan
Estensione D2CTJohn NorstadtDisinfectant For Mac
Estensione D32N/ALotus Visualisation
Estensione D43IAR SystemsIAR Debug
Estensione DANagarsoftDirect Access Command Pack
Estensione DA$N/AMicrosoft Compressed DAT
Estensione DA2LavasoftAd-Aware License Format
Estensione DA4Naviter d.o.o.SeeYou Waypoint
Estensione DABAB SCIEXAB SCIEX Analyst Software Data Acquisition Batch
Estensione DACDynacom Technologies Inc.Dynacom Accounting Data
Estensione DAD2N/ACanvas For Mac
Estensione DAIDream AquariumDream Aquarium Patch
Estensione DALSpeedBitDownload Accelerator Plus DAP List Format
Estensione DANDanMedical Ltd.D-MAS Analysis System Patient
Estensione DAPSpeedBitDownload Accelerator Partial Download Format
Estensione DAQMathWorks, Inc.Data Acquisition Toolbox
Estensione DARTCLIPDartfishDartfish Metadata
Estensione DATMicrosoftExchange E-mail Attachment
Estensione DAT-SHMeM Client Inc.EmClient Data
Estensione DAT2Donald LessauXYplorer Thumbnail Cache
Estensione DATACONTRACTN/AWeb Service Software Factory Installer
Estensione DAWGEliot Development TeamEliot Dictionary
Estensione DA_GkWare e.K.GKSetup Support
Estensione DBMicrosoftWindows XP Thumbnail Database
Estensione DB$dataBased Intelligence, Inc.DBASE Temporary
Estensione DB0dataBased Intelligence, Inc.DBASE Init
Estensione DB2INDMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio DB2 Index
Estensione DB2SPMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio DB2 Create Procedure Statement
Estensione DB2UDFMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio DB2 User Defined Function
Estensione DBATIntuit Inc.Quicken For Mac Data
Estensione DBLINKAltium Limited.Altium Designer Database Link
Estensione DBMANIFESTMicrosoft CorporationDatabase Manifest
Estensione DBMCAOL Inc.Netscape Cache Log
Estensione DBNWAOL Inc.Netscape News
Estensione DBSCHEMAMicrosoft CorporationDatabase Schema
Estensione DBXMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook Express E-mail Folder Format
Estensione DC0The OpenBSD ProjectOpenBSD
Estensione DC1N/ABloomba E-mail Message Format
Estensione DCDCGold Disk Inc.Astound Presentation
Estensione DCOVERBeLight SoftwareBeLight Disc Cover Format
Estensione DCPILEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.Delphi Compiler Symbolic Information
Estensione DCPYApple, Inc.Disk Copy
Estensione DCTN/ASpell Checking Dictionary Format
Estensione DCT5Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Word 5 For Mac Dictionary
Estensione DCTMPDC++DC++ Partially Downloaded Format
Estensione DCTXMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office IME Open Extended Dictionary
Estensione DCTXCMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office IME Open Extended Dictionary
Estensione DDEThe Sage Group plcSage MAS 90 Data
Estensione DDMAlpha Software, Inc.Alpha Five Table Objects
Estensione DDOCSK.eeDigiDoc Client Container
Estensione DDRMicrosoft CorporationSystems Management Server (SMS) Discovery Data Record
Estensione DDXAlpha Software, Inc.Alpha Five Data Dictionary Index
Estensione DEBIANDebian Project TeamDebian Related
Estensione DECKMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office For Mac Query
Estensione DECRYPTMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows 8 Decrypted ESD Format
Estensione DEEN/ACreator Simulator Description
Estensione DEFORMNeuber SoftwareFontTwister Deform Guide Line
Estensione DEKSide-EightMemorize-It Flashcards Deck Format
Estensione DELN/APCTracker Undelete Tracking
Estensione DELFN/AMalicious Or Virus
Estensione DES-SEGoogle Inc.Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10
Estensione DESCRIPTIONN/AMultilizer PDF Translator Description
Estensione DESKTOPN/ADesktopX Windows Desktop Theme Format
Estensione DEUAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Reader German Language
Estensione DEVICESALTBarnes & NobleNook Encrypted Format
Estensione DFCorel CorporationCorel Paradox Table Filter
Estensione DF10Bob BaggermanIRIG 106 Recording Directory
Estensione DFLFreshdevices Corp.Fresh Download List
Estensione DFPeyeonEyeon Fusion Plugin Format
Estensione DFRThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Installation Serial Number
Estensione DFUN/ALaTeX Font Encoding Format
Estensione DG-KEYGipsyMedia LtdDigiGuide Key
Estensione DG3RockWare, Inc.DeltaGraph
Estensione DGCN/ATurboTax Tax Form Format
Estensione DGFAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Acrobat
Estensione DGIN/AHDConvertToX Input
Estensione DGLN/ADynaGeo License
Estensione DGMDesSoftDesSoft Diagram
Estensione DGPRINTGipsyMedia LtdDigiGuide Print Template
Estensione DGRDARTECH, Inc.DART Pro 98
Estensione DGXIBMIBM Rational XDE
Estensione DHYAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Bridge
Estensione DICN/ADictionary Format
Estensione DICTSunnysoft s.r.o.Sunnysoft InterWrite
Estensione DIDAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Distiller/Bridge
Estensione DILEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.Delphi
Estensione DINSapphire GroupDataEase Installation Script
Estensione DIPNic Wilson & Jonathan WilsonDVDINFOPro Saved Data Graph
Estensione DIR00N/ADisk Defrag Error Or Dump
Estensione DISABLEDSafer NetworkingSpybot - Search & Destroy Disabled Format
Estensione DISKDEFINESN/ALinux LiveCD Information Format
Estensione DIST-RDBRichard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghSAM Scoring
Estensione DISTZApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Installer Distribution
Estensione DJDelorie SoftwareDJGPP Docs
Estensione DJADundjinni Enterprises, Inc.DunDjinni
Estensione DJFNTI CorporationNTI Drive Backup
Estensione DKECenterToolsDriveLock FDE Disk Key Format
Estensione DKLANGDK SoftwareDKLang Translation Editor Translation
Estensione DL0ABBYYAbbyy Finereader 4.0 Sprint
Estensione DLBN/ATroj/Dloadr-AHT
Estensione DLCTApple, Inc.AppleScript Dialect
Estensione DLEAutodesk, Inc.3D Studio Max Plugin
Estensione DLIN/AWin32.Sober.AD@mm
Estensione DLL1Splashtop Inc.ASUS ExpressGate (Splashtop)
Estensione DLLXN/ABackdoor.Bot
Estensione DLL_NON_OPTAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe
Estensione DLL_RESPMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Live Messenger Contact Related
Estensione DLMAkamaiAkamai Download Manager Format
Estensione DLON/A3D Studio Max Plugin Format
Estensione DLPFMicrocosm Ltd.DinkeyLook Diagnostic Information
Estensione DLUAutodesk3D Studio Max Utility Plug-in Format
Estensione DLV4Dassault Systèmes S.A.Catia
Estensione DLZCPTCrossword Power Tools Crossword Library
Estensione DMFRWestByte SoftwareDownload Master Incomplete Download
Estensione DMMSSeavus DOOELDropMind Map Style
Estensione DMNSAS Institute Inc.SAS Metadata
Estensione DMX-INFOInnovative SolutionsDriverMax Driver Information Format
Estensione DMYPhysioNetSEMIA LTST DB Time Series Data
Estensione DNDEuropean Bioinformatics InstituteClustalW2 Tree
Estensione DNLDNAMLDNAML EBook Format
Estensione DNNDotNetNuke Corp.DotNetNuke Manifest
Estensione DNXIBMIBM Rational Software
Estensione DOCKTLA Systems Ltd.DragThing Dock
Estensione DOCKLETStardock CorporationObjectDock Docklet
Estensione DOERockwell Automation, Inc.Rockwell Arena Model
Estensione DOIActuate CorporationBiRT Data Object Instance
Estensione DONN/ Log
Estensione DONERed Hat, Inc.Cygwin Post-install
Estensione DONOTPRESENTApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Time Machine Resource Fork
Estensione DOPVoyetra Turtle Beach, Inc.Digital Orchestrator Pro
Estensione DOSTSony CorporationDoStudio Subtitle Format
Estensione DOWNLOADINGPando NetworksPando Incomplete Download Format
Estensione DOXYDimitri van HeeschDoxygen
Estensione DPBN/AFaxMaster Document
Estensione DPCMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office Resource
Estensione DPCACHEApple, Inc.Apple IPhoto Cache
Estensione DPIAdlib SoftwareAdlib Express Document Processing Information Settings
Estensione DPMDigidesignPro Tools Plugin Format
Estensione DPOEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.Delphi Object Repository
Estensione DPRJDRD Systems, Inc.VideoReDo TVSuite DVD Project
Estensione DPROApple, Inc.MacDraw Pro
Estensione DRN/AOMA Open Mobile Alliance DRM Rights Object Format
Estensione DR3VMANV-Control Import Driver
Estensione DRBDr. Software LLCDr. Beam
Estensione DRCN/AOMA Open Mobile Alliance DRM Rights Object Format
Estensione DREDÖRR EDV-BeratungDReport Exported Report
Estensione DRIMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft SQL Server Replication
Estensione DRRAltium Limited.Altium Designer Drill Report
Estensione DRSCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Driver Resource
Estensione DRTCadence Design Systems, Inc.PSpice Or PCB Designer Custom Derating
Estensione DRWRSig SoftwareDrop Drawers Drawer
Estensione DRXAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop Tutorial
Estensione DSCNikonNikon Coolpix Disk Identification Format
Estensione DSFTMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Application Virtualization Differential SFT
Estensione DSIMAndreas HerzDigital Simulator
Estensione DSJT=N/AAdobe Director For Resources
Estensione DSKINMr. GeckoDockX Skin Format
Estensione DSLMacUpdate LLCDamaged Sector List
Estensione DSPROTOTYPEMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Prototype
Estensione DSQMeasurement ComputingDasylab Worksheet
Estensione DSRExelis Visual Information SolutionsENVI Density Slice Range
Estensione DSSLIDESHOWIdea2 s.c.Desktop Sidebar Slideshow Panel
Estensione DSTN/ATajima Embroidery Format
Estensione DSTLN/AAcrobat Distiller
Estensione DSTUDIOConceivaDownloadStudio Incomplete Download Format
Estensione DSUSchneider Electric S.A.ProWORX Nxt Data Setup
Estensione DT4N/ABioSonics Data
Estensione DT?Terry A. DavisLoseThos Data
Estensione DTAPARTMMIV-MMVIIDownThemAll Download Part Format
Estensione DTB2Netopia, Inc., a Motorola CompanyTimbuku Pro DropIn
Estensione DTCMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Application Log
Estensione DTERMLICENCEDecimus Software, Inc.DTerm Licence
Estensione DTFIBMLotus Domino Server Temporary Format
Estensione DTHMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Application Log
Estensione DTIMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Application Log
Estensione DTJMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Application Log
Estensione DTLMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Application Log
Estensione DTPROJMicrosoft CorporationSQL Integration Services Project
Estensione DTTIBMIBM AS/400 Data Transfer
Estensione DT_N/AApple Macintosh Data Fork Format
Estensione DUCFMicrocosm Ltd.DinkeyChange Update Code
Estensione DUMODULEApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Disk Utility Plugin Module
Estensione DUMPGoogleGoogle BreakPad Crash Log Format
Estensione DUOMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Access
Estensione DUP0Samsung GroupSamsung Kies Duplicate Media
Estensione DUP1Samsung GroupSamsung Kies Duplicate Media
Estensione DUP2Samsung GroupSamsung Kies Duplicate Media
Estensione DUSN/AReadiris Font Dictionary Format
Estensione DVDFAB6Fengtao Software Inc.DVDFab Key
Estensione DVDFABHDDECRYPTERFengtao Software Inc.DVDFab HD Decrypter
Estensione DVDRIP-INFOdvd::rip teamDvd::rip Technical Information
Estensione DVSSymantec CorporationEnterprise Vault DVS
Estensione DVTPLUGINApple, Inc.Apple Xcode DVT Extension
Estensione DVZDataViz Inc.Documents To Go Data
Estensione DW1Matthew WalkerDeathWatch WebCrawler
Estensione DW2Matthew WalkerDeathWatch WebCrawler
Estensione DW3Matthew WalkerDeathWatch WebCrawler
Estensione DWCEmulexEmulex DWC Firmware Update File Format
Estensione DWEN/ACreator Simulator Pattern
Estensione DWLIMSIAutoCAD Drawing Database Format Locking Information Format
Estensione DWLIBRARYMariner SoftwareMariner Paperless Document Library Format
Estensione DWNN/AFirmware Update Format
Estensione DWON/ARed Hat Linux DWARF Debugging Information
Estensione DWPROJSybase Inc.DataWindow Designer Project
Estensione DWXCapilano Computing Systems Ltd.DesignWorks Viewer Tools
Estensione DX2Oracle CorporationOracle Siebel
Estensione DXGDuxbury Systems, Inc.Duxbury Braille Translator
Estensione DXIZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc.PayWindow Database
Estensione DXTORYLICDxtory SoftwareDxtory Licence
Estensione DXVCondrey CorporationDocXchanger
Estensione DXZN/ATrojan Backdoor Virus
Estensione DYNIBMLotus 1-2-3
Estensione DYZN/ABackdoor.Win32.ProRat.dyz Trojan
Estensione DZLDazzler SoftDazzlerMAX
Estensione E2EMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft BizTalk RFID Log
Estensione E2PLanconelli Open SystemsPonyProg Device
Estensione E32Jordan RussellInno Setup 1.3
Estensione E3PZukenE3.series Part
Estensione E50US Army Corps of EngineersMicroPAVER 5.0
Estensione E60US Army Corps of EngineersMicroPAVER 6.0
Estensione EACEmurasoftEmEditor Auto Completion
Estensione EALBrayden Automation CorporationEnergyAccess Log
Estensione EAZESRIArcGIS Explorer Add-in Format
Estensione EBCN/ACITE Control
Estensione EBFMicrosoft CorporationPocket PC WindowsCE Form
Estensione EBKThe Internet Marketing CenterEBook Pro E-book Format
Estensione EBKTMLInternet Marketing CenterEBook Pro Encoded Temporary
Estensione EBLBid ExpressExpedite Bid Amendment Library
Estensione EBNPhilipsPhilips GoGear Firmware Update Format
Estensione EBPMicrosoft CorporationPocket PC Windows CE Project
Estensione EBQN/ACITE Electronic Bill Of Quantities
Estensione EBWEncyclopædia Britannica (UK) LimitedEncyclopaedia Britannica
Estensione EBXAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Transfer Data
Estensione EC8N/ASimplazz 1-2-3 Accountant Export
Estensione ECFN/AMicrosoft Outlook Add-in Format
Estensione ECHSourceForge.netEasyChem Save
Estensione ECIEttercap ProjectEttercap Info
Estensione ECLIPSEPRODUCTThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse Product Maker
Estensione ECMLIntuit Inc.Quickbooks Licence
Estensione ECTMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual C++ Exception Console Template
Estensione ECW2002PUZZLEGreen EclipseEclipseCrossword Puzzle
Estensione ECW2002WORDSGreen EclipseEclipseCrossword Word List
Estensione EDCInv SoftworksKryptel (Lite) Decoder/Encoder Format
Estensione EDPNational Instruments CorporationMultisim
Estensione EDPIPrestoSoft LLCExamDiff Pro Session Fle
Estensione EDRBALARAD, s.r.o.Embird Color Palette
Estensione EDTN/ANEPLAN External Program Import / Export
Estensione EEFBALARAD, s.r.o.Embird Project
Estensione EEKArachneArachne Script Format
Estensione EERLahey Computer Systems, Inc.Lahey Fortran Error
Estensione EEXOracle CorporationOracle Discoverer EUL
Estensione EF2TonecInternet Download Manager Format
Estensione EFDParallels Holdings Ltd.Parallels Desktop Related
Estensione EFGGambit ProjectGambit Extensive Game Format
Estensione EFLNFBExternal Format Language Format
Estensione EFSLIBeSignalESignal EFS Function Library
Estensione EFTMakeMusic, Inc.Finale Enigma Tansportable
Estensione EGBHeaton Research, Inc.Encog Binary Format
Estensione EGLIBAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Edge Animate Symbol Library
Estensione EGTN/AEagleGet Incomplete Download
Estensione EIDIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
Estensione EIODesignBuilder Software LtdDesignBuilder EnergyPlus Model Summary Configuration Output
Estensione EKBZak Morris Company, Inc.VisualTablet Data
Estensione EKSMetapraxisMetapraxis Empower Data
Estensione ELDNEPLANNEPLAN-DOS Import Or Export
Estensione ELF9EsriESRI Floating License
Estensione ELINovarm LimitedDipTrace
Estensione ELKAltium Limited.Altium Designer Linker Error Message
Estensione ELLN/AATI Radeon Driver
Estensione ELON/AELO Data
Estensione ELTNEPLANNEPLAN Topology
Estensione ELZCPTCrossword Power Tools Crossword Library
Estensione EM2N/AEmax II Bank
Estensione EM4Automotive Engine ManagementAEM Stinger Engine Management Computer
Estensione EM8Automotive Engine ManagementAEM 8860 Engine Management Computer
Estensione EM9Automotive Engine ManagementAEM 8860 Engine Management Computer
Estensione EMATN/AANSYS Element Matrix
Estensione EMD1Apple, Inc.Apple GarageBand
Estensione EMIXApple, Inc.Apple Mail Mailbox Message
Estensione EMNParametric Technology CorporationPro/ENGINEER
Estensione EMSGKJB Software developmentSendSafe E-message
Estensione ENCGVOXEncore Musical Notation File Format
Estensione ENC2Samsung GroupSamsung Galaxy Firmware Update
Estensione ENFThomson ReutersEndNote Filter Format
Estensione ENHSchool of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences, University of WashingtonCRiSP Harvest
Estensione ENMLEvernoteEvernote For Google Android Note Format
Estensione ENREFEvernote CorporationEverNote Food
Estensione ENXIBMIBM Rational XDE
Estensione EONEON Reality, Inc.EON Studio
Estensione EOPEON Reality, Inc.EON Studio
Estensione EOXEON Reality, Inc.EON Studio
Estensione EOZEON Reality, Inc.EON Studio
Estensione EPBWebWorksEPublisher
Estensione EPIMAstonsoft Ltd.EssentialPIM Data
Estensione EPJOracle CorporationJAVA-clients
Estensione EPK2Psychology Software ToolsE-Prime 2.0 Package Format
Estensione EPRJElnec s.r.o.Pg4uw Project
Estensione EPTGuzik Technical EnterpriseWITE32
Estensione EQBeSignalESignal Quote Board
Estensione EQDCattlesoft, Inc.EquineMax Data
Estensione EQNCorelCorel WordPerfect Equation Format
Estensione EQTReliaSoft CorporationReliaSoft Weibull++ 6
Estensione EQUAstroDigital.NetAstroDigital.Net Equipment
Estensione ERCLiving Pages Research GmbH.Ercato Engine
Estensione ERICA TechnologiesAllFusion ERwin Data
Estensione ERIKDeLormeXmap
Estensione ERLnProtectNProtect GameGuard Log Format
Estensione EROSVIC INDIA e-Learning CompanyELibrary Reader Object
Estensione ERRAutodeskAutoCAD Error Log Format
Estensione ERTThe 3DO CompanyHeroes Of Might And Magic 3 Script
Estensione ERVERDAS, Inc.ER Mapper ASCII Header
Estensione ERXN/AER Data Model
Estensione ER_Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Winhelp Compressed
Estensione ESCONokia CorporationNokia Lumia Windows Phone 7 Firmware
Estensione ESCOPYES APP GroupES File Explorer Temporary
Estensione ESDMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Electronic Software Download Encrypted Software Format
Estensione ESE2Grass Valley USA, LLC.Edius Seek Information
Estensione ESFIBMIBM VisualAge Generator External Source
Estensione ESKeSignalESignal Scan
Estensione ESLIntersystem Concepts, Inc.Everest Authoring System Screen Library
Estensione ESODesignBuilder Software LtdDesignBuilder EnergyPlus Output
Estensione ESVMorningstarPrincipia Stock Research Document
Estensione ETB2Netopia, Inc., a Motorola CompanyTimbuktu Pro Resource
Estensione ETCDeskSoftEarthTime
Estensione ETEXEpsilonSoftETutor Questions
Estensione ETHQualis ResearchEthnograph Data
Estensione ETKOrgadata AGOrgadata LogiKal
Estensione ETOMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Policy Cache
Estensione ETPMicrosoft CorporationVisual Studio .NET
Estensione ETQeSignalESignal Time And Quotes
Estensione ETSeSignalESignal Time And Sales
Estensione ETZBentley Systems, IncorporatedRAM Elements Model
Estensione EUHLQUALCOMM IncorporatedEudora For Mac Help
Estensione EVCDeskSoftEarthview
Estensione EVEMIE SoftwareSummit Event Manager Event Data
Estensione EVENTCorelCorel Catalog Format
Estensione EVLMyriax Software Pty Ltd.EchoView Exported Line
Estensione EVNRetrosheetRetrosheet Event
Estensione EVSNicolaudieEasy Stand Alone
Estensione EWC2Grass Valley USA, LLC.EDIUS WaveForm Cache
Estensione EWD3Flexera Software, Inc.InstallShield
Estensione EWLGreen EclipseEclipseCrossword Word List
Estensione EWMEW AvionicsEWView Geographic Data
Estensione EWSMBOXApple, Inc.Apple Mail
Estensione EWTEW AvionicsEWView Trace Data
Estensione EX3N/AHarvard Graphics Device Driver
Estensione EXDMicrosoftControl Information Cache Format
Estensione EXFExactal Pty Ltd.CostX Data Exchange
Estensione EXGLKSoftWare GmbHJSDAI Express-G Schema
Estensione EXJOracle CorporationJava
Estensione EXTSymantecNorton Commander Extension Format
Estensione EXTRAGoogleMozilla Firefox Crash Report Format
Estensione EXTREPSage ProjectSAGE External Representation
Estensione EXVAdobe SystemsAdobe Extension Script
Estensione EYBMicrosoftMicrosoft Encarta Encyclopedia Yearbook Update Format
Estensione EZLOGSkypeSkype Extras Manager Log Format
Estensione EZWReagency SystemsEasyOFFER Real Estate Form Format
Estensione F#+ARagTime GmbHRagTime Classic
Estensione F#+DRagTime GmbHRagTime Classic
Estensione F01U.S. Army Corps of EngineersHEC-RAS Flow
Estensione F02U.S. Army Corps of EngineersHEC-RAS Flow
Estensione F04U.S. Army Corps of EngineersHEC-RAS Flow
Estensione F05U.S. Army Corps of EngineersHEC-RAS Flow
Estensione F2FByteworxByteworx FMEA Exported Data
Estensione FADMicrosoft CorporationOffice Attribute Database
Estensione FAEMicrosoft CorporationMS Office 97 Converter DLL
Estensione FAGN/AWin32.AutoRun.fag
Estensione FAVORITEApple, Inc.Apple IDVD Favorite
Estensione FB!FlashGetFlashGet Incomplete Download
Estensione FBDBMC Software, Inc.Remedy Change Management Flashboard
Estensione FBGAdvanced Geo Positioning Solutions, Inc.Shape Pro Ground Surface
Estensione FBNDApple, Inc.Apple Communication Tool
Estensione FBPROJMediaparts InteractiveFlippingBook Photo Album Project
Estensione FBSBuilders Exchange of Washington, Inc.Fastbid
Estensione FBVVSoft Technologies Pty LtdFinalBuilder Persistent Variables
Estensione FCATigerLogic Corp. (Omnis Technology Corporation)Omnis Web Client
Estensione FCBFonix CorporationFAAST Builder
Estensione FCHCFetch SoftworksFetch Cache
Estensione FCHKGaussian, Inc.Gaussian Checkpoint
Estensione FCODAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker Filter
Estensione FCPAMichigan Department of Community HealthOfficer Cost Report Data
Estensione FCPRMichigan Department of Community HealthOfficer Cost Report Data
Estensione FCRMichigan Department of Community HealthCost Report Data
Estensione FCXRSPIRITFileCapsule Deluxe
Estensione FCXUSPIRITFileCapsule Deluxe
Estensione FD1Microsoft CorporationWindows Live Photo Gallery Thumbnail Database
Estensione FDETernion CorporationFLAMES Dataset Export
Estensione FDKFluentizer LLCFluentizer Fluent Dictionary
Estensione FDLANG4NewsGator Technologies, Inc.FeedDemon Language Resource
Estensione FDPARTFreshdevices Corp.Fresh Download Partial Downloaded
Estensione FDRTEMPLATESAGS TechnikFDRTools Template
Estensione FDSEQDolphin Futures LimitedXPS Document Related Data
Estensione FDSRCH2NewsGator Technologies, Inc.FeedDemon Search Data
Estensione FDUSoftware AGNatural Security
Estensione FDXSL4NewsGator Technologies, Inc.FeedDemon Newspaper Style
Estensione FEDRastislav KORYTARFORMIK Form Data
Estensione FEEDBACKMicrosoftExpression SketchFlow Feedback Format
Estensione FETN/AFree Timetabling Software
Estensione FEXInformation BuildersWebFOCUS FOCUS Web390 Procedure
Estensione FF2AceBIT GmbHHello Engines!
Estensione FFINDEXN/AFFmpegSource2 Media Index
Estensione FFUMicrosoft CorporationWindows Phone Full Flash Update
Estensione FGDBFontLab Ltd.Fontographer Mac
Estensione FGFN/ANav.Net NG Fusker Generator
Estensione FGTSourceForge.netFreeGantt Skeleton
Estensione FH40Adobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe FreeHand For Mac
Estensione FHA3Adobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Freehand For Mac
Estensione FHD3N/AFreeHand
Estensione FHMASIP Solutions, Inc.ASIP Meister
Estensione FIBForensic Innovations, Inc.File Investigator
Estensione FIFFN/AElekta Neuromag Data
Estensione FILEN/AGeneric Windows Format
Estensione FILELOCApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Finder Internet Location
Estensione FILEPARTN/AWinSCP Temporary Download
Estensione FILE_CRCSElectronic Arts, Inc.Electronic Arts Origin Client
Estensione FIMMystic FractalFractal Imaginator Data/Parameter
Estensione FINDassault Systèmes S.A.ABAQUS
Estensione FIOUlead SystemsAldus PhotoStyler Graphics Filter
Estensione FIRPyrotechnics Management, Inc.FireOne Fireworks Show
Estensione FIVForensic Innovations, Inc.File Investigator
Estensione FJLN/ARootkit.Win32.Agent.fjl Virus
Estensione FJSWHermitech LaboratoryFormulator Tarsia Jigsaw
Estensione FKCSoftlandFBackup Catalog
Estensione FKDLANSRADFotoKiss Photo Set Data
Estensione FKTKDE e.VKmPlot Data
Estensione FL3Adobe SystemsFlash 3D Format
Estensione FLFMicrosoftMicrosoft Dynamics NAV License Format
Estensione FLMMicrosoft CorporationVisual FoxPro Library
Estensione FLTN/AFilter Format
Estensione FLWXilinx, Inc.Xilinx Flow
Estensione FLYSierra Vista SoftwareQuiz-Buddy Quiz Data
Estensione FLZCyberLink Corp.MediaShow Data
Estensione FMCCobusNCAD
Estensione FMDMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Access
Estensione FMELICSafe SoftwareFME License Format
Estensione FMKGFI SoftwareFaxMaker
Estensione FMK$FileMaker, Inc.FileMaker For Mac
Estensione FMOdataBased Intelligence, Inc.DBASE IV Compiled Format
Estensione FMPLUGINFileMakerFileMaker Pro Plug-in Format
Estensione FMPPTernion CorporationFLAMES Model Prototype
Estensione FMRParametric Technology CorporationPro/ENGINEER
Estensione FMSIBMLotus Freelance Graphics
Estensione FMTRFileMaker, Inc.FileMaker Transfer
Estensione FMXN/AFileMaker Plug-in Format
Estensione FMXLISTSafe Software Inc.FME Transformer List Format
Estensione FMXTFileMaker, Inc.FileMaker Pro Mac
Estensione FNAUniversity of VirginiaFASTA DNA And Protein Sequence Alignment
Estensione FNDMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Explorer Saved Search Format
Estensione FNDRDeLormeXmap For Mac
Estensione FNETFileMaker, Inc.FileMaker Network
Estensione FNIIBMFileNet IDM Viewer
Estensione FNLMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Live Mesh
Estensione FNLFFocusriteScarlett Plug-in Suite License Format
Estensione FNMApache Software FoundationApache Lucene Field
Estensione FNOAtlast! SolutionsAtlast File Notes Organizer CSV Data
Estensione FNRN/
Estensione FNSApple, Inc.Apple FontSyncScripting Font Profile
Estensione FNSPApple, Inc.Apple FontSync Scripting
Estensione FODEZ-Forms CompanyEZ-Forms ULTRA
Estensione FOFEZ-Forms CompanyEZ-Forms Filled Out Form
Estensione FOG4FontLab Ltd.Fontographer 4
Estensione FOMEZ-Forms CompanyEZ-Forms Fill Out Master Form
Estensione FOUNDFILESApple, Inc.Mac OS X
Estensione FOVN/AMORSE Field Of View
Estensione FPCMicrosoft CorporationFoxPro Catalog
Estensione FPFVIntermediaFile Protected From Virus
Estensione FPKN/AJetForm Form Package File (FormFlow)
Estensione FPLABACOMFrontDesigner Front Panel
Estensione FPRN/AFruitypro Samples Humanize Presets Grooves
Estensione FQFiniCom Networks Inc.FlashFXP Queue
Estensione FR4Sirotinsky Arthur and Olga FedorenkoFractal Explorer Quaternion Spots In Internal Parametrical Format
Estensione FRASirotinsky Arthur and Olga FedorenkoFractal Explorer Animation Of Fractal Navigation Project
Estensione FRAMAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe FrameMaker
Estensione FREELISTEsriArcGIS
Estensione FRELFABBYYAbbyy FineReader Engine License
Estensione FREQRichard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghSAM Frequency Model
Estensione FRESHCONTACTNAVIGON AGNAVIGON MobileNavigator Navigation
Estensione FRISirotinsky Arthur and Olga FedorenkoFractal Explorer IFS Spot In Internal Parametrical Format
Estensione FRKN/AApple Macintosh Resource Or Data Fork
Estensione FRMN/AForm Format
Estensione FRPDelrinaPerForm Or FormFlow Form
Estensione FRQOlle PerssonBibexcel
Estensione FRVMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft FRx
Estensione FRZN/ALocked FormFlow Format
Estensione FSAppleMac OS X Format System Plug-in Format
Estensione FSEVENTSD-UUIDN/AFseventsd
Estensione FSFMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office Cache
Estensione FSNNova Development CorporationGreeting Card Factory Greeting Card
Estensione FSOAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Flash Media Server File System Object
Estensione FSPN/AFsplit Split
Estensione FSRN/AFile Substring Replacement Utility
Estensione FT30Adobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker For Mac Filter
Estensione Inc.Family Tree Maker Genealogy
Estensione FTCHFetch SoftworksFetch
Estensione FTDRHDC Services LtdFFT Designer Project
Estensione FTFN/ASony Ericsson Xperia Android Firmware
Estensione FTILFTILE-Hastakshar Contract Note Format
Estensione FTKN/AForensic Toolkit
Estensione FTPLOCN/AApple Mac OS X Finder FTP Location Format
Estensione FTRSilicon Graphics, Inc.IRIX
Estensione FTVCA TechnologiesCA CleverPath Forest & Trees
Estensione FUDN/AFairUse Wizard Data
Estensione FUJN/AWorm.Win32.AutoRun.fuj Virus
Estensione FUNLucky Monkey Design LCCKoolmoves
Estensione FUSE_HIDDENThe Samba TeamSamba
Estensione FVFreshdevices.comFresh View Thumbnail Cache
Estensione FVPANSYS Inc.FLUENT Path Line
Estensione FVUNational Securities Depository LimitedFile Validation Utility Input
Estensione FWN/AKodak Camera Firmware Format
Estensione FW4Selections & Functions, Inc.Framework IV
Estensione FWDIpswiitch,Inc.Imail Server Forwarded Mail
Estensione FWSCursorArts CompanyFileWrangler Data File For File Splitting Configuration
Estensione FXBSteinbergSteinberg VST Audio Plug-in Format
Estensione FXDMicrosoft CorporationFoxPro FoxDoc Support
Estensione FXICottonwood SoftwareFile-Ex Data
Estensione FXOValve CorporationSteam Client Shader
Estensione FXPSteinberg Media TechnologiesVST Audio Extension
Estensione FXTN/AFinale Plug-in Format
Estensione FXWeSignalESignal
Estensione FYCeSignalESignal
Estensione FYIFlow-Cal, Inc.FLOWCAL Desktop
Estensione FZDEfzed Pty. Ltd.AIRLINE City Data
Estensione FZIPFoxitFoxit Reader Add-on Format
Estensione FZPAutoDesSysForm•Z Extension
Estensione FZYLexisNexisLexisNexis Concordance Fuzzy
Estensione G03U.S. Army Corps of EngineersHEC-RAS Geometry
Estensione G3ACasioCasio Prizm Program Format
Estensione GABDencomDencom Global Address Book Export
Estensione GACMicrosoft CorporationGroove
Estensione GADMath2Market GmbHGeodict
Estensione GAIAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe SING Glyphlet Manager
Estensione GAPUlead SystemsPhotoImpact Pencil Style
Estensione GASBlue SquirrelGrab-a-Site Project
Estensione GAUMicrosoftMicrosoft Flight Simulator Gauge Format
Estensione GBDGreat Budget SoftwareGreat Budget Budget Definition
Estensione GBFGreat Budget SoftwareGreat Budget Fringe Definition
Estensione GBTAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop Format
Estensione GCA4PARTYSteve Jackson GamesGURPS Character Assistant
Estensione GCCVAdobe Systems IncorporatedPageMaker Filter
Estensione GCDAFree Software Foundation, Inc.GCC Gcov Profiling
Estensione GCNOFree Software Foundation, Inc.GCC Gcov Profiling
Estensione GDCSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Composite Graph
Estensione GDEGlobalQSLGlobalQSL Graphic Editor
Estensione GDHSmartWare CorporationSmartWare High-low Graph
Estensione GDIVarious Linux developersGeneric Download Install
Estensione GDLGraphisoftArchiCAD Geometric Description Language Data
Estensione GDPBenjamin MartyScrolling Game Development Kit Project
Estensione GDQSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Quick Graph
Estensione GDSPGold Disk Inc.Astound
Estensione GDVSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Graphics Screen Driver
Estensione GDXGAMS Development CorporationGAMS Result
Estensione GDYNN/AGIMP Pressure Curves Output
Estensione GDZThoughtful CreationsGenbox Family History Data Initialization
Estensione GE6N/AWinFamily 6 Genealogy
Estensione GEBPeter GebhardDr. Hardware
Estensione GEPGepsoft Ltd.GeneXproTools Data
Estensione GERParametric Technology CorporationPro/ENGINEER Temporary
Estensione GFDGadwin Systems, Inc.GeForms
Estensione GFFRoche NimbleGen, Inc.SignalMap Gene-Finding Format (GFF) Data
Estensione GFLGadwin Systems, Inc.GeForms
Estensione GFSMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove Remote
Estensione GFTGadwin Systems, Inc.GeForms Form Template
Estensione GFXClickTeamThe Games Factory
Estensione GGGoogleGoogle Desktop Gadget Format
Estensione GGDCERCGASTAR Output
Estensione GGGSharon Dugdale & David KibbeyGreen Globs & Graphing Equations Game Record
Estensione GGIThe GGI ProjectGGI
Estensione GGMSharon Dugdale & David KibbeyGreen Globs & Graphing Equations Saved State
Estensione GHTSymantec CorporationGhost Project
Estensione GITKEEPN/AGitkeep
Estensione GJFGaussian, Inc.Gaussian Input Data
Estensione GKFAptech Systems, IncGAUSS Engine License
Estensione GKPLocnetGameKeyboard
Estensione GLADBroad InstituteGenePattern GLAD
Estensione GLINKGoogleLink To Third-party Google Drive Web Application Document
Estensione GLKMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove Shortcut
Estensione GLLAFMG Technologies GmbHEASE SpeakerLab Compiled Text
Estensione GLMRainer GoebelBrainVoyager QX GLM Analysis Result
Estensione GLOSMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Word For Mac Glossary
Estensione GLPEIVA a/sNaviEdit Geoconsult Long Profile
Estensione GLUCyberglueCyberglue
Estensione GLUT2Silicon Graphics, Inc.OpenGL Glut-3.6
Estensione GLUT3SGIOpenGL GLUT
Estensione GLXPascoDataStudio Experiment
Estensione GLYMicrosoftMicrosoft Word Glossary Format
Estensione GLZCPTCrossword Power Tools Crossword Library
Estensione GM1Sharp Electronics Corp.Sharp Advanced Presentation Software Professional
Estensione GM4Sharp Electronics Corp.S.A.P.S.
Estensione GMZYoYo GamesGameMaker Complete Source
Estensione GNSSound Health OptionsSound Health Abacus Genesis
Estensione GO!Headlight Software, Inc.Go!Zilla Unfinished Download
Estensione GOAN/ASpiceCAD
Estensione GODSynbiozGod Configuration Format
Estensione GOLDThe GNOME ProjectGnome Desktop
Estensione GOXClickTeamThe Games Factory Extension
Estensione GPArobas MusicGuitar Pro
Estensione GP4Arobas MusicGuitar Pro 4 Project Format
Estensione GPCGenie-Soft CorporationGenie Backup Manager Plugin
Estensione GPGFree Software FoundationGNU Privacy Guard Public Keyring Format
Estensione GPHParametric Technology CorporationPro/ENGINEER
Estensione GPRJGearoticGearotic Motion Project
Estensione GPZIBMIBM DB2 Document Manager Document History
Estensione GR4Contract Telecommunication Engineering Ltd.Pathloss Sharing
Estensione GRADSJörg WegnerPINGO GrADS Data
Estensione GRBDROPFILEHeadlight Software, Inc.GetRight
Estensione GRCAffymetrix, Inc.Affymetrix Grid Control
Estensione GRDECLThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse Specific
Estensione GRIPetrosys Pty LtdPetrosys Grid
Estensione GRMStanford Business Software, IncMINOS
Estensione GROUPSWebMoneyWM Keeper CLASSIC Group
Estensione GROWLREGDICTGrowlGrowl Temp Format
Estensione GROWLVIEWGrowl TeamGrowl Display Plugin
Estensione GRWNaviter d.o.o.SeeYou Waypoint
Estensione GS1Bloodlust SoftwareGenecyst Save State 1
Estensione GSAGeneStudio, Inc.GeneStudio Alignment
Estensione GSDUInsaneMattGameSave Manager Database Update
Estensione GSEPsytech InternationalGeneSys Export
Estensione GSFN/AMulti Game Memory Editor Date
Estensione GSLSiber Systems, Inc.GoodSync Job List
Estensione GSPKey Curriculum PressGeometers Sketchpad Material Format
Estensione GSSN/AMulti Game Memory Editor Memory Snapshot
Estensione GSVRArtifex SoftwareGhostScript
Estensione GSZGEO-SLOPE International Ltd.GeoStudio Project
Estensione GT2SourceForge.netGraoumf Tracker Music Module (MOD)
Estensione GTAMicrosoftMicrosoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove Tool Archive Format
Estensione GTHOlle PerssonBibexcel
Estensione GTIGeorgia Tech Research CorporationSTRUDL Input
Estensione GTOIntuit Inc.Quicken Online Data
Estensione GWGrassland, Soil & Water Research LaboratorySWAT Groundwater Input
Estensione GWFBenthic SoftwareBenthic Golden
Estensione GWLN/ANanoscribe General Writing Language
Estensione GWTN/ASpaceStat Generalized Weights Format
Estensione GX2N/AGeneric Cadd
Estensione GXRArtech Consultores S.R.L.GeneXus Report
Estensione GZ1Orgadata AGOrgadata LogiKal
Estensione GZFMaximumSoft Corp.Webcopier
Estensione GZLHeadlight Software, Inc.Go!Zillalist
Estensione GZQUARSoftwinBitDefender Quarantine
Estensione H00ARM Holdings plcARM EPROM HEX
Estensione H01ARM Holdings plcARM EPROM HEX
Estensione H04General Electric CompanyGE FIX32 Historical
Estensione H08General Electric CompanyGE FIX32 Historical
Estensione H1DN/AMicrosoft Windows
Estensione H1HMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Merged Hierarchy Help
Estensione H1QMicrosoftMicrosoft Help Merged Query Index Format
Estensione H1WMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Keyword Index
Estensione H2DRUMKITHydrogen TeamHydrogen Drum Kit
Estensione H2WN/AH2testw
Estensione H3BLine 6, Inc.POD HD300 Bundle
Estensione H4BLine 6, Inc.POD HD400 Bundle
Estensione H5N/AHierarchical Data Format Version 5
Estensione HANGApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Terminal
Estensione HARRick MeyersE-Sword Harmony Resource
Estensione HARXRick MeyersE-sword Harmony
Estensione HASHGuidance Software Inc.EnCase Forensic Drive Image Hash
Estensione HBNOracle CorporationJava Hibernate
Estensione HCSHealth CanadaNHP ESubmission Builder Submission Package
Estensione HCTSymantec CorporationSymantec Liveupdate
Estensione HDF4The HDF GroupHDF4
Estensione HDF5The HDF GroupHDF5
Estensione HDKHotDocsHotDocs Registration Format
Estensione HDXAutodeskDelphi MultiHelp Index Format
Estensione HE4The HDF GroupHDF4
Estensione HEDReliaSoft CorporationReliaSoft RG
Estensione HEFFrontRange Solutions USA Inc.HEAT Export
Estensione HELPINDEXMariner Software, Inc.Mariner Software Narrator Index
Estensione HEPNovell, Inc.Novell NetWare Help Librarian Data
Estensione HETSYNAMETIRCSWinSQL HTML Export Template
Estensione HEUAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Flash Player Cache Metadata
Estensione HEXN/AHex Dump Format
Estensione HFAERDAS, Inc.Erdas Imagine Hierarchical
Estensione HFOAvid Technology, Inc.Pinnacle Hollywood FX Object
Estensione HFPN/AXnView Filter
Estensione HFSSAnsoftAnsoft HFSS Project
Estensione HFXHarvard GraphicsHarvard Graphics F/X
Estensione HHLMicrosoft CorporationVisual Basic
Estensione HHPACKStealthHTC Home Extension
Estensione HHSN/AOracle HyperHub Subkit
Estensione HINHypercube, Inc.HyperChem HIN Chemical Modeller Input
Estensione HISFCSEDL_POLY History
Estensione HISUCSEDL_POLY History
Estensione HKCHTML-Kit.comHTML-KIT Auto Complete Short Cut
Estensione HKFMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft.NET Framework
Estensione HKLN/ARMCProfile Range Of Values
Estensione HKSHTML-Kit.comHTML-KIT Plugin
Estensione HL6WellSight Systems Inc.Horizontal.Log 6
Estensione HLBN/AVAX VMS Help Library Format
Estensione HLCEuropean Southern ObservatoryESO MIDAS Help Command
Estensione HLDStructural Desktop, Inc.Structural Desktop Hold
Estensione HLOGVMware, Inc.VMware Workstation Log
Estensione HLQEuropean Southern ObservatoryESO MIDAS Help Qualifier
Estensione HLTN/AWatcher Database Trades List
Estensione HLWN/AWin32/AMalum.EDHZ
Estensione HLXN/AATI Radeon Video Driver Format
Estensione HLZEuropean Southern ObservatoryESO MIDAS Help ASCII
Estensione HMMicrosoft CorporationWindows Help Context IDs
Estensione HM0MAGIX AGMAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab Waveform
Estensione HM3N/AHelp & Manual Help File Project
Estensione HMAPN/AMicrosoft SharePoint Server 2007 Temporary
Estensione HMAPDIRN/AMicrosoft SharePoint Server 2007 Temporary
Estensione HMDGrassland, Soil & Water Research LaboratorySWAT Relative Humidity Input
Estensione HMFTech Soft 3DHOOPS Metafile
Estensione HMGDN/AMicrosoft Grammar
Estensione HMHDMicrosoft CorporationWord Hyphenation Format
Estensione HMMERRichard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghSAM HMMER Format
Estensione HMMRRichard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghSAM HMMR
Estensione HMSDN/AMicrosoft Dictionary
Estensione HMXN/AHelp & Manual Help File Project
Estensione HMYAltuit, Inc.Hemingway Content Management System Plugin
Estensione HPCMicrosoft CorporationHP Font Language
Estensione HPLGApple, Inc.Apple ITunes Device Plugin
Estensione HPMSymantec CorporationProcomm Plus Alternate Main Menu
Estensione HPRJproDAD Inc.Heroglyph Project
Estensione HPROFN/AJava Heap Dump
Estensione HPSHPHewlett-Packard Web PrintSmart Format
Estensione HRDMSC Software CorporationMSC Patran Device-dependent Hardcopy
Estensione HRMPolar ElectroPolar ProTrainer Pulse Rate Save
Estensione HRSWagers & Associates, Inc.Holder Reporting System
Estensione HRUGrassland, Soil & Water Research LaboratorySWAT HRU Input
Estensione HRXHerolab GmbHHerolab EasyWin32
Estensione HSMotorolaMotorola Flash Flex Format
Estensione HSPHeliumScraper.comHelium Scraper Project
Estensione HSRHS-SoftRezeptAssist Import Or Export
Estensione HSSAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Dreamweaver Snippet
Estensione HSXHBXL Construction SoftwareHealth & Safety Xpert Project
Estensione HT1Google Inc.Google Desktop Application Data
Estensione HTIMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows WinHelp Related
Estensione HUDSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Dictionary
Estensione HUSVikingHusqvarna Embroidery Format
Estensione HVIFHaiku, Inc.Haiku Vector Icon Format
Estensione HVPLAppleApple ITunes Visual Plugin Format
Estensione HWLCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Shared Writing Tools 9.0
Estensione HWOFMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office For Mac Help
Estensione HWXRockwell Automation, Inc.RSNetWorx Registration
Estensione HXAMicrosoftMicrosoft Help Attribute Definition Format
Estensione HXCMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Collection Definition Format
Estensione HXDMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Help Validator
Estensione HXEMicrosoftMicrosoft Help 2 Sample Definition Format
Estensione HXFMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Help Include
Estensione HXHMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Help Merged Hierarchy
Estensione HXKMicrosoftMicrosoft Help 2 Keyword Index Format
Estensione HXLMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Help Registered Namespace List
Estensione HXRMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Help Data
Estensione HXTMicrosoftHelp Table Of Contents Format
Estensione HY1Corel CorporationVentura Publisher Hyphenation Algorithm
Estensione HY2Corel CorporationVentura Publisher Hyphenation Algorithms
Estensione HYCCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Data
Estensione HYDCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Hyphenation Dictionary
Estensione HYPAdobe SystemsAdobe Acrobat Dictionary Format
Estensione HYQSINTEFCARE-S InfoWorks Hydrograph
Estensione HZDHalliburtonSeisWorks
Estensione H_Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Winhelp Compressed
Estensione I1CIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
Estensione I1IIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
Estensione I2CIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
Estensione I2IIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
Estensione I32National Instruments CorporationNI LabView
Estensione I3CIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
Estensione I3IIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
Estensione I64Hex-Rays SAInteractive Disassembler
Estensione IA1Kuta Software LCCInfinite Algebra 1
Estensione IA2Kuta Software LCCInfinite Algebra Assignment
Estensione IADSymantec CorporationSymantec Patch Management
Estensione IAKIDEAllianceMAIL.DAT Information Access Key
Estensione IALMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft SharePoint List Activity
Estensione IARKrzysztof WojtasCD Katalog
Estensione IBANKIGG Software, LLCIBank Accounting Data
Estensione IBGi2IBridge Project Workspace
Estensione IBKN/AKodak Imaging For Windows Bookmark
Estensione IBLPageTechPCLTool Index Location
Estensione IBNRohde & SchwarzWinIQSIM
Estensione IBPLUGINAppleInterface Builder Extension
Estensione IBSi2 LimitedI2 IBase
Estensione IBVN/AIGOR Pro Binary Variable
Estensione IBWN/AIGOR Pro Binary Wave
Estensione IBXInterscope s.r.l.Interscope BlackBox
Estensione IBYN/ASymbian ROM Image Component Include
Estensione ICNational Instruments CorporationSPICE Initial Condition
Estensione IC0Synopsys, Inc.HSPICE Output
Estensione IC4Prism Media Products LimitedSADiE Interchange Data
Estensione ICALN/AICalendar Format
Estensione ICALENDARN/AICalendar Format
Estensione ICHATTRANSFERApple, Inc.Apple IChat Transfer
Estensione ICISemichem, Inc.Ampac
Estensione ICMAAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Format
Estensione ICMSRagTime GmbHRagTime Extensions
Estensione ICONBOXChickenByteIconBox
Estensione ICONBOXICONChickenByteIconBox
Estensione ICONTAINERPanicIcon Container Library Format
Estensione ICQICQ LLCICQ Archive
Estensione ICXMicrosoft CorporationRemote Call Profiler Summary View
Estensione ICXSApple, Inc.ITunes
Estensione ICZN/ALib2Def Output
Estensione IDIBMIBM Lotus Notes ID Format
Estensione ID3Michal L. WrightIData 3 Data
Estensione IDAMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft IIS Server
Estensione IDATAMichal L. WrightIData 2 Data
Estensione IDEMONetPlay SoftwareInstantDemo Project
Estensione IDENTCACHEEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.Delphi Temporary Cache
Estensione IDHSourceForge.netOpenCBM
Estensione IDISiemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.I-deas Web Access
Estensione IDIFAOL Inc.Netscape Saved Address Book Identification
Estensione IDLKAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Lock Format
Estensione IDLLFreescale Semiconductor, Inc.CodeWarrior DLL
Estensione IDMUlead SystemsUlead Photo Express Messages
Estensione IDPIBMIBM Personal Communications Interchange Document Profile
Estensione IDQMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Internet Explorer Data Query
Estensione IDXN/AIndex Format
Estensione IDZSiemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.I-DEAS Web Access
Estensione IECN/AMicrosoft HTML Converter
Estensione IEIFMJ-SoftwareImage Eye Thumbnail Cache
Estensione IELwondertouch, LLCParticleIllusion SE Emitter Library
Estensione IENVMichal L. WrightIData 3 Envelope Template
Estensione IFBInfotriever, Inc.Infotriever Extension
Estensione IFLAutodesk3D Studio Max Animation Format List Control Format
Estensione IFMBrighterionBrighterion IPrevent Fraud Model
Estensione IFNN/AIGOR Pro Formatted Notebook
Estensione IFTN/AIGOR Pro Formatted Notebook Template
Estensione IFXIBMRational XDE
Estensione IHCGeneral Electric CompanyProficy Historian
Estensione IHFN/AIGOR Pro Help
Estensione IHSRAD Game Tools, Inc.Bink Inbound History
Estensione IIDi-Installer TeamIInstaller Idirectory
Estensione IIIInsurance Information Institute, Inc.Know Your Stuff
Estensione IIXSDLTrados Translation Memory Index Format
Estensione ILAndré Luiz BarbosaSimuPLC Electric Commands Language Instruction List
Estensione IL3wondertouch, LLCParticleIllusion 3 Emitter Library
Estensione ILABELMichal L. WrightIData 3 Template Label
Estensione ILBPsiScream Tracker Data
Estensione ILFIslamic Goods DirectAlim
Estensione ILGPehong ChenMakeIndex Error Log
Estensione ILOCKMichal L. WrightIData
Estensione ILPGurobi Optimization, Inc.Gurobi Optimizer Temporary
Estensione ILSMicrosoft CorporationInternet Security And Acceleration Server Summary
Estensione ILXAndrew QuilleyInterlex Vocabulary
Estensione IMBPerion Network Ltd.IncredMail Adress Book And Temporary Contacts
Estensione IMKPerion Network Ltd.IncrediMail Licence
Estensione IMLSage SoftwareACT! Internet Mail Message Format
Estensione IMNPerion Network Ltd.IncrediMail Notify
Estensione IMOVIELIBRARYApple, Inc.IMovie Event Library
Estensione IMSCursorArts CompanyIconForge Create Executable Library Data
Estensione IMVYahoo, Inc.Yahoo! Instant Messenger ImVironment
Estensione IMXSAS Institute Inc.SAS SAS/IML Workshop Matrix
Estensione IMYN/AIMelody Mobile Phone Ring-tone Format
Estensione INN/AMcAfee Antivirus Format
Estensione IN3Harvard GraphicsHarvard Graphics Input Device Driver
Estensione IN4UIC PhoenxsoftwareInfoBlaster IN4 Registry
Estensione IN7Jurgen A DoornikOx Data
Estensione INCAAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Format
Estensione INDESIGNPLUGINAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Plugin Format
Estensione INDEXThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse Help Index
Estensione INDEXARRAYSApple, Inc.Mac OS X Spotlight
Estensione INDEXCOMPACTDIRECTORYApple, Inc.Mac OS X Spotlight
Estensione INDEXDIRECTORYApple, Inc.Mac OS X Spotlight
Estensione INDEXPOSITIONSApple, Inc.Mac OS X Spotlight
Estensione INDKAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Format
Estensione INETLOCN/AApple Mac OS X Finder Internet Location Format
Estensione INFON/AGeneric Information Format
Estensione INFO-1Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-10Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-11Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-12Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-13Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-14Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-15Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-16Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-17Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-18Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-19Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-2Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-20Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-21Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-22Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-23Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-24Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-25Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-26Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-27Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-28Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-29Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-3Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-30Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-4Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-5Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-6Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-7Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-8Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INFO-9Red Hat, Inc.Cygwin Info
Estensione INGN/AMasterCook Ingredients Format
Estensione INHMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Basic Basfwin
Estensione INITWebMoneyWM Keeper CLASSIC Temporary Keys
Estensione INIXAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe InDesign
Estensione INJBAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe InDesign
Estensione INLKAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Lock Format
Estensione INMN/AFaxMaster Document
Estensione INPUTPLUGINApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X PluginIM Input Method
Estensione INPXPTV GroupPTV Vissim Network
Estensione INSPMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Inspector
Estensione INSTN/ARMCProfile Peak Profile
Estensione INSTALLHELPERApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Install Helper Document
Estensione INSTALLLOGMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft .NET Installation Log
Estensione INT?Intuit Inc.Quicken For Mac
Estensione INTUIntuit Inc.Quicken For Mac
Estensione INVENTORSGISGI Open Inventor
Estensione INXThe Inkscape TeamInkscape Extension Descriptor Format
Estensione IOBITIObitAdvanced SystemCare PRO Backup Format
Estensione IOCNullsoft, Inc.Winamp Io Extension
Estensione IORNext Limit TechnologiesMaxwell Render Index Of Refraction
Estensione IP3wondertouch, LLCParticleIllusion Project
Estensione IPAApple, Inc.IPhone Application
Estensione IPIMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Installer
Estensione IPKGGehtsoft USA, LLCIndicore SDK Package
Estensione IPL22PLATO Learning, Inc.PLATO Learning Network Temporary
Estensione IPOFlexera Software, Inc.InstallShield Object Project
Estensione IPSWAppleIPhone, IPad Or IPod Touch Software Firmware Update Format
Estensione IPUTILSThe GNOME ProjectGnome Desktop
Estensione IQCInternational TechneGroup IncorporatedCADIQ Comparison Analysis Result
Estensione IQDAndrew SorensenImpromptu Defintion
Estensione IQFIRISIntegra Query
Estensione IQP20-20 Technologies20-20 Office Sales Exported Quote
Estensione IQRInternational TechneGroup IncorporatedCadiq View Analysis Results Data
Estensione IQSInternational TechneGroup IncorporatedCADIQ Summary Log
Estensione IQTN/ATektronix
Estensione IQUTaxCalcUSA, Inc.AmeriCalc Update
Estensione IRDMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Money Temporary
Estensione IRGN/ASofya Database Interclass Relation Graph
Estensione IRIX64BITSilicon Graphics, Inc.Irix 64 Bit Make
Estensione IS2SmartWare CorporationSmartWare Input Screen
Estensione IS3SmartWare CorporationSmartWare Input Screen
Estensione IS4SmartWare CorporationSmartWare Input Screen
Estensione ISALLICequinux USA, Inc.ISale License
Estensione ISCORRUPTSkype LimitedSkype
Estensione ISLFlexera Software, Inc.InstallShield Temporary Installer
Estensione ISNN/AInstallShield Installer Source Format
Estensione ISVExelis Visual Information SolutionsIDL ITools State
Estensione ITBApple, Inc.ITunes Library Extras
Estensione ITCAppleITunes Cover Flow Data Format
Estensione ITDSDL TridionSDL Trados Translation
Estensione ITPITEM Software, Inc.ITEM ToolKit Project
Estensione ITQSBCSAIA S-Web Variable Initialization
Estensione ITXIBApple, Inc.Apple ITunes Dump
Estensione IVAN/ADementia.4207 Virus Format
Estensione IVIMicrosoft CorporationMSDN InfoViewer Topic
Estensione IVWRSynaptris, Inc.IntelliView Offline Report
Estensione IVXBeyond 20/20 Inc.Beyond 20/20 Microdata Directory
Estensione IWBSMART Technologies ULCCommon File Format
Estensione IWLIncomediaWebSite X5 License
Estensione IWMKazuo NakamuraIWriteMusic
Estensione IWPInfnityQSInfinityQS ESPC
Estensione IWSN/AInstallWatch Scan Format
Estensione IX3XELERATE Software, IncInstant.Exe 3.0 Script
Estensione IXCEsriArcView Geocoding Index For Read-write Coverages
Estensione IXFN/AIntegration Exchange Format
Estensione IXSEsriArcView Geocoding Index For Read-write Shape
Estensione IZDUnited PlanetIntrexx Application Export Format
Estensione JADSun MicrosystemsJava Application Descriptor Format
Estensione JCFlashGetFlashGet Partial Download Format
Estensione JC!FlashGetFlashGet Incomplete Download Format
Estensione JCCNew Planet SoftwareCode Crusader Project Data
Estensione JDWBlackBerry (Research In Motion Limited)BlackBerry JDE
Estensione JDXPage Scholar Inc.JSpell Dictionary
Estensione JFDFreedom Scientific, Inc.JAWS Synopsis
Estensione JFLSystat Software Inc.SigmaPlot
Estensione JFRRenato NobiliWJVN Fragment
Estensione JGDCorel CorporationCorel PaintShop Photo Pro Gradients
Estensione JHMOracle CorporationJava Help Mapping
Estensione JJN/AJavaCC
Estensione JJFFlash JesterFlash Jester Jugglor
Estensione JJJSApple, Inc.Claris Organizer Format
Estensione JLSFreedom Scientific, Inc.JAWS
Estensione JMSVoxtron N.V.Voxtron TeleButler Interactive Voice Response Call Flow
Estensione JMXApache Software FoundationApache JMeter
Estensione JNLActian CorporationIngres Journal
Estensione JODMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Jet OLEDB.4.0
Estensione JORMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft SQL Server Journal
Estensione JOTKing Stairs SoftwareJot+ Notes Note Data
Estensione JP4Electric QuiltElectric Quilt
Estensione JP5Electric QuiltElectric Quilt
Estensione JPBJSoftwarePublish Manager Report
Estensione JPLSonic Foundry, Inc.Siren Jukebox
Estensione JPTQuest Software, Inc.Jprobe Threadalyzer Memory Snapshot
Estensione JQXMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Help Related
Estensione JRSMicrosoftExtensible Storage Engine (ESE) Reserve Transaction Log Format
Estensione JSKCOWON America, Inc.JetAudio
Estensione JSMGray Design AssociatesJigsaws Galore Jigsaw
Estensione JSMLThe NSR Physiome ProjectJSim Model
Estensione JSVSteffen WebeJava Structure Viewer
Estensione JSXBINAdobe SystemsBinary JavaScript Format
Estensione JTKOracle CorporationSun Microsystems Java Toolkit
Estensione JTLApache Software FoundationJMeter Test Results
Estensione JWOrchid Technology K.K.Jigsaw Terminal
Estensione JWGOracle CorporationJava
Estensione JWRRocket Software, Inc.LegaSuite GUI J Walk Runtime
Estensione KSchrödinger, LLCMacroModel Chemical Modeller Output
Estensione K02SoftVelocityClarion
Estensione K03SoftVelocityClarion DOS Database Key
Estensione K1The Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
Estensione K12The Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
Estensione K2The Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
Estensione K3The Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
Estensione K4The Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
Estensione K5The Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
Estensione K7The Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
Estensione KADNative Instruments, Inc.Kore User
Estensione KALHondata, Inc.KManager Calibration Data
Estensione KANVincent PetersKwalitan Annotation
Estensione KASN/AKaraoke
Estensione KBFMilenix Software Ltd.MyInfo Document
Estensione KBNTeamSpeak SystemsTeamSpeak Keybinding
Estensione KBXFree Software Foundation, Inc.GNU Privacy Guard Keybox
Estensione KCTTavultesoftKeyman Developer Customization Source
Estensione KD3Yayoi Co., Ltd.Yayoi Kaikei Accounting Data
Estensione KDELNKKDE e.VKDE Desktop
Estensione KDFStephen KayKARMA MW/Triton Data
Estensione KDLTeam T10C6Kill The Deadline Storage
Estensione KDTLaboratory of Reclamation Works & Water Resources ManagementMedbasin Evaporation Data
Estensione KDXGoogle Inc.Google Earth Import Definition
Estensione KERExelis Visual Information SolutionsENVI Filter Kernels
Estensione KEVFreedom Scientific, Inc.JAWS Preload
Estensione KEYTABApple, Inc.Unix Kerberos Encrypted Key
Estensione KFGAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Acrobat Rule
Estensione KFLKFLog TeamKFLog Airfield
Estensione KFSDavid HarrisPegasus Mail Static Kill
Estensione KHDMicrosoftMicrosoft Dynamics AX Kernel Help Data Format
Estensione KHIMicrosoftMicrosoft Dynamics AX Kernel Help Index Format
Estensione KID2The Software MacKiev CompanyKid Pix
Estensione KIDSThe Software MacKiev CompanyKid Pix
Estensione KIFAutodesk, Inc.AutoCAD Key Index
Estensione KKWAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe RoboHelp Keyword Help Project Index
Estensione KLFFrank BöppleKaloMa
Estensione KLKOrgadata AGOrgadata LogiKal
Estensione KLPPHOENIX CONTACTCLIP PROJECT Terminal-strip Project
Estensione KMBMC Software, Inc.BMC Patrol
Estensione KMACorrelateCorrelate Archive Knowledge Map
Estensione KMDSharman Networks Ltd.KaZaa Media Desktop
Estensione KMDRN/AKommander
Estensione KMFVincent PetersKwalitan Memo
Estensione KMMK-MeleonK-Meleon Macro Module Format
Estensione KMNTavultesoftKeyman Developer Source
Estensione KMRKnowledgeMillKnowledgeMill Link Format
Estensione KMSCorrelateCorrelate Solution Topic
Estensione KMXTavultesoftKeyman Desktop Compiled Keyboard
Estensione KNFOrchida SoftOrchida Knitting System
Estensione KNNKNuance Communications, Inc.OmniPage
Estensione KOEAquestAquesTone Vocal Synthesizer Syllable
Estensione KPENative Instruments, Inc.KORE Performance
Estensione KPJN/AKeyman Developer Project
Estensione KPSTavultesoftKeyman Developer Packaged Source
Estensione KRGSybase Inc.Sybase Adaptive Server Information
Estensione KS-IA1Kuta Software LCCInfinite Algebra
Estensione KSDNative Instruments, Inc.Absynth Kore Patch Format
Estensione KSDSNative Instruments, Inc.Absynth Kore Patch Format
Estensione KSITube City IMS, LLC.Alloy Blending System ASCII Data
Estensione KSLAirwer LtdKaraoke Song List Creator Song List
Estensione KSSRakonza.comK-ForCE Score Sheet
Estensione KTHN/AApple IWork Keynote Theme Format
Estensione KTXVincent PetersKwaitan
Estensione KVKTavultesoftKeyman Desktop On Screen Keyboard
Estensione KWBVincent PetersKwalitan Work
Estensione KWFEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.Delphi Pascal Chart
Estensione KWLN/AKWalletManager
Estensione KWMWebMoneyWebMoney Key Format
Estensione KXXTavultesoftCustom Keyman Engine Product
Estensione KYNESTsoft Corp.ALSee Thumbnail Cache
Estensione KYRIBMLotus Domino Key Ring Format
Estensione L2LIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Addword
Estensione L2PIBMBM Voice Type Languages Addword
Estensione L5KRockwell Automation, Inc.RSLogix 5000
Estensione LAEIBMLocal Authentication Export
Estensione LAFLingoes ProjectLingoes Appendix
Estensione LAIGNU ProjectGNU Libtool Temporary
Estensione LANALYSERNovell, Inc.Novell Netware LANalyzer Trace
Estensione LANDUserLand Software, Inc.Userland Frontier
Estensione LAOSeiko Epson CorporationEPSON SMART PANEL
Estensione LARGeneva Media, LLCLiquid Audio Player Registration
Estensione LASTBUILDSTATEMicrosoft CorporationMSBuild Exported Build
Estensione LATLaTeX Project Development TeamLaTeX
Estensione LAUNCHEREX_SOURCERECORDGoogle Inc.Foston Google Android
Estensione LAVGeneva Media, LLCLiquid Audio Player Voucher
Estensione LAYAppleApple DVD Studio Pro Layout Format
Estensione LAYERDIAGRAMMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Layer Diagram
Estensione LBAShoptalk SystemsLiberty BASIC
Estensione LBDLlamagraphicsLife Balance User Data
Estensione LBELlamagraphicsLife Balance Xml-based Data Exchange
Estensione LBGdataBased Intelligence, Inc.DBASE IV Label Generator Data
Estensione LBOdataBased Intelligence, Inc.DBASE IV Compiled Label
Estensione LBPSchneider Electric S.A.ProWORX Nxt Logic Pointer
Estensione LBXDTPLibronix CorporationLibronix DLS Data Type
Estensione LBXLLSLogos Research Systems, Inc.Logos Libronix 3.0
Estensione LCIIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
Estensione LCKN/ALock Format
Estensione LCLN/ALocalization
Estensione LCLWApple, Inc.ClarisWorks Art Library
Estensione LCPFireModels.orgFARSITE Landscape Data
Estensione LCSThe Sage Group plcACT! History
Estensione LCTJames L. TonneElectrical Filter Design
Estensione LCXCray Inc.LC Model
Estensione LDCorel CorporationCorel Paradox Language Driver
Estensione LD1dataBased Intelligence, Inc.DBASE Overlay
Estensione LDBMicrosoftMicrosoft Access Record-Locking Information Format
Estensione LDDLEGO GroupLEGO Digital Designer
Estensione LDLCorel CorporationCorel Paradox Delivered Library
Estensione LDPCAM DevelopmentLabel Designer Plus DELUXE Data
Estensione LDXglobal heavy industriesLiquid Studio Liquid Executable Bytecode
Estensione LEGALDaveTechDaveTech Legal Document
Estensione LEPCAM DevelopmentLabel And Envelope Designer Plus 2000
Estensione LETGenesis 2000, Inc.Genesis 2000
Estensione LETTERN/AUndeliverable Mail Format
Estensione LEVSINTEFCARE-S InfoWorks Level
Estensione LFACredo Interactive Inc.Life Forms
Estensione LFMCredo Interactive Inc.LifeForm Format
Estensione LG0IBMIBM Tivoli Monitoring Log
Estensione LG1IBMIBM Tivoli Monitoring Log Backup
Estensione LG2DCC CorporationHotMux Thermocouple Data Log
Estensione LGAMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Application Log
Estensione LGDMicrosoft CorporationWindows Application Log
Estensione LGGMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Application Log
Estensione LGJMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Application Log
Estensione LGKMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Application Log
Estensione LGMMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Application Log
Estensione LGNMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Application Log
Estensione LGQMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Application Log
Estensione LGRMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Application Log
Estensione LGVMicrosoft CorporationDebugging Tools For Windows Logger Log
Estensione LGWANSYS Inc.Ansys
Estensione LGZMicrosoft CorporationWindows Application Log
Estensione LHXGridSenseLineTracker Firmware Upgrade
Estensione LIAAltium Limited.P-CAD Schematics Library
Estensione LIB4DMAXON Computer GmbHCinema 4D Library
Estensione LICENSEKEYCoriolis SystemsCoriolis IPartition License Information Format
Estensione LICKEYOnline Media Technologies Ltd.AVS4YOU License Key
Estensione LICRYPTN/AEncrypted
Estensione LIDKodakKodak EasyShare Album Format
Estensione LIGTeldas GmbHINet-Server
Estensione LIKN/ATrojan.Win32.Agent.lik
Estensione LINKN/AApple IPod Link Format
Estensione LINXN/AApple IPod Links Folder Format
Estensione LITEMODMumfreyMinecraft Mod
Estensione LITTLEMozilla CorporationMozilla Firefox Start-up Cache
Estensione LIVCantocheLiving Actor Actor
Estensione LIVESUBSCRIBEN/ASymantec Antivirus Update Catalog
Estensione LKHN/AWorm.Generic.LKH Virus
Estensione LKOMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Outlook Express
Estensione LKRMicrochip Technology Inc.MPLAB Linker
Estensione LLPGeneral Electric CompanyVersaPro Local Logic Block
Estensione LLTLiquidity LighthouseLiquidity Lighthouse Transaction Format
Estensione LLVLockLizard LimitedLizard Safeguard License
Estensione LMBSAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop For Mac Filter
Estensione LMDABBYYAbbyy Finereader Sprint
Estensione LMFCadence Design Systems, Inc.Library Mapping And Altera Data Interchange
Estensione LMHL.SpiroMemory Hacking Software Memory
Estensione LMLPACKSUGIMOTO TomohikoKashmir 3D Link
Estensione LMRIntuit Inc.QuickBooks Loan Manager Data
Estensione LMTEnterbrain, Inc.RPG Maker 2000/2003 Map Tree
Estensione LNAXilinx, Inc.Xilinx ISE
Estensione LNFPhilippe BlancOyoaha Lookandfeel Interface Elements
Estensione LNGN/ALanguage Definition Format
Estensione LNGXDominik ReichlKeePaas Language
Estensione LNMCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect SGML Alias
Estensione LOADTESTMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Load Test
Estensione LOCALEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.Delphi User-specific Project Options
Estensione LOCALSTORAGE-JOURNALGoogle Inc.Google Chrome Rollback Journal
Estensione LOCKN/ALock Format
Estensione LOCK_SYNCApple, Inc.Synchronization Lock
Estensione LOGONVISTAStardockStardock LogonStudio Windows Vista Logon Screen Format
Estensione LOGONXPStardockLogonStudio Document Format
Estensione LOKNuance Communications, Inc.OmniPage 9
Estensione LONCGS plusAquaterra Profile Data
Estensione LOOVSmadsoftSmadav Virus Definitions Format
Estensione LOTLaTeX Project Development TeamLaTex Auxiliary File For List Of Tables
Estensione LOVSAP AGSAP Business Objects
Estensione LPAMP Filtri UK LtdLPA View Laser Particle Analyser
Estensione LPFOrgadata AGOrgadata LogiKal
Estensione LPI Pascal Lazarus Project Information
Estensione LPTN/ALogPlot Compiled Boring Log
Estensione LPUSDLPassolo Localization Project
Estensione LPWIRISIRIS Laserform Lforms
Estensione LQFJan DebisLeechFTP Save Queue
Estensione LRAdtolloChaos Desktop Layer List
Estensione LRCN/ALyric Format
Estensione LRCAT-JOURNALAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop Lightroom
Estensione LRDMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Money Lock
Estensione LRLSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Local Resource Library
Estensione LRMMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Encarta Class Server Learning Resource
Estensione LRPLUGINAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Lightroom Plug-in Format
Estensione LRTOOLKITAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop Lightroom
Estensione LRWEBENGINEAdobe SystemsLightroom Folder
Estensione LRYKonica Minolta Holdings, Inc.Konica Minolta Data Management Software Reference Data
Estensione LSAN/ALotus Designer Agent
Estensione LSAPROTOTYPEMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Logical Datacenter Diagram Toolbox Prototype
Estensione LSCSiemens AGLOGO! Soft Comfort
Estensione LSLIBRARYRealmac Software LimitedLittlesnapper User Library Package
Estensione LSNMakeMusicFinale Lesson Format
Estensione LSQIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Addword
Estensione LSTXRick MeyersE-Sword Verse List
Estensione LSZTribalLearning Score Zip
Estensione LTBAmma SoftwareAmma Little Setup Builder
Estensione LTCUlrik Sandborg-PetersenLTC Syntactically Analyzed Text
Estensione LTCXUlrik Sandborg-PetersenLTC Syntactically Analyzed Text XML
Estensione LTDLifescope, Inc.LivingTime Data
Estensione LTFSTG InteractiveFrogans Short-cut Format
Estensione LTHRoxioRoxio Label Creator Style
Estensione LTKEYAlmeza CompanyLeaderTask Key
Estensione LTLDIAL GMBHDIALux Luminaire Data
Estensione LUARUltraDefrag Development TeamUltraDefrag Lua Report
Estensione LUCSW3CAmaya Tools
Estensione LUDSINTEFCARE-S InfoWorks Land Use
Estensione LUMKevin ChongLuminous Song List
Estensione LUZColoritto BVSpectramap
Estensione LVCLASSNational Instruments CorporationLabVIEW Class Library
Estensione LVIXEditShareLightworks Video Index
Estensione LVLIBNational Instruments CorporationLabVIEW Project Library
Estensione LVLIBPNational Instruments CorporationLabVIEW Packed Project Library
Estensione LVRMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Environment Snapshot
Estensione LW2John McKernon SoftwareLightwright Show Data
Estensione LW3John McKernon SoftwareLightwright Data
Estensione LW5John McKernon SoftwareLightwright Show Data
Estensione LWLJohn McKernon SoftwareLightwright Printed Paperwork Formatting Instructions
Estensione LWMHarald-René FlaschLittleWays Map
Estensione LWQGrassland, Soil & Water Research LaboratorySWAT Lake Water Quality Input
Estensione LWTJohn McKernon SoftwareLightwright Attribute List
Estensione LWTBLikno Software Inc.Likno Web Tabs Builder
Estensione LWTPLimeWireLimeWire Theme Format
Estensione LWZNewTek, Inc.LightWave 3D Plugin
Estensione LXAMicrosoftMicrosoft Speech Engines Lexicon Format
Estensione LXDPPCLINK Mobile SoftwareEDictionary Reader Dictionary Data
Estensione LYRESRIArcView Layer Format
Estensione M!95Adobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Director For Mac
Estensione M10Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Money 2002 Data
Estensione M11Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Money 2003 Data
Estensione M14Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Money 2005 Backup Data
Estensione M16Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Money 2007 Data
Estensione M1CIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
Estensione M1IN/AIBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
Estensione M25N/ASymantec Endpoint Protection Manager
Estensione M2CIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
Estensione M2IIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
Estensione M2LMaxthon International LimitedMaxthon Language Package
Estensione M2PMaxthonMaxthon Plugin Installation Package Format
Estensione M3CIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
Estensione M3IIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
Estensione M3XMAGIX AGMAGIX Digital Photo Maker PhotoCD Playlist
Estensione M4CIBMIBM Voice Type Language Newuser
Estensione M4DThe Sage Group plcSage MAS 90 Data
Estensione M4IIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
Estensione M4LThe Sage Group plcSage MAS 90 Data
Estensione M68Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.Turbo Pascal DOS
Estensione M7PN/AMultilizer PDF Translator Project
Estensione M??Actian CorporationIngres Modify Table/Index
Estensione MA2Olle PerssonBibexcel
Estensione MABMozillaMozilla Address Book Format
Estensione MADN/AMicrosoft Access Module Shortcut Format
Estensione MAGMicrosoftMicrosoft Access Diagram Shortcut Format
Estensione MAILLOCApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Finder Mail Internet Location
Estensione MAILPLANELICENSEuncomplexMailplane License Format
Estensione MAILTOLOCAppleApple Mail Mail Address Format
Estensione MAINFileMaker, Inc.FileMaker Dictionary
Estensione MAJAutodesk, Inc.Camduct Job
Estensione MAKERAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Framemaker
Estensione MANAGED_MANIFESTMicrosoft CorporationSilverlight Manifest
Estensione MARMicrosoftMicrosoft Access Report Shortcut Format
Estensione MATMicrosoftMicrosoft Access Table Shortcut Format
Estensione MATCH-RDBRichard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghRDB
Estensione MATHPaul HunterAnalyticMath
Estensione MAUN/AMedia Attachment Unit Format
Estensione MAWN/AMicrosoft Access Data Access Page Format
Estensione MAXDN/APaperPort Annotation
Estensione MAXMN/APaperport
Estensione MB3SUIGYODO ONLINEMinimal Board Editor (MBE)
Estensione MBABeneficent Technology, Inc.Martus Human Rights Bulletin System
Estensione MBBKodakKodak EasyShare Data Format
Estensione MBCCyrus DabooMulberry E-mail Client Cache
Estensione MBSOpera SoftwareOpera Mailbox Format
Estensione MC2ValuSoftMasterCook Cookbook Recipe Text Data Format
Estensione MCACCPioneer Europe NVMCACC Measurement Data
Estensione MCBN/ANEPLAN Project
Estensione MCFValuSoftMasterCook Cookbook Format
Estensione MCFIAutodeskAutodesk Maya Initial Fluid Cache Format
Estensione MCFPAutodeskAutodesk Maya Fluid Cache Playback Format
Estensione MCIN/AMedia Control Interface Command Script Format
Estensione MCOMicrosoftMSN Messenger Wink Format
Estensione MCTMicrosoft CorporationMapChart Genetic Map Data
Estensione MCUSWNokia CorporationNokia Mobile Phones With Symbian Firmware
Estensione MD0Adobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Format Browser Metadata Cache Format
Estensione MD03Adobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Director
Estensione MD2PMatt HolwoodMessengerDiscovery
Estensione MD2SMatt HolwoodMessengerDiscovery
Estensione MD5N/AChecksum Format
Estensione MDAN/AMicrosoft Access Add-in Format
Estensione MDATJohn MulcahyREW Measurement
Estensione MDEN/AMicrosoft Access Compiled Database (application) Format
Estensione MDESTrimaran TeamTrimaran Machine Description
Estensione MDFSDLTranslation Memory Data Find Format
Estensione MDGSparx Systems Pty Ltd.Enterprise Architect
Estensione MDLN/AFlight Simulator 95/98 3D Model Format
Estensione MDPLApple, Inc.MacDraw II
Estensione MDRWApple, Inc.MacDraw
Estensione MDUSMatt HolwoodMessengerDiscovery
Estensione MDWN/AMicrosoft Access Workgroup Information Format
Estensione MEAMalvern Instruments Ltd.Mastersizer 2000 Sample Analysis
Estensione MECONTACTMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Live Messenger
Estensione MEMBParametric Technology CorporationPro/ENGINEER Temporary
Estensione MENSoftCafeMenuPro Restaurant Menu Design
Estensione MENUDATAVMware, Inc.VMWare Cache
Estensione MEQCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Macro Editor Print Queue
Estensione MERLINLICENSEProjectWizardsMerlin License Format
Estensione MESCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Macro Editor Work Space
Estensione METASTOCKThomson ReutersMetastock Data
Estensione METRICLOGApple, Inc.Apple IOS Diagnostic
Estensione MEUMicrosoft CorporationDOS Shell Menu Group
Estensione MEX4MathWorks, Inc.Sun-4/SPARC Dynamically Linked Subroutines
Estensione MEXDSMathWorks, Inc.MATlab Dynamically Linked Subroutines
Estensione MEXHP3MathWorks, Inc.Matlab HP9000/series 300 Dynamically Linked Subroutines
Estensione MEXHP7MathWorks, Inc.Matlab HP9000/series 700 Dynamically Linked Subroutines
Estensione MEXNMathWorks, Inc.Matlab NeXT Dynamically Linked Subroutines
Estensione MEXRS6MathWorks, Inc.Matlab IBM RS/6000 Dynamically Linked Subroutines
Estensione MEXSGMathWorks, Inc.Matlab Dynamically Linked Subroutine
Estensione MF2Adobe Systems IncorporatedAuthorware Mediator5 Multimedia
Estensione MFASLAOL Inc.Netscape XUL Fastload Format
Estensione MFGParametric Technology CorporationProEngineer Manufacturing
Estensione MFIMicrosoft CorporationWindows 98 Resource Kit
Estensione MFILBlizzard EntertainmentBlizzard Software Update Format
Estensione MFJJarrold Group - Physical and Analytical ChemistryMOBCAL Data
Estensione MFRAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Moldflow Result
Estensione MFWMobileFrameMotorola MSS Box Firmware Format
Estensione MFXClickteamMultimedia Fusion Extension Format
Estensione MGDMaxium DevelopmentsMaster Grade Gradebook
Estensione MGDATABASEMariner SoftwareMacGourmet Deluxe Database Format
Estensione MGEN/AMGE Data Server Project
Estensione MGOMariner SoftwareMacGourmet Recipe Format
Estensione MGSPOTMariner Software, Inc.MacGourmet Metadata
Estensione MGTMusicnotesGuitar Guru Song Format
Estensione MHSN/AXilinx Platform Studio Hardware Specification Format
Estensione MHVHusqvarna VikingHusqvarna Viking Data
Estensione MIOracle CorporationAutoVue Graphic Plugin
Estensione MIFN/AManagement Information Format
Estensione MIHBrain Research InstituteMRtrix Image Header
Estensione MILKNullsoftWinamp MilkDrop Plugin Configuration Format
Estensione MIVMapImagery Pty Ltd.MapImagery Vendor Profile
Estensione MJ3id Software LLCId Software Online Sale
Estensione MJDOCMariner SoftwareMacJournal Document Format
Estensione MJGN/ATrojan
Estensione MJRJ. River, Inc.Media Jukebox Registration
Estensione MJZN/ATrojan.Win32.Agent.mjz
Estensione MKCAdvanced Computer Innovations, Inc.MagicKey Currency Exchange Rate
Estensione MKHN/AWinMark Pro Mark
Estensione MKSValuSoftMasterCook Cookbook
Estensione ML2Hypercube, Inc.Tripos MOL2 Molecule
Estensione ML3CheckMark Software Inc.MultiLedger Chart Of Accounts
Estensione ML4KIDASA Software, Inc.Milestones 4 Schedule
Estensione ML5CheckMark Software Inc.MultiLedger Vendor
Estensione ML9N/AMilestones Professional 2004U Schedule
Estensione MLAKIDASA Software, Inc.Professional 2006 Schedule
Estensione MLDDr. Torben WeibertMAirList Desktop
Estensione MLEDr. Torben WeibertMAirList Event List
Estensione MLGIBMIBM Communications Server Message
Estensione MLIBRichard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghModel Library
Estensione MLLAutodesk, Inc.AutoDesk Maya Plug-in Format
Estensione MLOCATEThe GNOME ProjectGnome Desktop
Estensione MLRIV Produkt ABMollier Sketcher
Estensione MLSCrystal RealityCrystalPlayer Playlist Format
Estensione MLTBusiness Forecast Systems, Inc.Forecast Pro Multivariate Forecast
Estensione MLVNational Instruments CorporationLabVIEW Mathscript
Estensione MLWN/AMainLog Data
Estensione MM4Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Word Processing Format
Estensione MMBwww.MediaChance.comMultiMedia Builder
Estensione MMDDr. Torben WeibertMAirList Metadata
Estensione MMDRAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Director
Estensione MMIPVentis MediaMediaMonkey Installation Format
Estensione MMOMemory-MapMemory-Map Navigator Overlay Format
Estensione MMPAMOR YAZILIMMoreMotion Application Studio Page
Estensione MMSN/AMultimedia Messaging Service Message
Estensione MMTCoCo Systems Ltd.CoCo Systems VisiMap
Estensione MN1Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Money Version 1 Data
Estensione MN2Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Money Version 2 Data
Estensione MN3Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Money Version 3 Data
Estensione MN4Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Money 95 Data
Estensione MN5Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Money 97 Data
Estensione MN6Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Money 98 Data
Estensione MN7Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Money 99 Data
Estensione MN8Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Money 2000 Data
Estensione MN9Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Money 2001 Data
Estensione MNBSciFace Software GmbH & Co.MuPAD
Estensione MNEMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Money
Estensione MNFMSC Software CorporationADAMS/Flex
Estensione MNITFlashPeak Inc.FlashPeak SlimBrowser
Estensione MNLAutodeskAutodesk AutoCAD Menu LISP Format
Estensione MNPUltrasoft Digital MediaUltrasoft Money
Estensione MNXN/AVisual FoxPro Main (DBF) Menu Description Format
Estensione MOBILEPROVISIONAppleXcode Mobile Provisioning Profile
Estensione MODGraphisoftArchiCAD Module
Estensione MODEPanicCoda For Mac Plugin Format
Estensione MODE2V3Apple, Inc.Xcode Project Related
Estensione MODELPROJMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Modelling Project
Estensione MODULEDrupalDrupal Module Format
Estensione MOL2Tripos, L.P.Portable Representation Of A SYBYL Molecule
Estensione MONTAGEMariner SoftwareMontage Screenplay Format
Estensione MONTESchool of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences, University of WashingtonCRiSP Harvest
Estensione MOODN/AAmarok Moodbar Data
Estensione MOPN/AMOPAC Input Format
Estensione MOPINTN/AMopac Internal Chemical Modeller Input
Estensione MOPOUTN/AMOPAC Chemical Output
Estensione MORCorel CorporationCorel Shared Writing Tools
Estensione MORGumonkey-toolsMorg
Estensione MOTNApple, Inc.Apple Motion Motion
Estensione MOZ-DELETEMozilla CorporationMozilla Firefox Update
Estensione MOZ-UPGRADEMozilla CorporationMozilla Firefox Upgrade
Estensione MP5Waterloo Maple Inc.Maple Windows DOS
Estensione MP8National Instruments CorporationNI Multisim V8 Project
Estensione MPCPLMedia Player ClassicMedia Player Classics Playlist Format
Estensione MPHCOMSOLCOMSOL Multiphysic Files
Estensione MPLFFreescale Semiconductor, Inc.CodeWarrior Library
Estensione MPRJNative Instruments, Inc.Maschine Project
Estensione MPSYFreescale Semiconductor, Inc.CodeWarrior Debug Symb
Estensione MQHMetaQuotes Software Corp.MetaTrader Trading Terminal
Estensione MQLMetaQuotes Software Corp.MetaTrader Indicator
Estensione MRECinoage GmbHMADRIX Record
Estensione MRFJ. Klein Productions Inc.Grade Busters Teacher Tools
Estensione MRKN/ADPOF Digital Print Order Format Auto Print Order Format
Estensione MROGraham JonesSharpEye Music Reader
Estensione MRPMathRevoltInfinity Solution Plot
Estensione MRVChemAxon Ltd.MarvinSketch
Estensione MS-TNEFN/AMicrosoft Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format
Estensione MS2N/ASEQUEST Ms2
Estensione MSCGN/AMicrosoft Clip Art Gallery For Mac
Estensione MSE-INSTALLERSourceForge.netMagic Set Editor Installer
Estensione MSFN/AMozilla Thunderbird Mail Summary Format
Estensione MSGRN/AMicrosoft Graph 5
Estensione MSHXMLMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft XML Typedata
Estensione MSIMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Installer Installation Package
Estensione MSJMicroSurvey Software Inc.MicroSurvey CAD Temporary
Estensione MSOMicrosoftInline E-mail Attachment
Estensione MSOFMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office For Mac
Estensione MSRCINCIDENTMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Remote Assistance Request Format
Estensione MSTATRichard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghSAM Domain Output
Estensione MSTTInsoft Oy.Prosa Minispecification
Estensione MSUMicrosoftMicrosoft Update Standalone Package Format
Estensione MSWKN/AMicrosoft Works For Mac
Estensione MTASamsungSamsung AllShare Metadata Format
Estensione MTBMinitab Inc.Minitab
Estensione MTCRainer GoebelBrainVoyager QX Functional Data
Estensione MTDMusicnotesMusicnotes Digital Music Sheet Format
Estensione MTDDN/AMEDITECH Document Definition
Estensione MTFN/AMasterCook Tip Format
Estensione MTGJay Klein ProductionsMaking The Grade
Estensione MTHDMOPEKS OrganisationMOPEKS Method
Estensione MTKEYproDAD Inc.ProDAD Heroglyph License
Estensione MTOFastCAM Inc.FastCAM MTO Data
Estensione MTXN/AMadTracker Extension Format
Estensione MULIBAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Muse Exported Library
Estensione MULTRichard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghSAM Alignment Output
Estensione MUSXMoretti & Murphy ReportingMin‐U‐Script Xpress Transcript Data
Estensione MUTBroad InstituteIntegrative Genomics Viewer Mutations List
Estensione MVFAutodesk, Inc.AutoFlix Stop Frame
Estensione MVIAutodeskAutodesk AutoCAD Movie Command Format
Estensione MVSN/AXilinx Project Language And Simulation Format
Estensione MW2Logo Computer Systems Inc.MicroWorlds Logo Activity
Estensione MW2DApple, Inc.Apple MacWrite
Estensione MW2SApple, Inc.MacWrite II Model
Estensione MWCObject Computing, IncMake Project Creator Input
Estensione MWDPFreescale Semiconductor, Inc.CodeWarrior Debugger
Estensione MWFSDLMemory Word Find Format
Estensione MWIMedlin AccountingMedlin Payroll Software Invoice Layout Information
Estensione MWLICNo Thirst SoftwareMoneyWell License Information Format
Estensione MXADDONMaxthon InternationalMaxthon Addon Format
Estensione MXCEsriArcView Geocoding Index For Read-write Coverages
Estensione MXC3MAGIX AGMagix Photo Manager Thumbnail Cache
Estensione MXITN/AMXit Data
Estensione MXNMobiikoMiinoto Exchangeable Note Format
Estensione MXPAdobe SystemsAdobe (Macromedia) Extension Package Format
Estensione MXPRJNative Instruments, Inc.Maschine 2.0 Project
Estensione MXSDIBMIBM WebSphere Message Definition
Estensione MXZMaximizer Software Inc.Maximizer Data
Estensione MYBMYOB LimitedMYOB Data
Estensione MYEMYOB LimitedMYOB
Estensione MYOBMYOB LimitedMYOB Data
Estensione MYOXMYOB LimitedMYOB Data
Estensione MZ2N/AMaze-solver MZ2
Estensione MZBN/AMegaZeux Board
Estensione MZEGregory PeatfieldMaze Creator
Estensione MZTDavid WebberMOZART Template
Estensione MZVEnliven Marketing Technologies CorporationViewpoint Media Player ZoomView Titles
Estensione MZZMicrosoftMicrosoft .NET Framework Installation Package Format
Estensione M_PParametric Technology CorporationPro/ENGINEER Temporary
Estensione N88Apple, Inc.Apple IOS Kernel Cache
Estensione N92Apple, Inc.Apple IOS Firmware
Estensione NA2MozillaSeamonkey Address Book Format
Estensione NABAOL Inc.Netscape Communicator Addressbook
Estensione NACLSig SoftwareNameCleaner
Estensione NAFNative Instruments, Inc.TRAKTOR Service
Estensione NALMicrosoft CorporationSystem Management Server Network Abstraction Layer
Estensione NAVMicrosoftMSN Application Extension Format
Estensione NAV2ZJMediaWinAVI Temporary Navigation Format
Estensione NB2DJI Interprises, LLCNewsbin Unfinished Download
Estensione NBMOracleNetBeans Module Format
Estensione NBPNeoSoftNeoBook Plugin Format
Estensione NBRNovawave, incSaved Benchmark Result
Estensione NC2newsleecher.comNewsLeecher Cache
Estensione NC?Trend Media Corporation LimitedFlashGet Download Manager Incomplete Download
Estensione NCCN/ACNC (Computer Numeric Control) Control File (CamView 3D)
Estensione NCHMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook Express Email Tree
Estensione NCOMPRichard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghSAM Dirichlet Mixture Prior Library
Estensione NCSAOL Inc.Netscape Conference Call
Estensione NCSSNCSSNCSS Data
Estensione NCWNeroNero CoverDesigner Picture Template Format
Estensione NCXIDPFNavigation Control File For XML
Estensione ND5N/ANintendo DS Game ROM Format
Estensione NDLIBMLotus Notes Data Format
Estensione NDOTSM.CarsonRibbons Ndots
Estensione NDRNikon CorporationNikon Capture Image Dust Off
Estensione NDTNEPLANNEPLAN External Program Import Or Export
Estensione NDVExelis Visual Information SolutionsENVI N-D Visualizer State
Estensione NETFileMakerFileMaker Pro Networking Module Format
Estensione NETKITThe GNOME ProjectGnome Desktop
Estensione NETRCIBM.netrc TCP/IP Settings
Estensione NEULICENSEElegant ChaosNeu License
Estensione NEXN/ANeuroexplorer Neurological Data
Estensione NFGGambit ProjectGambit Normal Form Representation
Estensione NFSN/ANetwork Format System Temporary Format
Estensione NFTNetObjects Inc.NetObjects Fusion System
Estensione NFXNetObjects Inc.NetObjects Fusion Components Bbscomp
Estensione NGOBrøderbund Software, Inc.Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project
Estensione NGRNEPLANNEPLAN Graphic Data
Estensione NGSNext Generation Security Software Ltd (NGS)NGSSniff
Estensione NHAHIMSANative Noah Format
Estensione NHPN/ANOAA Hydrophone Data
Estensione NINetObjects Inc.NetObjects Fusion Preview
Estensione NICKMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook Nickname Format
Estensione NICNTNative Instruments, Inc.Native Instruments KONTAKT Library
Estensione NICRASHNative Instruments, Inc.TRAKTOR Crash Report
Estensione NIDNikon CorporationNikon Capture IPTC Data
Estensione NILIlgam ZulkorneevQIP
Estensione NIXIBMRational XDE
Estensione NJBNikonNikon Digital SLR Camera Image Index Format
Estensione NJFN/AIBM Lotus Domino
Estensione NK2MicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook Contacts AutoComplete Format
Estensione NKDNikon CorporationNikon ViewNX Thumbnail Cache
Estensione NKRNative Instruments, Inc.KONTAKT Resource Container
Estensione NL2eSignalESignal Market Depth
Estensione NLGMartin FreijNestopia Language
Estensione NLKN/AOutlook 2003 E-mail Cookie
Estensione NLRN/ANLREG Nonlinear Regression Control
Estensione NLVNikon CorporationNikon Capture LCHE Editor
Estensione NMIStudyLamp Software LLCSwordSearcher
Estensione NMODassault Systèmes S.A.Virtools Behavioral Objects
Estensione NMRAcorn NMR Inc.WxNUTS Histogram
Estensione NMSNuMegaNumega SoftICE Loader File Including Debugging Info
Estensione NMSVAbleton AGAbleton Live Massive Plugin Preset
Estensione NMUEMC CorporationEMC Documentum Client Library Query Cache
Estensione NMVQuietustNintendulator Movie Capture
Estensione NMWMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft NetMeeting T126_Whiteboard
Estensione NNTPSimon FraserNewsWatcher
Estensione NNVSNextNine Ltd.NextNine VNC Player VNC Session
Estensione NNWNeuralWareNeuralWare NeuralWorks
Estensione NODESPowerFolderPowerFolder Nodes
Estensione NOMEDIAN/AGoogle Android OS System Format
Estensione NOTXRick MeyersE-Sword Study
Estensione NOVNative Instruments, Inc.NI Battery Cache
Estensione NOXRicardo plc.Wave IRIS NOx
Estensione NPAReliaSoft CorporationReliaSoft Weibull++
Estensione NPCIntuit Inc.QuickBooks Online Banking
Estensione NPDGJPSOFT.comUltra Network Sniffer Captured Packet
Estensione NPGPerion Network Ltd.Magentic Download
Estensione NPKn-TrackN-Track Studio Peak
Estensione NPMCorel CorporationCorelDRAW 10 Draw Media Lines
Estensione NPOKostas labNonpareil Redundancy Summary
Estensione NPWNikola DachevNPassword
Estensione NPXNorPix Inc.TroublePix Licence
Estensione NPZINCA Internet Co, Ltd.GameGuard Update
Estensione NQASTATCONNQuery Advisor Data
Estensione NQFN/ANOD32 Quarantine
Estensione NQIN/ANOD32 Quarantine
Estensione NQSTAdobe Systems IncorporatedSoundEdit
Estensione NRENero AGNero CD EXTRA Compilation
Estensione NRFIBMIBM Domino Notes Redirection
Estensione NRJN/ANero JukeBox Compilation
Estensione NRXThe Neat CompanyNeatReceipts SCANALIZER Expense Report
Estensione NSProcedimientos-Uno, S.L.NSwin Project
Estensione NS1Marius MilnerNetStumbler NS1 Log
Estensione NSGNessie TeamNessie NES Emulator
Estensione NSLLOCApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Finder NSL Internet Location
Estensione NSPLAOL Inc.Netscape Navigator Plugin
Estensione NSSIncrediMailMagentic Screensaver Format
Estensione NSZNVIDIA CorporationBenchmark Data File Used By NVidia NTune Tool
Estensione NTDNinjaTrader, LLCNinjaTrader
Estensione NTFNEATOMediaFACE CD Label Format
Estensione NTHNokiaNokia Series 40 And 60 Theme Format
Estensione NTTNEATOMediaFACE Template
Estensione NTVAutometrixPatternSmith Import
Estensione NTWSYSTEMS EUROPELow Voltage Networks Analysis
Estensione NTZNetZ ComputingInVircible Antivirus Directory Integrity Information
Estensione NUBXEROX CORPORATIONXerox FreeFlow NUB Init
Estensione NUCZiheng YangPAML Data
Estensione NUDN/ANow Up-To-Date Calendar Data
Estensione NUFSymantec CorporationProcomm Plus New User Message
Estensione NUGGSAP AGSAP Generated Nugg
Estensione NUMDiction SoftwareDiction
Estensione NUPESETESET Nod32 Antivirus Update Format
Estensione NVDSavannahNavidoc
Estensione NVINVIDIANVidia Graphics Card Driver Settings Format
Estensione NVJAfreet Software Inc.Net Vampire Job
Estensione NVPAfreet Software Inc.Net Vampire Job
Estensione NVRNational Creative Registry, Inc.NeverForget
Estensione NVTN/ANeuraLynx Video Tracker
Estensione NVXNovel CAE SolutionsNvStructural Extension
Estensione NVZvisualnovelty.comNovelty Actor
Estensione NW3Novell, Inc.Novell Netware.3x
Estensione NW4Novell, Inc.Netware.4x
Estensione NWELICENSENisus Software, Inc.Nisus Writer Pro License
Estensione NWMN/ASony NWM Display Screen Format
Estensione NWPIncrediMailMagentic Content Format
Estensione NWUTNovell, Inc.NetWare Tools
Estensione NXBNexus Marine ABNexus Race Software Raw Data
Estensione NXNAvid Technology, Inc.Avid Interplay Permanent License
Estensione NYN/ANyquist Plug-in Format
Estensione NZLCorel CorporationCorel Painter Nozzle
Estensione NZNN/ARMCProfile List
Estensione O8ON/AMediator 5 Repository Tabs Vorlagen.006
Estensione OAPDavid PillingOvation Pro Applet
Estensione OASrsbr SoftwareMicrosoft Outlook Attachment Sniffer
Estensione OAWN/AOpenArchitectureWare Workflow
Estensione OBIBMIBM LinkWay Object
Estensione OB!OrbitDownloader.comOrbit Downloader Incomplete Download Format
Estensione OB3dmc-ortimORTIMzeit Data
Estensione OBLCaligari CorporationTrueSpace
Estensione OBVMootools software3D Photo Browser Thumbnail Cache
Estensione OBXIBMRational XDE
Estensione OC9EcoMercOrgCon Organization
Estensione OCENN/AEdGCM Data
Estensione OCFOM2 Technology Inc.OM2 Cipher
Estensione OCGMount Sinai HospitalOsprey Custom Graph
Estensione OCMAOL Inc.Netscape Communicator Aim
Estensione OCPZylox Software, Inc.Offline Commander Project
Estensione OCVN/AOCV Training Data
Estensione ODCNEWFILEMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office Data Connection
Estensione ODCTABLEFILEMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office
Estensione ODEMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office
Estensione ODFSun MicrosystemsOpen Document Interchange Format (ODIF)
Estensione ODSMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook Express Mailbox Format
Estensione ODTPCOracle CorporationOracle User Productivity Kit Presentation
Estensione ODVN/AOcean Data View Data
Estensione ODVIN/ALaTeX
Estensione OEACCAOUNTMicrosoft CorporationWindows Mail
Estensione OEFIBMOptim Export
Estensione OEMIGACCOUNTMicrosoft CorporationOutlook Express Temporary
Estensione OETeSignalESignal Order Entry Ticket
Estensione OEXOpera SoftwareOpera Add-on Format
Estensione OFAEastman Kodak CompanyKodak OfotoNow
Estensione OFDCypresslogic Systems Inc.ObjectView Form Definition
Estensione OFFSETSN/AOffset
Estensione OFNMicrosoft CorporationSystems Management Server Offer Creation Notification
Estensione OFPObjecteering SoftwareObjecteering Project
Estensione OFRMicrosoftSystems Management Server (SMS) Offer Description Format
Estensione OGON/AOrigin Graphic Object
Estensione OH4Efka-SoftOverhoor List
Estensione OHPMicrosoft CorporationMS-DOS 7
Estensione OHSRAD Game Tools, Inc.Bink Outbound History
Estensione OKRobelleQEDIT
Estensione OKXMike MardesichOKScript
Estensione OLBMicrosoftMicrosoft Office OLE Object Library Format
Estensione OLB2Abbot SystemsCanOpener Library
Estensione OLFOyez Legal SoftwareOyezForms Legal Documents
Estensione OLK14FOLDERMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Folder
Estensione OLK14MSGATTACHMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Message Attachment
Estensione OLK14RECENTMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Recent Address
Estensione OLK14SCHEDULEMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Schedule
Estensione OLK14SEARCHMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Saved Search
Estensione OLK14UIDMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Outlook 2011 For Mac UID
Estensione OLNMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual C++ Outline Examples
Estensione OLSMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office List Shortcut
Estensione OLYIBMAFP Advanced Function Presentation Overlay Resource
Estensione OMCMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft System Center Operations Manager Console
Estensione OMEGWolfram Research, Inc.Mathematica For Mac
Estensione OMRAbhinav PariharOMR Template
Estensione OMSBriggs SoftworksOrder Maven
Estensione OMTOpen Channel SoftwareSITH HLA Object Model Template
Estensione ON2N/AOn2 Encoded FLV
Estensione ONECACHEMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft OneNote Cache
Estensione ONETMPMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft OneNote Temporary
Estensione ONETOCMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft OneNote Table Of Contents
Estensione ONWOmron CorporationOmron HMI NTST
Estensione OOKArachneArachne Batch Script Format
Estensione OPeSignalESignal OptionsPlus
Estensione OP4MSC Software CorporationNastran Output
Estensione OPCOmron CorporationOmron OPC Client
Estensione OPDOWNLOADOpera SoftwareOpera Next Incomplete Download
Estensione OPFIDPFOpen Packaging Format
Estensione OPIAdlib SoftwareAdlib OCR Processing Information
Estensione OPPKerensoftIPhotoDVD
Estensione OPROPRO Japan Co.,Ltd.OPRO X Browser
Estensione OP_GkWare e.K.GKSetup Support
Estensione OR8IBMRational Rose Oracle8 Database Model Report
Estensione ORG2+IBMLotus Organizer
Estensione ORIGINALNetObjects Inc.Netobjects Fusion Components Bbscomp Message
Estensione ORMDESIGNERInventic s.r.o.ORM Designer Project
Estensione OS3IBMOS/2 Warp 3
Estensione OSAN/AW32/Sober-AD
Estensione OSAXAppleAppleScript Scripting Addition
Estensione OSDMicrosoft CorporationOpen Software Description
Estensione OSFMetaCommunicationsVirtual Ticket
Estensione OSLOckam Instruments, Inc.OckamSoft Log
Estensione OSTMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook Inbox Off-line Folder Format
Estensione OSWKeisokugiken corporationONESWING Contents
Estensione OTCOASISOpenDocument Chart Template Format
Estensione OTFOracleOpenOffice OpenDocument Formula Template
Estensione OTRSilicon Graphics, Inc.IRIX Complied FTR
Estensione OUTLINENeuber SoftwareFontTwister Letter Outline
Estensione OUXOlle PerssonBibexcel
Estensione OVInsperity, Inc.OrgPlus OrgViewer
Estensione OVDBorland Software CorporationObjectVision Data
Estensione OVOLOGooVoo LLCOoVoo Log
Estensione OWGOutWit TechnologiesOutWit Hub OutWit Gear Outwit Thesaurus Db Format
Estensione OWMOutWit TechnologiesOutWit Hub OutWit Mashup XML Format
Estensione OneWorldTree
Estensione OXDN/APS3 Proxy Server
Estensione OXFN/AIBM Rational Rhapsody
Estensione OXTSun Extension Help Format
Estensione OYZdataBased Intelligence, Inc.Lotus Approach Alternate DBASE Index
Estensione OZPOrgadata AGOrgadata LogiKal
Estensione P00Peter B. ClementsPAR Recovery Volume
Estensione P02Peter B. ClementsPAR Recovery Volume
Estensione P03Peter B. ClementsPAR Recovery Volume
Estensione P04Peter B. ClementsPAR Recovery Volume
Estensione P05Peter B. ClementsPAR Recovery Volume
Estensione P06SourceForge.netParity Archive Volume Set
Estensione P07Peter B. ClementsPAR Recovery Volume
Estensione P08Peter B. ClementsPAR Recovery Volume
Estensione P09Peter B. ClementsPAR Recovery Volume
Estensione P10N/ACertificate Request Format
Estensione P11Peter B. ClementsPAR Recovery Volume
Estensione P14Peter B. ClementsPAR Recovery Volume
Estensione P19Peter B. ClementsPAR Recovery Volume
Estensione P1IIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
Estensione P20Peter B. ClementsPAR Recovery Volume
Estensione P25Peter B. ClementsPAR Recovery Volume
Estensione P2AIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Vocables
Estensione P2CIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
Estensione P2FWAMIT, Inc.Wamit
Estensione P2KCPK2ToolsP2KTools Mod
Estensione P2PMicrosoftMicrosoft FolderShare Format
Estensione P30Peter B. ClementsPAR Recovery Volume
Estensione P3CIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
Estensione P3ITech4Learning, Inc.Pixie
Estensione P7RN/AResponse To A Security Certificate Request Format
Estensione PA2MRichard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghSAM Alignment
Estensione PA3Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.Turbo Pascal DOS
Estensione PA4Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.Turbo Pascal Dos
Estensione PA5N/ATurbo Pascal Dos
Estensione PAAThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsPAF Personal Ancestral File Data
Estensione PADThe Sage GroupACT! Database Pointer Format
Estensione PAF2Texas Instruments Inc.Code Composer Studio Compiled
Estensione PAKMJanki SoftwarePAKM Package Format
Estensione PAMPAM Software (UK) LtdPAM Property Appraisal Manager Project
Estensione PAMPPowerampPowerAMP Album Art Format
Estensione PANDON/APando Package Format
Estensione PAOXilinx, Inc.Xilinx Source List
Estensione PAPCorelCorel Painter Paper Texture Format
Estensione PAR3SourceForge.netPAR3 Recovery Volume
Estensione PARTN/APartial Download Format
Estensione PART1NetObjects Inc.NetObjects Fusion System
Estensione PART2NetObjects Inc.NetObjects Fusion System
Estensione PART3NetObjects Inc.NetObjects Fusion System
Estensione PART4NetObjects Inc.NetObjects Fusion System
Estensione PART5NetObjects Inc.NetObjects Fusion System
Estensione PARTIALMicrosoftMicrosoft Internet Explorer 9 Partial Download Format
Estensione PATCHN/APatch
Estensione PAUXN/APlasTeX
Estensione PAVPanda SecurityPanda Antivirus
Estensione PB1Brøderbund Software, Inc.Broderbund 3D Home Architect
Estensione Basic Protected Module Format
Estensione PBCParrot FoundationParrot Compiled Byte Code
Estensione PBECrownhill Associates LimitedProton Plus Compiler
Estensione PBHPowerBASIC, Inc.PowerBasic Help
Estensione PBLSoho SohoPublitor Data
Estensione PBRSybase Inc.PowerBuilder Resource
Estensione PBUPowerBASIC, Inc.PowerBASIC Unit
Estensione PCBDOCN/APrinted Circuit Board Description
Estensione PCMIABB GroupABB PCM600 Pre-configured IED
Estensione PCMPABB GroupABB PCM600 Project
Estensione PCMTABB GroupABB PCM600 Template IED
Estensione PCQN/APfaff Embroidery
Estensione PD3Autodesk, Inc.3D Studio Max
Estensione PD6Intuit Inc.Lacerte Tax
Estensione PDABrøderbund Software, Inc.Image Print Shop Deluxe
Estensione PDBXAccelrys Software Inc.Insight II X-PLOR Coordinate Format
Estensione PDOCRichard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghGrabdp
Estensione PDTGeneral Electric CompanyVersaPro Compiled Block
Estensione PDVSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Printer Driver
Estensione PDVRApple, Inc.QuickDraw GX
Estensione PEInventorprisePatentEase
Estensione PEDCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Program Editor Delete Save
Estensione PEEThe Sage Group plcSage Timberline Estimating
Estensione PELIBMIBM Forms Log
Estensione PEQCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Program Editor Print Queue
Estensione PERSPECTIVEApple, Inc.Xcode Project Related
Estensione PERSPECTIVEV3Apple, Inc.Xcode Project Related
Estensione PESN/ABrother Embroidery File Format
Estensione PF3SmartWare CorporationSmartWare Project Source Code
Estensione PFLN/APhotoFiltre Plug-in Format
Estensione PFOPismo Technic Inc.Pismo File Mount Audit Package
Estensione PFTCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Temporary
Estensione PGeSignalESignal Page
Estensione PGAJust Great Software Co. Ltd.PowerGREP Action
Estensione PGDATAPenguin GeorgeURL Melter Data
Estensione PGLJust Great Software Co. Ltd.PowerGREP Library
Estensione PGPPGPPretty Good Privacy Encrypted Format
Estensione PGRN/APowerGREP Results
Estensione PGSVerint Systems Inc.Verint Quality Monitoring In Progress Data
Estensione PHCDavid HarrisPegasus Mail Header Cache
Estensione PHIJon A. ChristopherSPOCK PhiMap
Estensione PHJAccurateCNC,Inc.PhCNC Project
Estensione PHP2The PHP GroupPHP Version 2 Script (HyperText PreProcessor)
Estensione PHSXtalviewXtalView Phase
Estensione PHVHusqvarna VikingHusqvarna Viking Data
Estensione PHWMedia Lab, Inc.PhotoWebber Session
Estensione PI$N/AMicrosoft Compressed PIF
Estensione PIAPanaVue Inc.PanaVue ImageAssembler
Estensione PIDN/AUnix Process ID Format
Estensione PIDBMonoDevelopParser Information Database
Estensione PIKN/AProtel 99 PIK
Estensione PILCMA Microdialysis ABCMA Microdialysis Trend Data
Estensione PIMXAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop
Estensione PINSTALLGoogle Inc.Google Picasa
Estensione PIPLAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop SDK Samplecode Colorpicker
Estensione PIQQueensgate Systems LtdPiped Technology Information Query
Estensione PIQTApple, Inc.Apple QuickTime Still
Estensione PJ4Electric QuiltElectric Quilt
Estensione PJBIBMIBM InfoSphere Information Server Manager
Estensione PJCWholly Genes, Inc.Master Genealogist
Estensione PJDExtensis a division of Celartem, Inc.Portfolio Exported Categories
Estensione PJFN/AIAddress Postal Job
Estensione PJLN/AProCite Term Lists And Journal Title Lists
Estensione PJRlabDVDVDx Project
Estensione PKDDOBLONPower Karaoke Project
Estensione PKGUNDEFMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Shell
Estensione PKGXMicrosoft CorporationConfiguration Manager Prestage Content
Estensione PKLMicrosoft CorporationExchange Migration Wizard Packing
Estensione PKPSelinSoftPrivacy Killer Plug-in Manager
Estensione PKPASSAppleApple Passbook Pass Format
Estensione PKXIBMRational XDE
Estensione PKYDejaVu Software, IncPockeTTY Security Certificate
Estensione PL3Harvard GraphicsHarvard Chart Palette
Estensione PLAiriverIriver IQuickList Playlist Format
Estensione PLANTUMLSourceForge.netPlantUML
Estensione PLAYSETSouptoysSouptoys Playset Format
Estensione PLBMicrosoft CorporationFoxPro Library
Estensione PLDPatchouMicrosoft Messenger Plus Backup Configuration
Estensione PLEXAPPPlex Media Center TeamPlex Package
Estensione PLFPapyrus SoftwarePapyrus License Format
Estensione PLGAvid TechnologySibelius Plug-in Format
Estensione PLGXDominik ReichlKeePass Optional Plugin Format
Estensione PLIBRichard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghSAM Dirichlet Mixture Prior Library
Estensione PLJNirvana Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Plus 2D Job
Estensione PLLGrafx Software Development ToolsCA Clipper 5 Prelinked Library
Estensione PLNN/AAdobe InDesign Plugin Format
Estensione PLPPatchouMessenger Plus! Sound Pack
Estensione PLQK&K AssociatesTAK 2000 Heat Rate Plot
Estensione PLSKPatchouMicrosoft Windows Live Messenger Skin Pack
Estensione PLUGINN/APlugin Format
Estensione PM!David HarrisPegasus Mail Address Book
Estensione PM$David HarrisPegasus Mail Temporary
Estensione PM2David HarrisPegasus Mail Uid Information
Estensione PM5FAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker For Mac
Estensione PMAMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Performance Monitor Data
Estensione PMBDavid HarrisPegasus Mail Addressbook
Estensione PMDHDavid HarrisPegasus Mail For Mac
Estensione PMEDavid HarrisPegasus Mail Filter Rule Files
Estensione PMIIBMOS/2 Program Manager Information
Estensione PMJXN/A3D Digital Scanner
Estensione PMNDavid HarrisPegasus Mail Annotation
Estensione PMSDavid HarrisPegasus Mail Signature
Estensione PMTEos Systems Inc.PhotoModeler Lite Tutorials
Estensione PMUDavid HarrisPegasus Mail Keyboard Macro
Estensione PMWDavid HarrisPegasus Mail Draft Stored Outgoing Message
Estensione PNPowernoodlePowernoodle Format
Estensione PNCIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Scripts Data
Estensione PNC1Symantec CorporationNorton Utilities
Estensione PNDGrassland, Soil & Water Research LaboratorySWAT Pond Input
Estensione PNDDSymantec CorporationNorton Disk Doctor
Estensione PNDEN/ANorton Utilities
Estensione PNFDSymantec CorporationNorton FileSaver Data
Estensione PNFVSymantec CorporationNorton FileSaver Volume
Estensione PNFXSymantec CorporationNorton FileSaver
Estensione PNHAdobe Systems IncorporatedProject ROME Plug-in Archive
Estensione PNLMissler SoftwareTopSolid Nesting Module
Estensione PNNUSymantec CorporationNorton Utilities
Estensione PNQICQ LLCICQ Ifile
Estensione PNRARealNetworks, Inc.RealPlayer Filente Fippra
Estensione PNRMRealNetworks, Inc.RealPlayer For Mac
Estensione PNSDSymantec CorporationNorton Speed Disk
Estensione PNUESymantec CorporationNorton UnErase
Estensione PNVDavid HarrisPegasus Mail Stored Searches
Estensione PNWISymantec CorporationNorton Wipe Info
Estensione PNXDavid HarrisPegasus Mail RTF Version Of Queued And Draft Message
Estensione PNZN/APanorama Database Set Format
Estensione POBActuate CorporationActuate E.Report Persistent Object
Estensione POLYN/ARMCProfile
Estensione POLYSM.CarsonRibbons Polys
Estensione POWWind Energy Division at Risø DTU, DenmarkWAsP Power Curve
Estensione POXASA Astrosysteme GmbHAutoslew Sequence
Estensione PPAMicrosoftMicrosoft PowerPoint 97 To 2003 Add-in Format
Estensione PPAMN/AMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 Macro-enabled Open XML Add-in Format
Estensione PPBCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Print Preview Button Bar
Estensione PPEGSC Game WorldS.T.A.L.K.E.R. Post-process Effector
Estensione PPFN/ACorel PaintShop Photo Pro Soft Plastic Preset Data
Estensione PPKPuTTYPuTTY Win32 Telnet/SSH Client Private Key Format
Estensione PPLZPolar ElectroPolar ProTrainer Training Plan
Estensione PPMODLucas PopePapers, Please Mod Format
Estensione PPM_BNokiaNokia PPM Flash Format
Estensione PQAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Pagemaker Default Printer Style
Estensione PQANovell, Inc.Query Application
Estensione PQEKroll Ontrack Inc.Ontrack EasyRecovery Recovered Data
Estensione PQFCorel CorporationCorel Presentations Runtime
Estensione PQOU.S. Geological SurveyPhreeqcI
Estensione PQWCorel CorporationCorel Presentations Runtime
Estensione PQXPowerQuestPower Quest Drive Image Index
Estensione PRN/AW32/Brontok-DP Worm
Estensione PR0CheckMark Software Inc.CheckMark Payroll Software Company Information
Estensione PR1Polaris SoftwarePackrat 4.0 Data
Estensione PR2CheckMark Software Inc.CheckMark Payroll Software Employee Checks
Estensione PR3N/ADBASE IV PostScript Printer Driver
Estensione PR4CheckMark Software Inc.CheckMark Payroll Software Employer Checks
Estensione PR5CheckMark Software Inc.CheckMark Payroll Distribution
Estensione PRETTYRichard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghSAM Prettyalign Output
Estensione PREVIEW7Stardock CorporationWindowBlinds Temporary
Estensione PRHN/AMacromedia ColdFusion Studio Project
Estensione PRJPCBAltium Limited.Altium Designer Project
Estensione PRLSilicon Mindset Inc.Process Revolution Object Library
Estensione PRMN/AAdobe Premiere Plug-in Format
Estensione PRMDCAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Premiere Pro Metadata Cache
Estensione PRMRAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Premiere For Mac
Estensione PROCPSThe GNOME ProjectGnome Desktop
Estensione PROJApple, Inc.Apple NeXT Interface Builder Project
Estensione PROJDATAMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual C# Project Data
Estensione PROOFINGTOOLMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office Proofing Tool
Estensione PRQFlexera Software, Inc.InstallShield Prerequisite
Estensione PRSSonySony PlayStation 3 Radio Player Location Format
Estensione PRTCNuance Communications, Inc.OmniPage
Estensione PRUIBMIBM Tivoli Storage Manager Pruned Entry
Estensione PS2XMLMicrosoft CorporationWindows PowerShell
Estensione PS7Corel CorporationCorel PaintShop Photo Pro
Estensione PSARSonySony PlayStation Portable Update Data Format
Estensione PSCManitoba HVDC Research Centre Inc.PSCAD Power System Simulation Software Case
Estensione PSCXManitoba HVDC Research Centre Inc.PSCAD Power System Simulation Software XML Case
Estensione PSDOWNLOADApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X PubSub Agent Enclosure Download
Estensione PSETAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Format
Estensione PSISapien TechnologiesPrimalScript Online Help Shortcut Format
Estensione PSLManitoba HVDC Research Centre Inc.PSCAD Power System Simulation Library
Estensione PSLCPatchouMessenger Plus! Packaged Scripts
Estensione PSLXManitoba HVDC Research Centre Inc.PSCAD Power System Simulation Software XML Library
Estensione PSMODELDelcam plcDelcam Powershape
Estensione PSODRoxioRoxio Easy Media Creator Album
Estensione PSPDEFORMATIONMAPCorel CorporationPaintShop Pro Deformation Map
Estensione PSPENVIROMENTMAPCorel CorporationPaintShop Pro Environment Map
Estensione PSPGRADIENTCorel CorporationPaintShop Pro Gradient
Estensione PSPROJPyScripter teamPyScripter Project
Estensione PSPSELECTIONCorel CorporationPaintShop Pro Saved Selection
Estensione PSPSHAPECorel CorporationPaint Shop Pro Shape
Estensione PSPSTYLEDLINECorel CorporationPaintShop Pro Styled Line
Estensione PSPTApple, Inc.Apple File Exchange
Estensione PSQLAreskiAreskiCC
Estensione PSSN/APicture And Sound Show Format
Estensione PSWMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows XP/Vista Backup Password Format
Estensione PTThe Panther TeamPanther Project Format
Estensione PT3N/AHarvard Device Driver
Estensione PT4Avid Technology, Inc.Pro Tools 4 (16 Bit) Session
Estensione PT5Avid Technology, Inc.Pro Tools 5 Session
Estensione PTCN/AABBYY Finereader 5.0 Pro
Estensione PTDParametric Technology CorporationPro/ENGINEER Table
Estensione PTDBThe Sage Group plcPeachtree Accounting Data
Estensione PTEWnSoftPicturesToExe Project
Estensione PTHN/A4th Dimension Database Windows Pathname Document
Estensione PTN2Nuance Communications, Inc.PaperPort Thumbnail Cache
Estensione PTPN/ADocklight Project
Estensione PTQMODARTTPianoteq Extension
Estensione PTRN/ATrendyFlash Desktop Flash Intro Project Format
Estensione PTRACKRichard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghSAM Predict_track
Estensione PTTSNational Laboratory of Pattern RecognitionCASIA-OLHWDB Page
Estensione PTVCodeJamMemoriesOnTV Photo Slide Show Project
Estensione PUSourceForge.netPlantUML
Estensione PVN/ACONSEL Output P-Value
Estensione PVFAuthentica, Inc.PageRecall
Estensione PVGMicrosoft CorporationEncarta World Atlas Pushpins
Estensione PVIIntergraph CorporationPV Elite Pressure Vessel Analysis
Estensione PVKMicrosoftPrivate Key Format
Estensione PVMHewlett-PackardHP Photo Album
Estensione PVNAvanquest SoftwareDesing & Print Business Edition
Estensione PVTPKitware, Inc.ParaView Visualization Toolkit Parallel Polygonal Data
Estensione PVTRKitware, Inc.Visualization Toolkit Parallel Rectilinear Grid Data
Estensione PVTSKitware, Inc.Visualization Toolkit Parallel Structured Points Data
Estensione PVTUKitware, Inc.ParaView Visualization Toolkit Parallel Unstructured Points Data
Estensione PVUNOAAPaleoVu Paleoenvironmental Data
Estensione PVVDynojet Research Inc.Power Vision WinPV
Estensione PWKGregory BraunPassword Keeper
Estensione PWMWebMoneyWM Keeper CLASSIC Purse
Estensione PWOCertaraWinNonlin Output
Estensione PWRXilinx, Inc.XPower Power Report
Estensione PWRELastBit Corp.PasswordTools Data
Estensione PWREPN/APassword Repository Format
Estensione PX5Poker-PalPoker Pal Third-party Extension
Estensione PXTN/AIGOR Pro Packed Experiment Template
Estensione PXXTavultesoftEncrypted Keyman Customisation
Estensione PXYAdtolloTopocad
Estensione PYGIBMIBM Cognos 7
Estensione PYHIBMIBM Cognos 7
Estensione PYIIBMIBM Cognos 7
Estensione PYJIBMIBM Cognos 8
Estensione PZDThe CAD Zone, Inc.Pocket Zone Drawing
Estensione PZFGraphPad Software, Inc.GraphPad Prism Project
Estensione PZMGraphPad Software, Inc.GraphPad Prism Project
Estensione PZOApplication Techniques, Inc.Pizazz Plus Overlay Data
Estensione Q00Intuit Inc.Quicken 2000
Estensione Q01Intuit Inc.Quicken 2001
Estensione Q06Intuit Canada LimitedQuickTax 2006
Estensione Q1QN/ALunarCell Adobe Photoshop Plug-in Format
Estensione Q2QN/AFlexify Adobe Photoshop Plug-in Format
Estensione Q3XApple, Inc.QuickDraw 3D Extension
Estensione Q4QN/ASolar Cell Adobe Photoshop Plug-in Format
Estensione Q5RN/AMelancholytron Adobe Photoshop Plug-in Format
Estensione Q7QN/AIndia Ink Plug-in Format
Estensione Q8RN/AFlood Adobe Photoshop Plug-in Format
Estensione Q98Intuit Inc.Quicken 98
Estensione Q9RN/AGlitterato Adobe Photoshop Plug-in Format
Estensione Q9SN/AMr. Contrast Adobe Photoshop Plug-in Format
Estensione QAPTigerLogic Corp. (Omnis Technology Corporation)Omnis Quartz Application
Estensione QARQlikTech InternationalQlikView Plug-in Format
Estensione QBWimba, Inc.Diploma Question
Estensione QB1Intuit Inc.Quicken Data
Estensione QB2008Intuit Inc.Quickbook 2009 For Mac Backup
Estensione QB2013Intuit Inc.QuickBooks 2013 For Mac Backup
Estensione QBAIntuit Inc.QuickBooks Accountant Review Copy
Estensione QBECorel CorporationCorel Quattro Pro Saved Query
Estensione QBIIntuit Inc.QuickBooks Image
Estensione QBLIntuit Inc.QuickBooks
Estensione QBRIntuit Inc.Quickbooks Report Template
Estensione QBTIntuit Inc.QuicBooks Temporary Rebuild
Estensione QBYIntuit Inc.Quickbooks Accountants Import
Estensione QCHIntuit Inc.Quicken DOS Data
Estensione QCISourceForge.netMassively Parallel Quantum Chemistry Program
Estensione QCKN/AJigsaw 2 Astrological Tool
Estensione QCOWDavid T ReynoldsQEMU Copy-On-Write
Estensione QCOW2David T ReynoldsQEMU Copy-On-Write
Estensione QD3N/AOmnis Quartz Segment 3 Data
Estensione QD3DApple, Inc.QuickDraw 3D Meta
Estensione QDIIntuit Inc.Quicken Dictionary Data
Estensione QDLXIntuit Inc.Quicken For Mac Data
Estensione QDMN/AFsQCA Data
Estensione QDSMicrosoftWindows Directory Query Format
Estensione QEFMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Excel Query
Estensione QEMExpensAbleExpensAble Report
Estensione QESAskia SASAskiadesign Questionnaire
Estensione QEXExpensAbleExpensAble Data
Estensione QFDIntuit Inc.Quicken Data
Estensione QFIIntuit Inc.Quicken 2002 Data
Estensione QFPN/AQuicken Financial Planner Add-on
Estensione QHFIlgam ZulkorneevQIP Saved History
Estensione QIDIntuit Inc.Quicken
Estensione QINSINTEFCARE-S InfoWorks Inflow
Estensione QIPIlgam ZulkorneevQIP Infium Account
Estensione QIXIntuit Inc.Quicken DOS Data
Estensione QKEXStartly Technologies, LLC.QuicKeys Mac Extension
Estensione QKPTSynergy SoftwareKaleidaGraph
Estensione QKRIBMQuickr Attachment Link
Estensione QKTMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Works
Estensione QLRobelleQEdit
Estensione QLBMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft QuickBasic Library
Estensione QLCAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PostScript Help
Estensione QLDWatersMassLynx Quantation Data
Estensione QLGENERATORAppleApple Quicklook Plug-in Format
Estensione QMARobelleQedit
Estensione QMBMatthieu GodonQuick Menu Builder Saved
Estensione QMBLVernier Software & TechnologyLabQuest Results
Estensione QMEIntuit Inc.Quicken Win Version 3
Estensione QMETHODAB SCIEXAB SCIEX MultiQuant Quantitation Method
Estensione QMLIntuit Inc.Quicken DOS Data
Estensione QMSBQuestionmarkQuestionmark Secure
Estensione QMTIntuit Inc.Quicken Memory List
Estensione QMTFIntuit Inc.Intuit Quicken Data
Estensione QNTDionex CorporationChromeleon Quantification Method
Estensione QNXIntuit Inc.Quicken Index
Estensione QOBIntuit Inc.QuickBooks 2010 Pro
Estensione QOTSierra Entertainment, Inc.Sierra Print Artist Quotes
Estensione QP1Peter B. ClementsQuickPar Cache
Estensione QP2Peter B. ClementsQuickPar Cache
Estensione QPAApple, Inc.Quicktime Player Addition
Estensione QPCSynergy SoftwareKaleidaGraph Plot
Estensione QPCTSynergy SoftwareKaleidaGraph Plot
Estensione QPDN/AQuicken QuickPay Windows 3.0 Add-on
Estensione QPIIntuit Inc.Quicken Win Version 3
Estensione QPLSynergy SoftwareKaleidaGraph Layout
Estensione QPROJFreeQ Development teamFreeQ IDE Project
Estensione QPSQP Software LimitedTimeasure
Estensione QPXN/AApple QuickTime Player Extension Format
Estensione QR2Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.Delphi Database Quick Report
Estensione QRSCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Equation Editor Support
Estensione QSESSIONAB SCIEXAB SCIEX MultiQuant Quantitation Session
Estensione QSRSINTEFCARE-S InfoWorks Water Quality Simulation Results
Estensione QSTSynergy SoftwareKaleidaGraph Style
Estensione QSTYSynergy SoftwareKaleidaGraph Style
Estensione QTBeInstructionExamView QuickTake Question Bank
Estensione QTRAppleApple QuickTime Extension Resource Format
Estensione QTVApple, Inc.QuickTime Virtual Reality
Estensione QTXAppleQuicken Data Format
Estensione QTXSApple, Inc.Apple QuickTime
Estensione QUAAvira OperationsAvira AntiVir Format
Estensione QUALSOFTCODEJ&ASoftSpeedy Browser Code Archive
Estensione QUEGlobalSCAPE, Inc.CuteFTP Queue
Estensione QUIOrgadata AGOrgadata LogiKal
Estensione QUOeSignalESignal Qoute
Estensione QUPApple, Inc.QuickTime Update Package
Estensione QUTIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Vocable
Estensione QW5Intuit Inc.Quicken Win Version 5
Estensione QWBMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Money Quotes WriteBack Import
Estensione QWPSam Bellotto Jr.Quiptics Puzzle Format
Estensione QWQOpenQwaqOpenQwaq Auto-Launch Format
Estensione QXLQuarkQuarkXPress Element Library Format
Estensione QXMLCincom Systems, Inc.Question Master Administration Tool Output
Estensione QZPC Shareware, Inc.Create A Quiz Data
Estensione QZSLuzius SchneiderQuizPro Data
Estensione R*CHBare Bones SoftwareBBEdit
Estensione R2DRISA Technologies, LLC.RISA-2D
Estensione RACConcept2 Inc.Venue Race Application
Estensione RADIUMKEY2CatPig StudiosRadium Registration Format
Estensione RAGBentley Systems, IncorporatedRAM Advanse Generator
Estensione RAIAstronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech RepublicSPEFO
Estensione RAMDApple, Inc.Repeat After Me Document
Estensione RANOwen F RansenDexterpen
Estensione RAPMAGIX AGMagix Music Studio Rap
Estensione RASKINLICENSERaskin SoftwareRaskin For Mac License Format
Estensione RATW3CPICS Platform For Internet Content Selection Format
Estensione RA_Resco, s.r.o.Resco Photo Viewer Thumbnail Cache
Estensione RB1R:BASE Technologies, Inc.R:Base Data Format
Estensione RB2R:BASE Technologies, Inc.R:Base Data Format
Estensione RB3R:BASE Technologies, Inc.R:BASE Data
Estensione RBAJust Great Software Co. Ltd.RegexBuddy Regular Expression
Estensione RBGJust Great Software Co. Ltd.RegexBuddy GREP Action
Estensione RBIRobert Bentley, Inc.EBahn Reader
Estensione RBLJust Great Software Co. Ltd.RegexBuddy Library
Estensione RBMPropellerhead Software ABPropellerhead ReBirth Modulation V2.0
Estensione RBOREAL Software, Inc.REALbasic Class
Estensione RBZTrimbleSketchUp Extension
Estensione RCBRealityRipple.comRipple Chat Bot Document
Estensione RCHGrassland, Soil & Water Research LaboratorySWAT Reach Output
Estensione RCNQstarz International Co, Ltd.QRacing Track
Estensione RCVQUALCOMM IncorporatedEudora Temporary Download
Estensione RDATN/ARNA Data (RDAT)
Estensione RDDReliaSoft CorporationALTA
Estensione RDVNikolai TeofilovNTgraph
Estensione RDYTeldas GmbHINet-Server
Estensione REALThe GNOME ProjectGnome Desktop
Estensione REAPEAKSCockos IncorporatedREAPER Scratch
Estensione RECOEvernote CorporationEvernote
Estensione REDIRSpotifySpotify Redirect Format
Estensione REFIRick MeyersE-Sword Reference IOS Notes
Estensione REFXRick MeyersE-Sword Reference Library Note
Estensione REGIKagiKagi Registration Module
Estensione REGSAOL Inc.Netscape Registry
Estensione REGULARIZERRichard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghSAM Transition Regularizer
Estensione RELOCMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows EXE Relocation Format
Estensione REMResearch In MotionBlackBerry Encrypted Data Format
Estensione RENDERMANPixarPixar RenderMan 3.1 Specification
Estensione REPXDeveloper Express Inc.XtraReports Report Definition
Estensione REQN/ASSL Certificate Request Format
Estensione REWRWTH Aachen UniversityMRMC Markov Reward Model Checker Definition
Estensione REWIRWTH Aachen UniversityMRMC Markov Reward Model Checker Definition
Estensione REZAmbrosiaEscape Velocity Nova Plugin Format
Estensione RF0SmartWare CorporationSmartWare Runtime Project
Estensione RF2SmartWare CorporationSmartWare Runtime Project
Estensione RF3SmartWare CorporationSmartWare Runtime Project
Estensione RF4SmartWare CorporationSmartWare Runtime Project
Estensione RF5Tektronix, Inc.Tektronix
Estensione RFBSiber SystemsRoboForm Bookmarks Format
Estensione RFCSiber SystemsRoboForm Contact Format
Estensione RFEInstitute of Fluid Mechanics and Environmental Physics in Civil EngineeringRockFlow Log
Estensione RFGRaddon Financial GroupRFG Integrator System Database
Estensione RFIAstronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech RepublicSPEFO Stellar Spectra Analysis
Estensione RFNSiber SystemsRoboForm SafeNote Files
Estensione RFPSiber SystemsRoboForm Passcard Format
Estensione RFRAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop Frame Filter
Estensione RFTSiber SystemsRoboForm Identity Format
Estensione RFVN/ARestricted Focus Viewer Input
Estensione RFXSiber Systems, Inc.RoboForm Blocked Passcard
Estensione RGFElcomSoft Co. Ltd.Advanced Registry Tracer Scan Data
Estensione RGUN/AData Recovery Software
Estensione RHAAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe RoboHelp AIR Help Project
Estensione RHKN/ABackdoor.Win32.Rbot.rhk Trojan Virus
Estensione RHPN/ARhino 3D Plug-in Format
Estensione RIIBMLotus 1-2-3 Data
Estensione RIBBONSM.CarsonRibbons
Estensione RIVSchool of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences, University of WashingtonCRiSP Harvest
Estensione RJSRealNetworksRealJukebox Skin
Estensione RJTRealNetworks, Inc.RealPlayer Track Info Style
Estensione RKRCA TechnologiesCA Upgrade Wizard Response
Estensione RLAAutodesk, Inc.3ds Max Rendered Graphic
Estensione RLDSymantec CorporationNorton Commander Temporary
Estensione RLGReliaSoft CorporationWeibull++
Estensione RLOGN/AMPICH Log
Estensione RLTReliaSoft CorporationReliaSoft BlockSim & Weibull++
Estensione RLXJustSystems Corp.XMetaL Compiled Form
Estensione RM3DMSCI Inc.RiskMetrics RiskManager
Estensione RMCWashington State Department of TransportationRMCalc
Estensione RMDPMicrosoft StudiosAlan Wake Game Data
Estensione RMGRootsMagic, Inc.RootsMagic Genealogy
Estensione RMGCRootsMagic, Inc.RootsMagic Genealogy Database
Estensione RMKGrafx Software Development ToolsCA Clipper RMake Makefile
Estensione RMLElixir TechnologyElixir Report Template Format
Estensione RNAN/AMalware
Estensione RNDPGPPGP (Pretty Good Privacy) Random Seed
Estensione RNTPlanitEdgeCAM Licensing Data
Estensione ROCKRockboxRockbox Installation Format
Estensione ROHN/AAvantes
Estensione ROMN/ARead Only Memory Image (emulators/AONs)
Estensione ROVN/AActuate E.Report Designer Report Object Value
Estensione ROWActuate CorporationActuate E.Report HTML Report Document
Estensione ROZaSc Applied Software ConsultantsASc TimeTables Timetable
Estensione RPCdnSoft Research GroupRAR Password Cracker Project
Estensione RPEXStream SoftwarePerformance Analyzer
Estensione RPIN/ARender Extension
Estensione RPLIBAxure Software SolutionsAxure Widget Library Format
Estensione RPLNAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe InDesign Required Function Library
Estensione RPMN/ARealAudio Plugin Format
Estensione RPMSGMicrosoftMicrosoft Restricted Permission Message Format
Estensione RPNIntellicate, Ltd.Schedule24 Shift Pattern
Estensione RPOIBMIBM XL C/C++ For Linux Compiler
Estensione RPRIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Vocabels
Estensione RPT2eSignalESignal Report
Estensione RPVRPV SoftwareRPV Printing System
Estensione RPWN/ARPWiz Project
Estensione RPXGeocentrix Ltd.Repute Tutorial
Estensione RQCMicro Focus International plcMicro Focus Revolve
Estensione RQMN/AIBM RequisitePro Metrics Report
Estensione RQTN/AReport Quality Plotting Module
Estensione RRGJRiver, Inc.JRiver Media Center License
Estensione RSAN/ARSA Digital Certificate Format
Estensione RSD-JOURNALN/AREALSQLDatabase Journal
Estensione RSDSN/ASharePoint Shared Data Source
Estensione RSED
Estensione RSFMediafour CorporationMediafour MacDrive Macintosh Resource Fork
Estensione RSFXAttachmate CorporationReflection
Estensione RSIReactive Systems, Inc.Reactis
Estensione RSLCorel CorporationCorel Paradox Saved Form
Estensione RSMLRealNetworks, Inc.RealPlayer ML
Estensione RSRSMagic Modules Pty LtdBuddy API
Estensione RS_Apple, Inc.Macintosh Resource Fork
Estensione RTBRobert McNeel & AssociatesRhino 3D Toolbar Collection
Estensione RTCMicrosoftMicrosoft Office Live Meeting Connection Format
Estensione RTHANSYS Inc.ANSYS Results
Estensione RTKSafer-Networking Ltd.Spybot Search & Destroy
Estensione RTMNational InstrumentsLabVIEW Run-time Menu Format
Estensione RTNOptical Gaging Products, Inc.MeasureMind 3D
Estensione RTPN/ATurboTax Update Format
Estensione RTRFantiusen SoftwareAstrotite 200X Offline Data Repair
Estensione RTTRagTime GmbHRagtime
Estensione RTUGuru3D.comRivaTuner Update
Estensione RT_Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Winhelp Compressed
Estensione RUJOracle CorporationOracle Recovery-Unit Journal
Estensione RUPIBMIBM Rational Unified Process
Estensione RUSGPS MoldovaNavitel Navigator Map
Estensione RV3DJI Interprises, LLCNewsbin Pro
Estensione RVGAutodesk, Inc.Revit External Group
Estensione RVRAstronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech RepublicSPEFO Stellar Spectra Analysis
Estensione RVWElement River, LLC.ReviewMate Review
Estensione RWPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For MySQL
Estensione RW5Spectra PrecisionSurvey Pro Data
Estensione RWAReliaSoft CorporationWeibull++
Estensione RWCWind Energy Division at Risø DTU, DenmarkWAsP Regional Wind Climate
Estensione RWLIBRARYMariner SoftwarePaperless Receipt Library Format
Estensione RWOMathWorks, Inc.Matlab Output
Estensione RWPLUGINRealmac SoftwareeRapidWeaver Plugin Format
Estensione RWRSonoma Wire WorksRiffWorks IntelliRiffer
Estensione RWTLResearchWare, Inc.HyperRESEARCH
Estensione RWXAOL Inc.Netscape Live 3D
Estensione RWZMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook Internet Rules Settings Format
Estensione RXRadsoftE3 Security Kit Prescription
Estensione RXCSonic SolutionsRoxio Certificate Format
Estensione RXDAttachmate CorporationAttachmate Reflection X Manager Definition
Estensione RXMAttachmate CorporationReflection X Multi Session
Estensione RXPROJEnterbrain, Inc.RPG Maker Project
Estensione S#+ARagTime GmbHRagTime 2
Estensione S03Corel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Distribution
Estensione S07Acorah Software ProductsTaxCalc 2007
Estensione S1PN/ATouchstone 1 S-parameter Data
Estensione S2DAgilent TechnologiesAgilent EEsof EDA S-parameter Data
Estensione S2MIBlizzard Entertainment, Inc.Starcraft 2 Cache
Estensione S2PSonnet Software Inc.Sonnet S-device Parameter Data
Estensione S2TN/AScia2Tekla Plugin
Estensione S31TamoSoftSmartWhois
Estensione S3PN/ATouchstone 9 S-parameters Data
Estensione S4PN/ATouchstone 16 S-parameters Data
Estensione S7PN/ASubSeven Trojan
Estensione SA2Syntap SoftwareTime Stamp Project Grid Information
Estensione SA9N/AHue And Cry Adobe Photoshop Plug-in Format
Estensione SAFARIEXTZAppleApple Safari Extension Format
Estensione SAJThe Sage Group plcSage 50 Folder
Estensione SALFull Information Software, Inc.SORITEC Data
Estensione SAMBA3The GNOME ProjectGnome Desktop
Estensione SAMRCRichard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghSAM Default Parameters
Estensione SAPSSDN/ASAP Related
Estensione SAS7BNDXSAS Institute Inc.SAS Index
Estensione SAVFOracle CorporationAS400Manager JAVA
Estensione SAYSayaMatrixSaya Matrix Accounting Database
Estensione SB1Lasting Impressions for Paper Inc.MemoryMixer Album
Estensione SB7LindersoftSetupBuilder Project
Estensione SBAspeedbalance.nlSpeedBalance Accounting Data
Estensione SBCMicrosoftMicrosoft Office Accounting Company Shortcut Format
Estensione SBKAsymetrixMultimedia ToolBook System Book
Estensione SBLProcedimientos-Uno, S.L.Arquitienda Graphic Symbol Library
Estensione SBOSAP AGSAP Business One SDK Add-on Related
Estensione SBSTOREMozilla CorporationMozilla Firefox
Estensione SC2LOCALEBlizzard EntertainmentStarCraft 2 Localization Format
Estensione SCATARM Holdings plcRealView Scatter-loading
Estensione SCDN/ATurboTax Schedule Descriptions Format
Estensione SCEMediaWebSoftCuisine Data Exchange
Estensione SCLManuel Op de CoulScala Scale
Estensione SCMGIMPGIMP Script Format
Estensione SCMTGXS LimitedGXS Application Integrator XML Constraint
Estensione SCORETribalLearning Score
Estensione SCQSAS Institute Inc.SAS Sequential Access
Estensione SCREEMDavid A KnightSCREEM
Estensione SCVINFOMicrosoft CorporationWindows Communication Foundation WCF Metadata
Estensione SCWN/AScore Writer Document Format
Estensione SCYOBP RESEARCHReaGeniX Security
Estensione SDBZSymantec CorporationSymantec Support Tool Information
Estensione SDEGroundlevel Software, Inc.Drumbeat Exported Data
Estensione SDKProgramming SunriseSmart Diary Suite Cookbook
Estensione SDLTMSDL TridionSDL Trados Studio
Estensione SDMDOCUMENTMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft SDM Document
Estensione SDPCN/ACocreate SolidDesigner Data
Estensione SDYStar Finanz GmbHStarMoney
Estensione SEARCH-MSMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Index Search Data Format
Estensione SECN/APretty Good Privacy Secret Key Ring Format
Estensione SECSTOREAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Secstore
Estensione SECURESeptiumSeptium Secured Document
Estensione SECURITYOracle CorporationJavasoft Jre 1.3 Lib Security
Estensione SEG2Smith Micro Software, Inc.Stuffit Mac File Type
Estensione SEG3Smith Micro Software, Inc.Stuffit Segment
Estensione SEGNSmith Micro Software, Inc.StuffIt Segment
Estensione SEPLUGINAppleApple Mac OS X AppleScript Editor Plugin Format
Estensione SEQUENCEDIAGRAMMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Sequence Diagram
Estensione SERVERN/ABonobo Activation API
Estensione SEWN/AHome Embroidery Format
Estensione SFASony CorporationSony Sound Forge
Estensione SFMDARTECH, Inc.Dart PRO Soundtree Structure
Estensione SFTMicrosoftMicrosoft App-V Sequencer Format
Estensione SFVN/ASimple File Verification Checksum Format
Estensione SGAdrian E. FeiguinSciGraphica Data
Estensione SGCPOStenograph, L.L.C.Case CATalyst
Estensione SGNGLStenograph, L.L.C.Case CATalyst
Estensione SGON/AECU Update
Estensione SGSTNStenograph, L.L.C.Case CATalyst
Estensione SGXIBMIBM Rational XDE
Estensione SHAMicrosoft CorporationSystem Management Server Site Hierarchy Addition
Estensione SHA1N/ASHA-1 Hash Text Format
Estensione SHA256FileVerifier++FileVerifier++ SHA-256 Hashes Format
Estensione SHA512N/ASHA512 Hash Text Format
Estensione SHADOWINDEXGROUPSApple, Inc.Mac OS X Spotlight
Estensione SHAPEThe Dia DevelopersDia Diagram Editor Shape
Estensione SHFPGP CorporationPretty Good Privacy (PGP) Share
Estensione SHFTMachai AppsShift Work Calendar
Estensione SHLBMozilla CorporationMozilla
Estensione SHMCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Shell Macro Library
Estensione SHORTCUTFanix SoftwareAsutype Shortcut Format
Estensione SHUTDOWNSTALLApple, Inc.Mac OS X Log
Estensione SHVHusqvarna VikingHusqvarna Viking Designer 1 Sewing Machine Embroidery Design Format
Estensione SHXMotorolaMotorola RAZR Flash Format
Estensione SICIntuit Inc.Quicken 2002 Order
Estensione SIDBAppleITunes Authorization Data Format
Estensione SIDDAppleApple ITunes Authorization Data Format
Estensione SIDNApple, Inc.Apple ITunes Authorization Data
Estensione SILGurock SoftwareSmartInspect Log
Estensione SILODepartment of Energy (DOE) Advanced Simulation and Computing Initiative (ASCI)VisIt Hydrodynamical Numerical Simulation Data
Estensione SINGoogle Inc.Xperia System Loader
Estensione SINFApple, Inc.Apple IOS Digital Rights Management
Estensione SISSymbianSymbian Installation Format
Estensione SISDMNokiaNokia Ovi Store Protected Program Format
Estensione SISXSymbianSymbian OS Program Installation Executable Format
Estensione SISXDMNokiaNokia Ovi Store Protected Program Format
Estensione SITLSmith Micro Software, Inc.StuffIt Library
Estensione SITOSmith Micro Software, Inc.StuffIt Translator
Estensione SKAppleSafari Saved Browsing History Format
Estensione SKAN/AHappy99 Virus
Estensione SKDIntermorphicSSEYO Koan Design
Estensione SKGSkrooge Development teamSkrooge Data
Estensione SKINDEXN/AApple Mail Index Format
Estensione SKRN/APGP Pretty Good Privacy Private Keyring Format
Estensione SKTIntermorphicSSEYO Koan
Estensione SKYPECHATSTYLESkypeSkype Chat Style Format
Estensione SL00Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL01Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL02Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL03Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL05Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL06Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL07Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL08Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL09Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL10Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL11Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL12Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL13Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL14Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL15Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL16Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL17Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL18Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL19Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL20Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL21Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL23Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL24Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL25Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL26Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL27Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL28Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL29Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SL30Stripf SoftwareHLSW Game Server Tool
Estensione SLBAutodeskAutodesk AutoCAD Slide Library
Estensione SLDSTDSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks Drafting Standard
Estensione SLFSymantecSymantec License Format
Estensione SLGDionex CorporationChromeleon Audit Trail
Estensione SLIExelis Visual Information SolutionsENVI Spectral Library
Estensione SLIBSynopsys, Inc.Synopsys Interface Timing Specification Model
Estensione SLIPEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.CodeGear Licence
Estensione SLNKSAP AGSAP Business All-in-One Extension
Estensione SLRGrassland, Soil & Water Research LaboratoryArcSWAT Solar Radiation Input
Estensione SLUPKG-MSMicrosoftXrML Digital License Package
Estensione SLVInfraeSilva Import And Export
Estensione SLWSettler Computer Technologies, Inc.Settler LITE Data
Estensione SM2RHK Technology, Inc.RHK Technology Proprietary
Estensione SM3DATACAD LLC.DataCAD Symbol
Estensione SM4RHK Technology, Inc.RHK Technology Proprietary
Estensione SMBAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Symbol Library
Estensione SMCLStataCorp LPStata Log
Estensione SMDLMicrosoft CorporationSQL Server Updated Model
Estensione SMOLWavefunctionSpartan Molecule Data
Estensione SMPAKSuperMemo World sp. z o.o.SuperMemo UX
Estensione SMPON/AScalado SpeedView Meta Object
Estensione SMRDAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Format
Estensione SMSTAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Soundbooth Music Score Toolkit
Estensione SMTMPN/ATrojan:Win32/FakeSysdef Folder
Estensione SMWTAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Filter Format
Estensione SMXIBMRational XDE
Estensione SNN/APG4UW Serialization
Estensione SNAPDOCAshampoo GmbH & Co. KGAshampoo Snap
Estensione SNAPFIREPROJECTCorel CorporationCorel Snapfire Project
Estensione SNMN/ANetscape Communicator E-Mail Or News Messages Index Format
Estensione SNRIDEAllianceMail.Dat Seed Name
Estensione SNTMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Sticky Notes Data Format
Estensione SNUAVG Technologies (Grisoft)AVG Anti-Virus
Estensione SO-ABIAbiSourceAbiWord Plug-in Format
Estensione SOAThe Sage Group plcSage MAS 90 Accounting Software Data
Estensione Project TeamColour Palettes And Various Style Elements
Estensione SOFAlteraQuartus II SRAM Object
Estensione SOMCorel CorporationCorel Paradox Sort Information
Estensione SORAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Flash Media Server System Object
Estensione SOSDRS Data Services LimitedDRS SOSKit Barcode Decode Instructions
Estensione SOVDimensional Control Systems3DCS Advanced Analyzer/Optimizer SOVA Model
Estensione SP1Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows XP With Service Pack 1 Installation
Estensione SP7SAS Institute Inc.SAS Permanent Utility
Estensione SPARWavefunctionSpartan Chemical Modeller Output
Estensione SPARCSkypeSkype Extra Plug-in Format
Estensione SPDATAMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio
Estensione SPDESIGNASAXMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPDESIGNASMXMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPDESIGNBARMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPDESIGNBOTMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPDESIGNCSSMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPDESIGNDOCLIBMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer Design Library
Estensione SPDESIGNFILEMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPDESIGNHOMEOPMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPDESIGNHOMEPGMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPDESIGNHTMLMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPDESIGNHTTMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPDESIGNLISTMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPDESIGNLISTDATAMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPDESIGNMASTERMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPDESIGNNAVMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPDESIGNNOPUBMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPDESIGNPICLIBMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPDESIGNRESXMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPDESIGNSURVEYMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPDESIGNTHEMEMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer Theme
Estensione SPDESIGNTXTMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPDESIGNUNKNOWNMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPDESIGNWEBMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPDESIGNWFDOCLIBMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPDESIGNXMLMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPDESIGNXOMLMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPDESIGNXSLTMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
Estensione SPINApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Console Spin Report
Estensione SPINPUTWavefunctionSpartan Job
Estensione SPKZScribe Software CorporationScribe Template
Estensione SPL7ABACOMSPlan Data
Estensione SPLSPSmartPLSSmartPLS Project
Estensione SPLXHelloAppsCode Package
Estensione SPMCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect
Estensione SPMOScalado ABSpeedView Meta Object
Estensione SPNCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Distribution
Estensione SPRJMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Application Virtualization Sequencer Project
Estensione SPRXN/ASony Playstation 3 SPRX Firmware
Estensione SQLITE-SHMSQLite Development TeamSQLite Shared Memory
Estensione SQLITE-WALSQLite Development TeamSQLite Quasi-persistent
Estensione SQLITE3-JOURNALSQLite Development TeamSQLite Temporary
Estensione SQNSAS Institute Inc.SAS Sequential Access
Estensione SQUNational Instruments CorporationLabWindows/CVI Test Executive Toolkit Sequence
Estensione SQYUniversity of OxfordXaira Query
Estensione SR0SonySony SecuROM Analysis Format
Estensione SRASybase Inc.Powerbuilder Application
Estensione SRDSybase Inc.PowerBuilder Data Window
Estensione SREMicrosoft CorporationWindows CE 5.0
Estensione SRGKetronKetron Single Registration Format
Estensione SRJSybase Inc.PowerBuilder Project
Estensione SRLSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Resource Library
Estensione SRQMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Server Unprocessed Request
Estensione SS4StudyLamp Software LLCSwordSearcher Program Data Format
Estensione SSBStudyLamp Software LLCSwordSearcher Bible Data Module
Estensione SSCThe Stellarium TeamStellarium Script Format
Estensione SSDStardockStardock WindowBlinds Skin File List
Estensione SSD01The Open GroupUnix SAS Data Sets
Estensione SSDLSmartSoundSmartSound Update Library
Estensione SSEAvarin Systems Inc.StrataSearch
Estensione SSGSelf Evident Enterprises, LLC.Single-Step Goal Template
Estensione SSHF-SecureData Fellows Secure Shell Document
Estensione SSISDEPLOYMENTMANIFESTMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Deployment
Estensione SSLFN/AHLSW Game Server Tool Format
Estensione SSNDNsoftShutdown Scheduler Shared Notes Data
Estensione SSS~Stardock CorporationWindowBlinds Temporary
Estensione SSTMicrosoftSerialized Certificate Store Format
Estensione SSUMicrosoft CorporationSystems Management Server Hierarchy Manager Site Update
Estensione SSWSETool2Sony Ericsson Firmware Update Format
Estensione SSXProgram FactoryScreenShare Data
Estensione SSYN/AW32/Sober-AD
Estensione ST0National Instruments CorporationSPICE Status
Estensione ST1National Instruments CorporationSPICE Status
Estensione ST2National Instruments CorporationSPICE Status
Estensione ST3National Instruments CorporationSPICE Status
Estensione ST4National Instruments CorporationSPICE Status
Estensione ST5National Instruments CorporationSPICE Status
Estensione ST6National Instruments CorporationSPICE Status
Estensione ST7National Instruments CorporationSPICE Status
Estensione ST8National Instruments CorporationSPICE Status
Estensione ST9National Instruments CorporationSPICE Status
Estensione STATRichard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghStatistics
Estensione STATEN/AWindows Photo Gallery User
Estensione STATUSUniversität BremenUDraw(Graph)
Estensione STDN/ASureThing CD Labeler Document Format
Estensione STHIBMLotus Domino Stash Format
Estensione STMBN/ASynclavier Timbre Format
Estensione STORYMILLMariner SoftwareStoryMill Project Format
Estensione STOTApple, Inc.Mac OS Help Index
Estensione STRKN/AGeologger Track Format
Estensione STUBApple, Inc.Mac OS X Stub Library
Estensione STVPROJMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio
Estensione SU3Rick TewellSu3De
Estensione SUANaviter d.o.o.SeeYou Airspace
Estensione SUBLIME-PACKAGESublime HQ Pty LtdSublime Text Compressed Extension Package
Estensione SUCAceBIT GmbHSoftrans Hello Engines! 2.1
Estensione SUCATALOGApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Software Update SUCatalog
Estensione SUGARMacRabbitEspresso Plug-in Format
Estensione SUMGarminSummary Format
Estensione SUN4Sun Microsystems, Inc.SunOS Solaris 4
Estensione SUTDENT InstrumentsELITEpro Data Logger
Estensione SV4CRCGnuWin32 TeamGnuWin32 CPIO Checksum Data
Estensione SVCLOGMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Diagnostics
Estensione SVCMAPMicrosoft CorporationWindows Communication Foundation WCF Reference
Estensione SVMN/AStarView Metafile
Estensione SVN-WORKCollabNetCollabNet Subversion Cache Format
Estensione SVPSwiftView, Inc.SwiftView Command
Estensione SW0National Instruments CorporationSPICE Sweep Operations Output
Estensione SW1National Instruments CorporationSPICE Sweep Operations Output
Estensione SW3National Instruments CorporationSPICE Sweep Operations Output
Estensione SW4National Instruments CorporationSPICE Sweep Operations Output
Estensione SW5National Instruments CorporationSPICE Sweep Operations Output
Estensione SW6National Instruments CorporationSPICE Sweep Operations Output
Estensione SW7National Instruments CorporationSPICE Sweep Operations Output
Estensione SW8National Instruments CorporationSPICE Sweep Operations Output
Estensione SW9National Instruments CorporationSPICE Sweep Operations Output
Estensione SWBAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop
Estensione SWEBBorne Programming and Spider ApplicationsSpiderWEB Document
Estensione SWISH-EThe Swish-e ProjectSWISH-E
Estensione SWITCHBOARDAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe SwitchBoard Server
Estensione SWJDassault SystemesSolidWorks Journal Format
Estensione SWLTSBSH Software LTDSafeWallet
Estensione SWNBram MoolenaarVim Temporary
Estensione SWOBram MoolenaarVim Temporary
Estensione SWPBill JoySwap Format
Estensione SWQGrassland, Soil & Water Research LaboratorySWAT Stream Water Quality Input
Estensione SWSTIBCO Software IncS-PLUS Workpsace
Estensione SWTAGAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Creative Suite Software Tag
Estensione SXMN/ 1.0 Math Format
Estensione SY0MicroVision Development, Inc.WordExpress
Estensione SY1Daichi LaboratorySynth 1 Patch
Estensione SY7Trafficware Ltd.Synchro Studio 7 Output
Estensione SYCN/ASniffer Capture
Estensione SYDSystat Software Inc.SYSTAT Data
Estensione SYGSystat Software Inc.SYSTAT Graph
Estensione SYNCApple, Inc.Apple ColorSync
Estensione SYNDARTICLEN/AParalllels Desktop
Estensione SYNK5LICENCEDecimus Software, Inc.Synk 5 Licence
Estensione SYNKLICENCEDecimus Software, Inc.Synk Licence
Estensione SYS-OLDRed Hat, Inc.Cygwin Terminfo
Estensione SYSKRed Hat, Inc.Cygwin Terminfo
Estensione SYVWrite Brothers, Inc.Outline 4D
Estensione SY~Corel CorporationCorelDRAW
Estensione SZ3PsiScreamTracker V3
Estensione SZFDeutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbHSilverDAT II Data Exchange Format
Estensione SZPPKWARE, Inc.SecureZIP Policy
Estensione T$2ANetopia, Inc., a Motorola CompanyTimbuktu Pro
Estensione T$ABNetopia, Inc., a Motorola CompanyTimbuktu Pro Address Book
Estensione T$MGrisoftAVG Internet Security Temporary Format
Estensione T00HRB Digital LLC.TaxCut Federal Data
Estensione T13N/AH&R Block Tax Software Tax Return
Estensione T16MartinDiehlDAMASK
Estensione T2SEPATier2
Estensione T32PowerQuestDrive Image 5
Estensione T3VMichael J. RobertsTADS 3 Saved Position
Estensione T3XN/ATYPO3 Compressed Extension
Estensione T44dataBased Intelligence, Inc.DBASE IV Temporary
Estensione T49N/AHP48/HP49 Specific
Estensione T80Chempute SoftwareTANK - API 650/653 Output Document
Estensione TA12nd Story SoftwareTaxACT 2001 Tax Form
Estensione TA92nd Story SoftwareTaxACT Tax Document
Estensione TAGN/ADataFlex Query Tag Name Format
Estensione TALRainer GoebelBrainVoyager QX Talairach Coordinate
Estensione, Inc.Amazon Kindle
Estensione TAXN/ATurboTax Tax Return Format
Estensione TAX13Intuit Inc.TurboTax Tax Return
Estensione TAX2013Intuit Inc.TurboTax Tax Return
Estensione TB2TAS SoftwareTASBooks Accounting Backup
Estensione TB3Intel CorporationIntel VTune Performance Monitor Sampling Data
Estensione TB5Intel CorporationIntel VTune Performance Monitor Sampling Data
Estensione TBAInmagic, Inc.DB/Text Database Primary Textbase Definition
Estensione TBDDATAIR Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.Document System Document Source Code
Estensione TBFTrellianTrellian Button Factory
Estensione TBIN/AThe Bat! Hive Index
Estensione TBPAutodeskAutodesk Topobase Format
Estensione TBSTuneUp CorporationTuneUp Style Boot Screen Format
Estensione TBTNetopia, Inc., a Motorola CompanyTimbuktu Pro Remote Control Software
Estensione TBVBrain Innovation B.V.Turbo-BrainVoyager Data
Estensione TCBFAL LabsTokyo Cabinet TBZIP
Estensione TCFTurbosoft Pty Ltd.TTWin 3 Certificate Licensing
Estensione TCLOGSmartBear SoftwareTestComplete Log
Estensione TCRTouchMagix MediaTouchMagix Creative Suite Published Format
Estensione TCZLinuxTiny Core Linux Script Format
Estensione TCZLN/ATiny Core Linux Xlib
Estensione TDThunder Network TechnologiesThunder Incomplete Download Format
Estensione TDATFreescale Semiconductor, Inc.Codewarrior Mac
Estensione TDCbalesio AGALLCapture Project
Estensione TDKBorland Software CorporationBorland Turbo Debugger Keystroke Recording
Estensione TDLN/AMathType Translator Definition Language
Estensione TDLOGMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio
Estensione TDMSNational Instruments CorporationLabVIEW TDMS
Estensione TDMS_INDEXNational Instruments CorporationLabVIEW
Estensione TDRMedlin AccountingMedlin Payroll Software Tax Deposit Record
Estensione TDVNational Instruments CorporationDIAdem VIEW Module Setup Information
Estensione TDYTODAY Systems, Inc.TODAY BuildProfessional Application
Estensione TECSIL InternationalTecplot ASCII Data Format
Estensione TEMPN/ATemporary Format
Estensione TEMPORARYITEMSApple, Inc.Mac OS X Temporary
Estensione TENSteema SoftwareTeeChart For .NET Chart Control Template
Estensione TEPSourceForge.netTopiaryExplorer Project
Estensione TEQSBCSaia S-Web-Editor PCD
Estensione TERPlanetside SoftwareTerraGen Landscape
Estensione TERMApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Terminal
Estensione TERMSRed Hat, Inc.Cygwin Demos
Estensione TESN/ATECO Macro
Estensione TEXTEXPANDERSmileOnMyMac, LLCTextExpander
Estensione TEXTSM.CarsonRibbons Texts
Estensione TEXTUTILSThe GNOME ProjectGnome Desktop
Estensione TFHBorland Software CorporationTurbo Profiler Help
Estensione TFILBlizzard EntertainmentBlizzard Software Update Format
Estensione TFLTificTific Client
Estensione TFPSchneider Electric S.A.ProWORX Nxt Full Page Data
Estensione TFSBorland Software CorporationTurbo Profiler Statistical Information
Estensione TFTFormatBlue SoftwareText Formatter Plus Text Information
Estensione TFXDowling Associates, Inc.Traffix Traffic Analysis Software
Estensione TGCPlanetside SoftwareTerragen Node Clip
Estensione TGLSkyMap SoftwareSkyMap Pro Target List
Estensione TGMDyougridsThumbGen Movie Metadata
Estensione TGMGAxel ShootingstarTabGroups Manager For Firefox Exported Group
Estensione TGPJo MederTGPGuiLib Terragen Plugin
Estensione TGSN/AGSTree Phylogenetic Tree Information
Estensione THFSymantec CorporationPcAnywhere Thin Host
Estensione THMSony EricssonSony Ericsson Mobile Phone Theme Format
Estensione THNAlchemy MindworksGIF Construction Set Construction Data
Estensione THRParametric Technology CorporationPro/ENGINEER
Estensione THSCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Thesaurus Dictionary
Estensione THUMBDATAGoogle Inc.Google Android Thumbnail Database
Estensione THUMBDATA3Google Inc.Google Android Thumbnail Database
Estensione THUMBDATA3--1763508120Google Inc.Android Thumbnail Index
Estensione THUMBDATA3--1967290299Google Inc.Android Thumbnail Index
Estensione THUMBDATA3--NUMBERGoogle Inc.Android MediaProvider Thumbnail Database
Estensione THUMBDATA4Google Inc.Google Android Thumbnail Database
Estensione THUMBDATA4--1763508120Google Inc.Android Thumbnail Index
Estensione THUMBDATA4--1967290299Google Inc.Android Thumbnail Index
Estensione THUMBDATA5Google Inc.Google Android Thumbnail Database
Estensione THUMBDATA5--1763508120_0Google Inc.Android Thumbnail Index
Estensione THUMBDATA5--1967290299_0Google Inc.Android Thumbnail Index
Estensione TICEsriArcInfo Coordinates
Estensione TIDIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Tasks
Estensione TIIApache Software FoundationApache Lucene Term Info Index
Estensione TINYThe GNOME ProjectGnome Desktop
Estensione TIPTuneUp CorporationTuneUp Utilities Icon Package Format
Estensione TIWBentley Systems, IncorporatedBentley InRoads
Estensione TJFIBMIBM Rational ClearCase Transaction
Estensione TKBElk River SystemsTicketBench Data
Estensione TKLN/ATakeoff Live PDF Working Data
Estensione TKMAndrew WilsonTkMOO-light
Estensione TKNShoptalk SystemsLiberty BASIC Application Distribution
Estensione TKON/AWin32/Oficla Malware Format
Estensione TKWUniversal Technical Systems, Inc.TK Solver
Estensione TLATuneUp CorporationTuneUp Logo Animations
Estensione TLBMicrosoftOLE Type Library
Estensione TLICN/ATrust Lincense
Estensione TLMTimeline Maker SoftwareTimeline Maker Timeline
Estensione TLQNova Development CorporationArt Explosion T-Shirt Factory Deluxe
Estensione TLRTableau SoftwareTableau Offline License Registration
Estensione TLSTuneUp CorporationTuneUp Utilities Logon Screen Format
Estensione TLTBennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc.TList Data
Estensione TLVMagestic Systems, Inc.TruLASER View Geometry Data
Estensione TM1David Berman Developments Inc.TimeWise
Estensione TMBNetopiaTimbuktu Pro Connection Document Format
Estensione TMBUNDLEMacroMatesTextMate Bundle Format
Estensione TMKEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.Turbo Pascal Tour
Estensione TMLAssociation of Shareware Professionals, Inc.PADGen
Estensione TMMLexisNexisTimeMap Metadata
Estensione TMPLXfireXfire User Interface Template Format
Estensione TMQBob BeveridgeTestMaster
Estensione TNAAdtolloTopocad Net Adjustment
Estensione TNEFN/ATransport Neutral Encapsulation Format
Estensione TNSPTexas InstrumentsTexas Instruments TI-Nspire PublishView Document Format
Estensione TNTTurntool ApSTurnTool 3D Model
Estensione TNXPageTechPCL Toolkit Text Extraction
Estensione TOBZEMAX Development CorporationZEMAX Object Data
Estensione TOCQUALCOMMTable Of Contents Format
Estensione TOCFQUALCOMM IncorporatedEudora For Mac TOC
Estensione TOEDerivativeTouch Environment Project
Estensione TOFNewSoft Technology CorporationMr. Photo Temporary Thumbnail
Estensione TOKMicro Focus International plcBorland C++ 4.x External Tokens
Estensione TOMAptora SoftwareTotal Office Manager Accounting Data
Estensione TONHeiRue-SoftFMS32 Protocol
Estensione TOOLApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Terminal
Estensione TOOLSDelorie SoftwareDJGPP Tools
Estensione TOPXRick MeyersE-sword Topic Note
Estensione TORCHDOWNLOADTorch MediaTorch Web Browser Partial Download
Estensione TORRENTBitTorrentBitTorrent Information Format
Estensione TOXDerivativeTouch Component
Estensione TP7Spectral Sciences Inc.MODTRAN
Estensione TPACorel CorporationCorelDRAW Custom Graphic
Estensione TPESoftVelocityClarion Example
Estensione TPGPerformance Systems DevelopmentTREAT Project
Estensione TPIThomsonEDIUS Plugin Format
Estensione TPKThe Linux FoundationTizen Application Package
Estensione TPLN/AGenerally A Template Format
Estensione TPMMicrosoftMicrosoft Trusted Platform Module Password Format
Estensione TPPN/ABorland Pascal Protected Mode Units
Estensione TPSClarionClarion For Windows Top Speed Data Format
Estensione TPTCerious Software, Inc.ThumbsPlus Thumbnail Template
Estensione TPWEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.Borland Turbo Pascal Unit
Estensione TQFIBMRational Test RealTime
Estensione TR0National Instruments CorporationSPICE Transient Analysis Output
Estensione TR1IBMIBM Voice Type Languages Addword
Estensione TR2National Instruments CorporationSPICE Transient Analysis Output
Estensione TR4National Instruments CorporationSPICE Transient Analysis Output
Estensione TR5National Instruments CorporationSPICE Transient Analysis Output
Estensione TR6National Instruments CorporationSPICE Transient Analysis Output
Estensione TR7National Instruments CorporationSPICE Transient Analysis Output
Estensione TR8National Instruments CorporationSPICE Transient Analysis Output
Estensione TR9National Instruments CorporationSPICE Transient Analysis Output
Estensione TRACEVMwareVMware ThinApp Trace Log Format
Estensione TRASHESGoogle Inc.Google Android Mobile Phone
Estensione TRASHINFON/ATrash Storage Metadata
Estensione TRBHash, Inc.Animation Master Turbulence Extension
Estensione TRCOracleOracle SQL*Net Trace Debug Format
Estensione TRCECorel CorporationCorel Trace
Estensione TRETreeAge Software, Inc.TreeAge Decision Tree
Estensione TREEMcGoo SoftwareES-Builder Tree
Estensione TRFN/ALFToolkit Transformation Rules
Estensione TRGSymantec CorporationSymantec LiveUpdate
Estensione TRLTrackLogsTrackLogs Digital Mapping Track Log
Estensione TROIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Vocable
Estensione TRRGromacsGROMACS Full-precision Trajectory
Estensione TRVTraverse PC, Inc.Traverse PC Desktop Survey Data
Estensione TRZSymantec CorporationNorton Antivirus Rapidrelease Definition Update
Estensione TS2Syntap SoftwareTime Stamp Project Information
Estensione TSDSoftware AGTamino Schema Editor
Estensione TSGCSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering (CESRE)TSG Data
Estensione TSNNational Center for Biotechnology InformationRatLab Toolkit
Estensione TSRN/ATSR Launcher
Estensione TSSGalactix SoftwareTeam Sports Scheduling System Project Format
Estensione TSTREAMp2p-next consortiumSwarmPlayer Video Stream Control Format
Estensione TT13Intuit Inc.TurboTax 2013 Tax Return
Estensione TT4SensitechTempTale
Estensione TTBSMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft PowerPoint For Mac Toolbar
Estensione TTDGemini Data Loggers UKTinytag Data Log
Estensione TTIN/ABeast Trojan
Estensione TTNBentley Systems, IncorporatedBentley InRoads Topologically Triangulated Network
Estensione TTTN/ATextTransformer Exported Test
Estensione TTXSDLTRADOS TagEditor TRADOStag XML Format
Estensione TTYAdobe Systems IncorporatedMacromedia Dreamweaver
Estensione TUBN/ACorel PaintShop Photo Pro Picture Tube Format
Estensione TUWMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office
Estensione TV1Corel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
Estensione TV2Corel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
Estensione TV3Corel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
Estensione TV4Corel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
Estensione TV5Corel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
Estensione TV6Corel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
Estensione TV7Corel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
Estensione TV8Corel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
Estensione TV9Corel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
Estensione TVCNullsoft, Inc.Winamp TV Channel Data
Estensione TVDApache Software FoundationApache Lucene Term Vector Documents
Estensione TVEXApple, Inc.Apple QuickTime MoviePlayer Extension
Estensione TVFApache Software FoundationApache Lucene Term Vector Fields
Estensione TVLN/ATurboTax Format
Estensione TVMequinux USA, Inc.The Tube
Estensione TVPTVPaintTVP Animation Animation Data
Estensione TVRPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For MySQL
Estensione TVTIBMIBM Lenovo ThinkVantage Rescue And Recovery
Estensione TVXApache Software FoundationApache Lucene Term Vector Index
Estensione TWAINAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Acrobat TWAIN 1.8 Specification
Estensione TWDSimTechMindMapper Brainstorm And Visual Map
Estensione TWEThinkWave, Inc.ThinkWave Educator Data
Estensione TWGSINTEFCARE-S InfoWorks Trade Waste
Estensione TWIN/ASDDS Toolkit
Estensione TWKKolay and CODeRUSTweakS
Estensione TWSTripwire, Inc,Tripwire Schedule
Estensione TXImpressumPhotoline 5 Help
Estensione TX0RMR CO.Portable Radiation Package Data
Estensione TXMSoftsyssTagsoft Data
Estensione TXT12N/AIRI Scouting Database XML
Estensione TXTDTN/ATitleWriter DVD Text Data
Estensione TXUIBE Software GmbHCncCUT Program Text
Estensione TXVSoftOlogy IdeaWorks, LLCRapidReader TextVision
Estensione TYMAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker Time Stamp
Estensione TZDAOL Inc.Netscape Communicator
Estensione U08Dr Tax SoftwareUFile Data
Estensione U32Adobe Systems IncorporatedAuthorware Cover
Estensione U96ConeXware, Inc.EasyZip Temporary
Estensione UALEntrustEntrust Unattended Login Credentials
Estensione UBMN/AIPhoto Mtwain Install
Estensione UCLSObjectAid LLCObjectAid UML Explorer Class Diagram
Estensione UCRCadence Design Systems, Inc.MicroSim PCBoard Unrouted Nets Report
Estensione UCVAnthony R. DalyUniversal Converter Conversion
Estensione UCXIBMRational XDE
Estensione UDAZEMAX Development CorporationZEMAX Model Data
Estensione UDGUniversität BremenUDraw(Graph)
Estensione UDIDGoogle Inc.Google Android Unique Device IDentifier
Estensione UDXPower IntegrationsPI Expert Design Software
Estensione UFAN/AGIF Animator Animation Object Information
Estensione UFCAtkins-ITS Transport SoftwareSATURN Suite
Estensione UFFDataWave TechnologiesDataWave SciWorks Physiological Data
Estensione UFISonotaCoUFOCaptureV2
Estensione UICN/ACOCO Unit ICon
Estensione UIDIBMIBM Voice Type Users
Estensione UILIBMIBM AIX User Interface Language
Estensione UIRNational Instruments CorporationLabWindows User Interface Resource
Estensione UIZSafer-Networking Ltd.Spybot Search & Destroy Updater
Estensione UKSMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Works
Estensione UKYUltraMixer Digital Audio SolutionsUltraMixer Licence Key
Estensione ULBN/ACOBOL Unisys Library
Estensione ULDDIAL GMBHUnified Luminaire Datafile
Estensione ULSMicrosoftNetMeeting User Location Service Format
Estensione UMLXVisual Object Modelers, Inc.Visual UML XML Model
Estensione UMMN/AUnified Molecular Modeling
Estensione UMRGenuitec, LLCMyEclipse UML Model Repository
Estensione UNACapita Business Services Ltd.SIMS Unauthorized Data
Estensione UNFNovell, Inc.Btreive Unformatted
Estensione UNIXThe Open GroupUnix
Estensione UNKN/AUnknown Format
Estensione UNKNOWNN/AUnknown File Extension
Estensione UNLGarminGarmin MapSource Unlock Format
Estensione UNQThe Sage Group plcACT! 3.0 Email Message Attachment
Estensione UNVSAP AGBusinessObjects Universe
Estensione UOLUlead SystemsPhotoImpact Clipart Image
Estensione UPCJ-T-L Development Inc.Ultimate Paint Component
Estensione UPGN/AFirmware Upgrade Format
Estensione UPIN/AUlead PhotoImpact Plugin
Estensione UPJN/AUlead Project
Estensione UPMUC-Logic Technology Corp.PenMail
Estensione UPOdataBased Intelligence, Inc.DBASE Compiled Update Data
Estensione UPSMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Works
Estensione UPZStar Finanz GmbHStarMoney Agent Download
Estensione URD-JOURNALKinook Software, Inc.Ultra Recall Journal Update
Estensione URFN/AProWORX Nxt User Configurable Register Editor
Estensione URPUniversal Software C. T.Universal Report
Estensione URRCompuwareUniface Signatures Format
Estensione USBSiSoftwareSiSoftware Sandra
Estensione USECASEDIAGRAMMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Use Case Diagram
Estensione USHCreston Electronics, Inc.Creston SIMPL Windows
Estensione USLSchneider Electric S.A.ProWORX Nxt USL Loadable
Estensione USPAdobe Systems IncorporatedPageMaker Printer Font
Estensione UTLIntuit Inc.QuickBooks Data
Estensione UTPARTBitTorrent, Inc.µTorrent Unfinished Download
Estensione UV2ARM Holdings plcµVision Project
Estensione UVRN/AUVR Mesh
Estensione UXDCMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Excel Data Retrieval Service Connection
Estensione UZYN/ABackdoor.Sokacaps
Estensione V03Axialis SoftwareAxialis Thumbnail Cache
Estensione V11ON/AACDSee Offline Media
Estensione V11PFN/AACDSee Private Folder
Estensione V2Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Live Messenger Data
Estensione VAFMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Common Tools Analyzer Server Project Item
Estensione VAMMicrosoft CorporationMS Visual Studio Common Tools Vanalyzer Project Item
Estensione VBAMicrosoft CorporationVisual Basic VBA Module
Estensione VBDPROJN/AVisual Basic .NET Device Project
Estensione VBLMicrosoft CorporationVisual Basic User Control Licensing
Estensione VBNSymantec CorporationSymantec AntiVirus Quarantined
Estensione VBOMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Access Package Deployment References
Estensione VBOX-EXTPACKOracleVirtualBox Extension Format
Estensione VBTPC ToolsSpyware Doctor Temporary Scan Format
Estensione VBTLOGVBTheoryVBTheory Calculator
Estensione VC2Wholly Genes, Inc.The Master Genealogist Genealogy Chart
Estensione VCBVMware, Inc.VMware Consolidated Backup
Estensione VCCG7 Productivity Systems, Inc.VersaCheck
Estensione VCHWholly Genes, Inc.Master Genealogist Genealogy Chart
Estensione VDATCarina SoftwareSkyGazer Data
Estensione VDFVirtualDubVirtualDub Filter Plug-in Format
Estensione VDIStepManiaStepMania Debug Resource Format
Estensione VDJSENDAtomix ProductionsVirtualDJ Send Format
Estensione VDOCN/ASuperior SQL Builder Project
Estensione VDPLUGINAvery LeeVirtualDub Plugin
Estensione VDZSchneider Electric S.A.Schneider Vijeo Designer Project
Estensione VELNEPLANNEPLAN Network Differences
Estensione VERN/AVersion Description Format
Estensione VERSIONVarious Linux developersLinux Gated Daemon
Estensione VERTN/AQT Shader
Estensione VESPPCLC Visual Explorer Saved State
Estensione VETM.CarsonRibbons Surface
Estensione VEWN/ANovell GroupWise E-mail View
Estensione VFPN/ATMPGEnc VFAPI Extension
Estensione VFSN/AVirtual File System Index
Estensione VFXHash, Inc.Animation Master Volumetric Effect Extension
Estensione VHMicrosoft CorporationWinHelp VH
Estensione VHDDATTotem EntertainmentVirtuaGirl HD Model Package Data
Estensione VHDDLDTotem EntertainmentVirtuaGirl HD
Estensione VHDINFTotem EntertainmentVirtuaGirl HD Model Package Installation
Estensione VHDSHOWSTotem EntertainmentVirtuaGirl HD Video Show
Estensione VHDTRAILERSTotem EntertainmentVirtuaGirlHD Video Trailer
Estensione VHMDCC CorporationHotMux Thermocouple Data Log
Estensione VI1Kaspersky LabKaspersky Anti-Virus
Estensione VI2Kaspersky LabKaspersky Anti-Virus
Estensione VIBChemSoft Ltd.Chemsoft Export/Import MSDS Data
Estensione VIHN/AVideo Metadata
Estensione VIRSymantecVirus Infected Format
Estensione VITNational Instruments CorporationLabVIEW Virtual Instrument Template
Estensione VIXN/AACUCOBOL-GT Index
Estensione VJBAivosto OyVisustin Job
Estensione VJSPROJMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual J# Project
Estensione VKFSUU DesignVideonizer Activation Key
Estensione VLBCorel CorporationCorel Ventura Library
Estensione VLCLVMwareVMware Localization Format
Estensione VLDThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Variable Length Datafile
Estensione VLMNovell, Inc.Novell Netware Virtual Loadable Module
Estensione VLMCVideoLAN Project TeamVLMC Project
Estensione VLRChurch House PublishingVisual Liturgy Lectionary Plan
Estensione VMAPMangos FoundationManGoS
Estensione VMBIntuit Inc.Quicken 2002 Order
Estensione VMBXHewlett-Packard CompanyHP TRIM Outlook Saved Message
Estensione VMDK-CONVERTTMPVMWareVMware Fusion Temporary Format
Estensione VMEMVMware, Inc.VMware Virtual Machines Paging
Estensione VMF_AUTOSAVEValveValve Hammer Editor Auto Save Format
Estensione VMGNokiaNokia Saved Text Message Format
Estensione VMHFVMwareVMware ACE Hot Fix Format
Estensione VMHRVMwareVMware ACE Hot Fix Format
Estensione VMLOGVMware, Inc.VMware Replay Recording
Estensione VMOAPPVMware, Inc.VMware VCenter Orchestrator Application
Estensione VMODThe VASSAL TeamVassal Module
Estensione VMPFuture Corporation LtdVinylMaster Pro
Estensione VMRCode Architects S.r.l.VBMaximizer
Estensione VMSGVMwareVMware Log Format
Estensione VMXAVMware, Inc.VMware ACE Master Configuration
Estensione VNCLOCAppleApple Mac OS X Screen Sharing Internet Location Format
Estensione VNSCNetVisual Net Server
Estensione VOCAJulius development teamJulius Vocabulary
Estensione VOLN/AVolfs File System Directory
Estensione VOMN/AViseme Mapping
Estensione VOPCivica InfrastructureVisual OTTHYMO Project
Estensione VORSun Or StarOffice Template Format
Estensione VPAHalsoftVPchat Chat Gestures Format
Estensione VPC6MicrosoftVirtual Machine Package Format
Estensione VPC7N/AVirtual Machine Package Format
Estensione VPLUGINRobot Entertainment, IncOrcs Must Die! Plugin
Estensione VPOTangentCatsVASTprogrammer
Estensione VPUAVAST Software a.s.Avast! Update Package
Estensione VPWSlickEditSlickEdit Workspace
Estensione VR1GraitecAdvance Design Results
Estensione VRGE08TASKMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Entourage 2008 Task
Estensione VRJAOL Inc.Netscape Navigator
Estensione VRMCorel CorporationCorel Quattro Pro Overlay
Estensione VRTN/AViscape For Netscape Navigator
Estensione VSN/AVivid Include Format
Estensione VS1N/AVistumbler Export
Estensione VS3N/AVSampler
Estensione VSDIRMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio IDE NewFileItems
Estensione VSFSimPhonics, Inc.V+ VComm Signal Or Record
Estensione VSIXMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Format
Estensione VSIXMANIFESTMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio VSIX Manifest
Estensione VSLMicrosoftVisio Add-on
Estensione VSONVIDIA CorporationNVidia Compiled Vertex Shader
Estensione VSSCCMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Temporary
Estensione VSTSteinbergVST Audio Plug-in Format
Estensione VST3N/ACubase Plugin
Estensione VSTOMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio
Estensione VSWPVMware, Inc.VMware Virtual Memory
Estensione VTBLEngineered Software, Inc.PIPE-FLO Professional Valve Data Table
Estensione VTCRainer GoebelBrainVoyager QX Functional Data
Estensione VTIKitware, Inc.Visualization Toolkit Image Data
Estensione VTLMartin BrunnerVocabulary Trainer
Estensione VTPCrestron Electronics, Inc.VTPro-E Project
Estensione VTRKitware, Inc.Visualization Toolkit Rectilinear Grid Data
Estensione VTSKitware, Inc.ParaView VTK Structured Grid
Estensione VTSCRVisual Trading SystemsVisual Trading Systems
Estensione VTTCrestron Electronics, Inc.VisionTools Pro-e Project
Estensione VTUKitware, Inc.Visualization Toolkit Unstructured Points Data
Estensione VWRN/AIxia IxVeriWave RAW 802.11 Capture
Estensione VWSSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Standard View
Estensione VXOpera Software ASAOpera
Estensione VXEAgilent TechnologiesAgilent VEE Runtime Program
Estensione VXFMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Money
Estensione VXPIntel CorporationIntel VTune Performance Monitor Pack And Go
Estensione VXTVector Informatik GmbHTest Automation Editor XML Test Module
Estensione VZDIntegration New Media, Inc.INM VizionDB
Estensione VZRPanda SecuritySinowal.vzr Malware
Estensione VZXIntegration New Media, Inc.INM VizionDB
Estensione W20Microsoft CorporationWindows 2000 Related
Estensione W2MGailius RaskinisSolo Explorer Transcription
Estensione W2PX-Volt StudiosWebit
Estensione W31Microsoft CorporationWindows 3.1 Startup
Estensione W3LN/AW3launch
Estensione W44dataBased Intelligence, Inc.DBASE Temporary
Estensione W95Microsoft CorporationWindows 95 Data
Estensione W98Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows 98 Related Data
Estensione WA0MAGIX AGMagix Music Studio
Estensione WACwww.wiscocomputing.comWISCO Accounts Storage
Estensione WAFN/AMicrosoft Internet Explorer For Mac Cache
Estensione WAJSoftomotive LtdWinAutomation
Estensione WALN/AWinamp 3 Skin Format
Estensione WATIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Map
Estensione WBApple, Inc.Apple Logic Studio WaveBurner Document
Estensione WBAStardockWindowBlinds Desktop Visual Style
Estensione WBDPANSYS Inc.ANSYS Workbench Project Global
Estensione WBFDataconomy Inc.Workbook Data
Estensione WBOThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Web Business Object
Estensione WBPOrgadata AGOrgadata LogiKal
Estensione WBPJANSYS Inc.ANSYS Workbench Project
Estensione WCValve CorporationWorldCraft
Estensione WCHCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Macro Facility
Estensione WCINV-MS-P2PMicrosoft CorporationWindows Meeting Space
Estensione WCKBentley Systems, IncorporatedWaterCAD
Estensione WCLQuanser Consulting Inc.WinCon Controller Library
Estensione WCMMicrosoftMicrosoft Works Communications Script Format
Estensione WCSTTelestreamWirecast Document
Estensione WCTFairlogic SystemsWordCast Project
Estensione WCXFN/AWorldCard Exchange
Estensione WDDAutodesk, Inc.AutoCAD Electrical Description List
Estensione WDGPMicrosoft CorporationWord For Mac Add-in
Estensione WDICMicrosoft CorporationWord 5 For Mac Extension
Estensione WDLLMicrosoft CorporationWord 6 For Mac Add-in
Estensione WDNAutodesk, Inc.AutoCAD Electrical Project-related
Estensione WDSEMLMozillaMozilla Thunderbird Mail Message Format
Estensione WDTSYNAMETIRCSWinSQL Schema Diff Template
Estensione WDVSystems, Software, Technology IncorporatedTracePlus Web Detective
Estensione WDXGhisler Software GmbHTotal Commander Content Plugin
Estensione WDYPC SOFTWINDEV Run-time Template
Estensione WEBINARCitrix Systems, Inc.GoToWebinar Session
Estensione WEBINFOMicrosoft CorporationVisual Studio .NET
Estensione WEBPARTMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft SharePoint Web Part
Estensione WEBTESTRESULTMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Web Test Result
Estensione WEFMicrosoft CorporationExchange File System Format
Estensione WEIGHTOUTPUTRichard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghSAM Sequence
Estensione WEIGHTSRichard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghSAM Sequence Weights
Estensione WETSYNAMETIRCSWinSQL Export Template
Estensione WF1Quantitative Micro SoftwareEViews Work
Estensione WFFixellence GmbHDataplore Wavelet Filter
Estensione WFKEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.Delphi
Estensione WFLUltimusOffline Design For Workflow Process
Estensione WFLOWApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Automator Workflow
Estensione WFOEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.Delphi Runimage
Estensione WFVClick&DECiDEDataSet Vision Query Report
Estensione WFXSymantec CorporationWinFax
Estensione WGNGrassland, Soil & Water Research LaboratorySWAT Wather Generator Input
Estensione WGSChannelAdvisorWalk-Graph Segment
Estensione WHLPMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Word For Mac Help
Estensione WHMcPanelWebHost Manager
Estensione WIFN/AWeaving Information Format
Estensione WIFFAB SCIEXAB SCIEX Windows Interchange File Format
Estensione WINMDN/AWindows Runtime Metadata Output
Estensione WIPCyberScrub LLC.CyberScrub Privacy Suite Wipe
Estensione WIPEINFOSymantec CorporationNorton Utilities Sendto
Estensione WIPESLACKSymantec CorporationNorton Utilities Sendto
Estensione WIREN/AWavefront Studio Wireframe
Estensione WITChristophe GuibertWebIdeaTree Project
Estensione WIXXara Group Limited.Xara Internal Graphics Data
Estensione WIXLIBMicrosoft CorporationWiX Library
Estensione WIXMSPMicrosoft CorporationWiX XML Patch
Estensione WIXMSTMicrosoft CorporationWiX Transform
Estensione WIXOBJMicrosoft CorporationWiX Object
Estensione WIXPDBMicrosoft CorporationWiX Debug
Estensione WIXPROJMicrosoft CorporationWiX Windows Installer XML Project
Estensione WJEMariner SoftwareWinJournal Entry Format
Estensione WJFMariner SoftwareWinJournal Journal Format
Estensione WLwww.wiscocomputing.comWISCO Word Power Word Lists And Definitions
Estensione WLCMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Live Mesh
Estensione WLGPorpoise MediaWell Logger V1
Estensione WLKDavis Instruments, CorpWeatherlink Data
Estensione WLLMicrosoftMicrosoft Word Add-in Format
Estensione WLSDataland SoftwareWeb Log Storming Log Analysis Project
Estensione WLTNobleTech Limited.Words Of Worship
Estensione WLXMicrosoftMicrosoft Live Mesh Placeholder Format
Estensione WLZNullsoftWinamp Language Pack Format
Estensione WM2DDesign Simulation Technologies, Inc.Working Model 2D Data
Estensione WMBConitec Datasystems, Inc3D GameStudio Map Entity
Estensione WMIWorldMate Inc.WorldMate Itinerary Data
Estensione WMRAll Alex Inc.Windows Media Recorder
Estensione WMUWider NetworksWIND Tunnel WIND
Estensione WNAWider NetworksWIND Tunnel Assignment
Estensione WNDGrassland, Soil & Water Research LaboratorySWAT Wind Speed Input
Estensione WNUWider NetworksWIND Tunnel UMTS Measurement Data
Estensione WOThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Web Object
Estensione WOCKROUTE 66 Switzerland GmbHRoute 66 For Mac
Estensione WOGWind Energy Division at Risø DTU, DenmarkWAsP Obstacle Group
Estensione WOOApple, Inc.Apple WebObjects
Estensione WORDLISTMariner SoftwareDesktop Poet Word List Format
Estensione WOVCakewalk, Inc.Cakewalk SONAR Cache Clip
Estensione WOWSLWOW SliderWOW Slider Plugin
Estensione WP1EawagMODAWEC Output Data
Estensione WP2N/AWinplot
Estensione WPNIntellicate, Ltd.Schedule24 Schedule
Estensione WPRApple, Inc.Apple Logic Studio WaveBurner Plug-in Preset
Estensione WPRDMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Word For Mac Print
Estensione WPZNaviter d.o.o.SeeYou Waypoint
Estensione WQLMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office
Estensione WRAPAladdin Systems, Inc.ShrinkWrap MAC
Estensione WRAPPERThe GNOME ProjectGnome Desktop
Estensione WRDmacropool GmbHWebResearch
Estensione WRGWind Energy Division at Risø DTU, DenmarkWAsP Resource Grid
Estensione WRMWinRADiO CommunicationsWinRAdiO Memory Format
Estensione WRRWind Energy Division at Risø DTU, DenmarkWAsP Roughness Rose
Estensione WSBN/AMicrosoft SharePoint Server 2007 Temporary
Estensione WSESymantec CorporationWise File Format
Estensione WSGWind Energy Division at Risø DTU, DenmarkWAsP Site Locations
Estensione WSLIn-Situ Inc.Win-Situ Data Logger
Estensione WSMDIMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Test List
Estensione WSRAussieSoftCrossword Genius
Estensione WSSReliaSoft CorporationReliaSoft RGA
Estensione WSSPCommuniGate SystemCommuniGate Custom Website Definition
Estensione WSVKonica Minolta Holdings, Inc.Konica Minolta SpectraMagic Data
Estensione WSWAignesberger Software GmbHWebSite-Watcher Bookmark
Estensione WSZN/AWinamp Skin Zip Format
Estensione WT6Software602, Inc.602Pro PC Suite Extension
Estensione WTAN/AWinTune DLL Dynamic Link Library
Estensione WTCLogitechLogitech Web Camera Format
Estensione WTFAVN/AWatchtower Library Favourite
Estensione WTGWind Energy Division at Risø DTU, DenmarkWAsP Wind Turbine Generator
Estensione WTHNISTContamX Weather
Estensione WTMPMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Word For Mac 5 Temporary
Estensione WTSWind Energy Division at Risø DTU, DenmarkWAsP Wind Turbine Site
Estensione WTTLikno Software Inc.Likno Web/HTML Tooltips Builder
Estensione WUIIpswitch, Inc.WhatsUp Gold Network Map Polling Statistics
Estensione WULWinUHAWinUHA Language Format
Estensione WUPIpswitch, Inc.WhatsUp Gold Network Map
Estensione WVDStar Finanz GmbHStarMoney Filter Zvl32
Estensione WVMRicardo plc.WAVE Input
Estensione WW6NoloNolo Willmaker 6 Will
Estensione WWCXAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe InCopy
Estensione WWDMicrosoftMicrosoft Works Wizards Format
Estensione WWGSINTEFCARE-S InfoWorks Wastewater Data
Estensione WWLMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Word Add-in
Estensione WWQGrassland, Soil & Water Research LaboratorySWAT Watershed Water Quality Input
Estensione WWRWind Energy Division at Risø DTU, DenmarkWAsP Resource Grid
Estensione WWSMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Autoroute User Information
Estensione WXFSYNAMETIRCSWinSQL Scheduled Task
Estensione WXRwxWidgets TeamWxWindgets Resource
Estensione WYCwyDayWyBuild Version Number
Estensione WYUwyDayWyBuild Update
Estensione WZMULCorelWinZip Multi-user Registration Format
Estensione X01Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione X02Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione X03Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione X04Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione X05Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione X06Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione X07Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione X08Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione X09Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione X1X1 Technologies, Inc.X1 Desktop Search Saved Search
Estensione X32Adobe SystemsAdobe Xtra Format
Estensione XABMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Outlook Express Address Book
Estensione XADDMicrosoftExpression Web Add-in
Estensione Basic Module Format
Estensione XBBDVIPDFMx Project TeamDVIPDFMx Output
Estensione XBDFuji Xerox Co., Ltd.Fuji Xerox Docuworks
Estensione XBNHyperG/Smuggl0rXnick Nick Backup
Estensione XCOXilinx, Inc.Xilinx CORE Generator Log
Estensione XCODEPLUGINApple, Inc.Apple Xcode Extension
Estensione XCOFApple, Inc.Mac OS Object Library
Estensione XCORPUSUniversity of OxfordXaira Corpora
Estensione XCPLUGINApple, Inc.Apple Xcode Extension
Estensione XCPLUGINDATAApple, Inc.Xcode Plug-in Data
Estensione XCTLNational Instruments CorporationLabVIEW XControls
Estensione XCUSERSTATEApple, Inc.Xcode
Estensione XDFAutodesk, Inc.Externally Defined Function
Estensione XDOOracle CorporationOracle BI Publisher Resource Tracking
Estensione XDTOlivier F5MZNWin-Test Extra Data
Estensione XDUN/ABackdoor.Win32.PcClient.xdu
Estensione XDVN/AXeTeX
Estensione XENSEARCHCitrixXenCenter Saved Search Format
Estensione XEOSignwave UKSignwave Auto-Illustrator Extension
Estensione XEQThe Sage Group plcSage MAS 90 Data
Estensione XEVGENXMLAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Dreamweaver
Estensione XFILaTeX Project Development TeamLatex Figures
Estensione XFZDeclan SoftwareFrench FlashCards Vocabulary
Estensione XG0Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione XG1Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione XG2Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione XG3Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione XG4Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione XG5Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione XGDMicrosoft CorporationXbox 360 Game Disc Layout
Estensione XGOGeoConcept SAGeoConcept Add-on
Estensione XHBN/AHomeBank Data
Estensione Project Extension Help Format
Estensione XILSourceForge.netXilize
Estensione XITNew River KinematicsSpatialAnalyzer
Estensione XIT64New River KinematicsSpatialAnalyzer
Estensione XIXN/AIIS NNTP Subject Lists
Estensione XIZSourceForge.netXiminez
Estensione XKMVarious Linux developersX KeyBoard
Estensione XLAMicrosoftMicrosoft Excel Add-in Format
Estensione XLA5Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Excel 5 For Mac Add-in
Estensione XLA8Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Excel 98 For Mac Add-in
Estensione XLAMMicrosoftMicrosoft Excel 2007/2010 Open XML Macro-enabled Add-in Format
Estensione XLA_Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Excel 4 For Mac Add-in
Estensione XLGAutodesk, Inc.AutoCAD External Reference Log
Estensione XLISiemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.SIEMENS PLM Software NX 7.5 Log
Estensione XLLMicrosoftMicrosoft Excel Add-in Format
Estensione XLL_Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Excel 4 For Mac Add-in
Estensione XLNKN/AXML Link Format
Estensione XLVMicrosoftMicrosoft Excel VBA Module Format
Estensione XLWMicrosoftMicrosoft Excel Workspace Format
Estensione XLZCPTCrossword Power Tools Crossword Library
Estensione XMEFLexisNexisTextMap Evidence Format
Estensione XMITN/AIBM XMIT Data
Estensione XML-PREVOracle CorporationVirtualBox XML Settings Backup
Estensione XMODDatawatch CorporationDatawatch Monarch Model
Estensione XMPAdobe SystemsAdobe Extensible Metadata Platform Format
Estensione XMPSESAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Premiere Elements
Estensione XMSAutodesk, Inc.AutoCAD External Message
Estensione XMXAutodesk, Inc.AutoCAD External Message Compiled
Estensione XNDLogistical Computing and Internetworking (LoCI) LaboratoryExNode Download
Estensione XNKN/AMicrosoft Exchange Shortcut Format
Estensione XNODENational Instruments CorporationLabVIEW
Estensione XNPN/AXnView Addon
Estensione XNTQuarkQuarkXPress Extension Format
Estensione XNVN/ANVision Layout
Estensione XOBNematronEasyBuilder 8000 Compiled Code
Estensione XOLSybaseSybase PowerDesigner Object Language Format
Estensione XOPN/AIGOR Pro Add-on
Estensione XPFGNU XaoS ContributorsXaoS Position
Estensione XPRMedea InternationalPressIt CD Label Format
Estensione XPS~Stardock CorporationWindowBlinds Temporary
Estensione XPTN/AMozilla Firefox Component
Estensione XPTINXP Solutions Inc.Xpswmm Hydrology Data
Estensione XPWIntercon Associates Inc.Accessible FormNet Fillable Form
Estensione XPXIntercon Associates Inc.Intercon FormNet
Estensione XPYLeading Market Technologies, Inc.MarketBrowser
Estensione XP~Stardock CorporationWindowBlinds Temporary
Estensione XRDMLPANalytical B.V.PANalytical XRD Measurement Data XML
Estensione XREFIBMIBM AIX Cross Reference
Estensione XRLSybase Inc.PowerDesigner Report
Estensione XRSRealNetworks, Inc.RealPlayer Plugin External Resources
Estensione XSIADDONAutodeskSOFTIMAGE XSI Add-on Format
Estensione XSLICCitrixXenServer License Format
Estensione XSOUltrapicoExpresso Project
Estensione XSRBentley Systems, IncorporatedGEOPAK XS-List Report
Estensione XSSLOGMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove Log
Estensione XSSRMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove
Estensione XSTBNuance Communications, Inc.TextBridge
Estensione XSTKxStarter Solutions, Inc.XStarter Task
Estensione XSUIBMFortran 77 Library
Estensione XTFN/AEXtended Triton Format
Estensione XTICPromethean World plcActivInspire Ticker
Estensione XTMPAvid Technology, Inc.Avid Xpress Pro Template
Estensione XTNDN/AAdobe Acrobat For Mac Plug-In
Estensione XTRAAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Director Xtra
Estensione XTRLN/AXTND Translator
Estensione XVORatDVD.CARatDVD Internal
Estensione XWFNuance CommunicationsOmniPage Workflow Format
Estensione XXXCompucon USACompucon/Singer PSW Embroidery Design Format
Estensione XZMSlackware Linux, Inc.Slackware Linux Package
Estensione Y01Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione Y02Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione Y03Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione Y04Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione Y05Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione Y06Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione Y07Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione Y08Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione Y09Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione YAHCousySoftHeartBeat
Estensione YASTOpenSUSEYaST
Estensione YBDEZC GroupYobiDrive Link Format
Estensione YBKMicrosoftMicrosoft Encarta Yearbook Format
Estensione YBMLavasoftAd-Aware 2007
Estensione YCTDavid BinetteYahELite Chat Transcript
Estensione YG0Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione YG1Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione YG2Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione YG3Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione YG4Corel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
Estensione YGNSpacejock SoftwareYGen
Estensione YMAPMindGenius Ltd.MindGenius Computer Aided Thinking Format
Estensione YMBKXilisoft CorporationXilisoft Mobile Manager Phonebook
Estensione YMGYahoo!Yahoo! Messenger Format
Estensione YOSHewlett-Packard CompanyHP Photosmart Essential Thumbnail Cache
Estensione YPSYahoo!Yahoo! Instant Messenger Format
Estensione YSEYamaha CorporationYamaha Studio Manager Session
Estensione YSMYamaha CorporationYamaha Studio Manager
Estensione YSSYcySoftYcySoft Screen Saver Producer
Estensione YTIGoogle Inc.Google Picasa Plugin
Estensione YTRI.R.I.S. s.a.I.R.I.S. OCR Data
Estensione YW3Spacejock SoftwareYWriter 3 Project
Estensione YW4Spacejock SoftwareYWriter 4 Project
Estensione YW5Spacejock SoftwareYWriter 5 Project
Estensione YWEMANIFESTYahoo, Inc.Yahoo! Widgets Manifest
Estensione YWLRepkasoftYoWindow Data
Estensione Z0Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed JS
Estensione Z1Check Point Software TechnologiesZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed VB Format
Estensione Z2Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione Z3Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.Zonealarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione Z32Zero Assumption RecoveryZAR32 Progress Data Save
Estensione Z4Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione Z5Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione Z6Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione Z7Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione Z9Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione ZACSTI InternationalSpirit Architectural Component
Estensione ZAKCarlson SoftwareSight Survey Job
Estensione ZAMZTreeZTreeWin Application Menu
Estensione ZAPCArcSoft, Inc.ArcSoft Print Creations Creation
Estensione ZAXHerman MillerZ-Axis 3-D Office Design Software Related
Estensione ZBFZEMAX Development CorporationZEMAX Beam
Estensione ZBIN/AZeus Special Tags
Estensione ZCNNuance Communications, Inc.OmniPage Data
Estensione ZCPCAD Graphics West IncorporatedDimension Magics Printing
Estensione ZCTZeitControl cardsystems GmbHZeitControl Terminal Program
Estensione ZDXAvery Dennison CorporationAvery Design Clipart Index
Estensione ZEMZope FoundationZope External Editor
Estensione ZENZEMAX Development CorporationZEMAX Face Number
Estensione ZEONe-on software, inc.E-on Installation Archives
Estensione ZEXPZope FoundationZope Binary Export Data
Estensione ZFCNavisWorksZ+F Scan
Estensione ZFSNavisWorksZ+F Scan
Estensione ZGIMarketToolsZoomerang Web Survey Page
Estensione ZGTN/AOren Scientific Word Processor
Estensione ZGYSchlumberger LimitedPetrel Compressed Seismic Data
Estensione ZHAOL Inc.Netscape Communicator Java Classes
Estensione ZIDPhilippe GrosjeanZoo/PhytoImage Data
Estensione ZIRR. GrothmannCompass And Ruler Figure
Estensione ZKAIntuit Inc.Quicken Win Version 6
Estensione ZKXZix CorporationZixCorp Signature
Estensione ZL0Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed ADE
Estensione ZL1Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed ADP
Estensione ZL2Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed BAS
Estensione ZL3Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed BAT
Estensione ZL4Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed CHM
Estensione ZL5Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed CMD
Estensione ZL6Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed COM
Estensione ZL7Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed CPL
Estensione ZL8Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed CRT
Estensione ZLACheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed HLP
Estensione ZLBAutoDesSysForm•Z Symbol Library Format
Estensione ZLCCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed INF
Estensione ZLDCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed INS
Estensione ZLECheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed ISP
Estensione ZLFCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed JSE
Estensione ZLGCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed LNK
Estensione ZLHCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed MDB
Estensione ZLICheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed MDE
Estensione ZLJCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed MSC
Estensione ZLKCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed MSI
Estensione ZLLCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed MSP
Estensione ZLMCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed MST
Estensione ZLNCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed PCD
Estensione ZLOCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed PIF
Estensione ZLPCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed REG
Estensione ZLQCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed SCR
Estensione ZLRCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed SCT
Estensione ZLSCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed SHS
Estensione ZLTCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed URL
Estensione ZLUCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed VBE
Estensione ZLVCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed VBS
Estensione ZLWCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed WSC
Estensione ZLXCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed WSF
Estensione ZLYCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed WSH
Estensione ZLZCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed ASX
Estensione ZM0Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed DBX Ile
Estensione ZM1Check PointZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed MDA Format
Estensione ZM2Check PointZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed MDZ Format
Estensione ZM3Check PointZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed NCH Format
Estensione ZM4Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed PRF
Estensione ZM5Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed SCF
Estensione ZM6Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed SHB
Estensione ZM7Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed WMS
Estensione ZM8Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed MHT
Estensione ZM9Check Point Software TechnologiesZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed ZIP Format
Estensione ZMACheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed RAR
Estensione ZMBCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed DLL
Estensione ZMDCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed OCX
Estensione ZMECheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed SYS
Estensione ZMFCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione ZMGCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione ZMICheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione ZMKCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione ZMLZoomoramaZoomcreator Zooming Scene Description Format
Estensione ZMMCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione ZMNCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione ZMPCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione ZMQCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione ZMRCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione ZMSCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione ZMTCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione ZMUCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione ZMWCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione ZMXCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione ZMYCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione ZMZCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione ZN0Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione ZN1Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione ZN2Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione ZN3Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed
Estensione ZN4Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed